Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Silver Serpent Freezing Pin

Mo Wen took a glance at the jewelry in the wooden crate before he shut it. Those common treasures could not attract him.

But he seemed to have recalled something after closing it. Mo Wen picked up an exquisite necklace from the crate. It was not as glamorous as the other jewels in the case; in fact it was rather low profile, but it carried an inexplicable charm of luxury.

It was so beautiful and elegant. Mo Wen took a liking to it plus he could give it as a present to Qin Xiaoyou. Didn't girls like sparkly stuff like this?

As for the rest of the treasure trove, Mo Wen wasn't planning on sharing it with Qin Xiaoyou. After all, Qin Xiaoyou was just a normal girl and such enormous treasure could alter her mentality or negatively influence her future.

Since Mo Wen planned to teach her ancient martial arts, she needed to be focused. Practice was a boring and tough process to begin with and once one indulged in worldly wealth, it would be hard for them to get out of the trance of wealth.

However, if she was not going to practice ancient martial arts then Mo Wen wouldn't mind giving her a lifetime of wealth.

The treasure trove was divided into three rooms and every room was filled with treasures. After discovering that the second room was filled with jewelry, Mo Wen entered the third room without any hesitation.

There were many weapon racks in the third room yielding a superb collection of gleaming weapons. They were all melee weapons, but the piercing aura could be clearly felt from far away. All the weapons were wrapped with killing intent so obviously they were not common weapons.

Mo Wen squinted his eyes. He never expected the three rooms to be laden with so many weapons. This was obviously an armory.

He drew a long sword from the wooden shelves. The sword was three feet long and had a simple design. Once the sword touched his hand, a cold surge of energy flushed up his brain. He felt his internal energy shudder. Mo Wen swung the sword and with a flash of cold light, a slash mark was soundlessly carved on the stone wall beside him. There was no evidence of any friction between the sword or wall. Mo Wen gasped, "Wow what a good sword."

The secret chamber had a few hundred weapons stored in: swords, spears, clubs, halberds, blades, and sword breakers. All the weapons seemed to be specially made.

The Ming Cult was not to be belittled based on this staggering presentation, however; the melee weapons were inconvenient for fighting in the modern society. Mo wen couldn't just walk around the street carrying a broadsword or spear.

He didn't know how the situation would play out in an ancient martial arts circle, but in it was obvious that he couldn't carry a melee weapon around the metropolitan city all the time.

Mo Wen walked around the armory but didn't find anything else that interested him. Just when he was about to leave the room, Mo Wen unexpectedly spotted a small wooden box. The box was placed in an inconspicuous position, but still managed to stand out from its surroundings. Why would a small wooden box that looked like a jewelry box appear in an armory?

Mo Wen walked over to retrieve the small wooden box. When he opened it, a silver gleam caught his eye and twelve pin-like objects were arranged neatly in a row. A surge of cold engulfed him and inadvertently Mo Wen shivered

"A Silver Serpent Freezing Pin!" Mo Wen's eyes sparkled with joy. He had read from the Ming Cult archives about the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin. It was an unrivaled hidden weapon with a reputation not below that of the Ming Cult's Heaven Reliant Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber. It too was a rare divine weapon.

He never thought that the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin would end up in the hands of the Ming Cult. However, the Ming Cult had no noteworthy hidden weapon experts so it was always kept within the armory.

The Silver Serpent Freezing Pin looked like a traditional hair pin for women of that era, but in fact was a frighteningly dangerous hidden weapon. There were twelve in total, each with ends thin as needles. The head was crafted into the shape of a ferocious serpent head with its bloody mouth open to reveal a pair of glistening sharp fangs.

The Silver Serpent Freezing Pin's appearance was exquisitely crafted. It was so lifelike that the scales on the serpent's head could be clearly seen. The serpent's eyes contained a ghostly, icy stare

Mo Wen knew that much of the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin's fame and fearsomeness was due to the material and construction.

It was said that the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin was made from the world's rarest metal: Stygian iron, imbued with soul-wrenching cold.Legend has it that if Stygian iron fell into a lake, the entire lake would eventually freeze over. If the Stygian iron wasn't removed then the ice would never melt. Also, Stygian iron contained a deadly cold poison. Once it entered the body, the person would become an ice sculpture if not treated immediately.

Secondly, the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin's was supposedly crafted by a great master craftsman. The internal construct was full of intricacies making the pin a true masterpiece among thousands of hidden weapons.

However, due to the complex construct of the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin, only a true hidden weapons master could discover and master its secrets. Normal people could not even use it.

The Ming Cult owned the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin for hundreds of years, but they never found anyone that could use this hidden weapon. That's probably why it remained sealed away in the armory. Of all the ancient martial arts practitioners, only few probably still remembered this amazing weapon.

Mo Wen played with the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin in his hand, his mouth singing praises, "Exquisite, most exquisite. Truly the work of a master."

This hidden weapon's intricateness was truly unique that the weapon of the great master couldn't compare to it.

The material of the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin was rare. Not only was it stronger than the Sacred Flame Insignia, but its cold aura was unrivaled. The imbued cold poison would instantly freeze any ancient martial arts practitioners below the Cultivation level of Sea of Qi realm.

Even for Embryonic Breathing realm practitioners, would eventually succumb to the cold poison after using their rich Inner Qi to suppress the cold poison for a while. If they could not find a way to expel the cold poison within three days, they would be at risk from dying as the poison spread throughout their bodies.

Even that world's Mo Wen, the Miracle Physician, would consider the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin as a mass murder weapon, yet alone the current Mo Wen.

Luckily, although the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin's cold poison was deadly, but not some rare, exotic venom. There was still a way to find an antidote and Mo Wen as the Miracle Physician naturally had a way to detoxify this poison, but it was no easy task.

With Mo Wen's ability in using hidden weapons, obtaining the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin's greatly benefited him. Finally he had another life-saving trump card.

Although after awakening his memories, he had countless options at his use to overcome adversity and emerge victorious. However with his low Cultivation, his foundations were still weak. If he met a true expert, he wouldn't be able to compete. However, now that he had the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin he might have a chance against expert martial artists.

Mo Wen walked out of the treasure trove full of content. Although he only took the set of Silver Serpent Freezing Pins, it was the most valuable treasure in the trove.

Of the three passageways, the one on the right was the only one that lead out to the outside world from the cave abode into a secluded valley.

Mo Wen walked till the end of the right passageway and opened the stone door that had been sealed for many years. Beyond the door was another passageway, but at its end was a small hole. Various vegetation and shrubs had overgrown the exit, almost blocking it entirely.

Mo Wen uprooted the shrubs and found a valley outside. The valley wasn't big, but the view was beautiful. There was a pond not far away with was clear water. May fish could be seen swimming happily at the bottom.

There were many big trees in the valley. The trees were lined up and from the sky they looked like a forest joined to the mountains, serving as strong camouflage.