Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Female Martial Arts Practitioner

In that lifetime, the national treasury in the imperial palace had a collection of 40 to 50 years old Blood-Heart grass. Mo Wen remembered that the best stalk was only 145 years old and had been deemed a precious treasure of the emperor and was not easily shown to people. Even he had only seen it from afar before.

The older a Blood-Heart grass, the stronger its power.

Legend had it that if a Blood-Heart grass grew to a thousand years old, it would be called a celestial grass and had the ability to control life and death. It had the ability to save people from the brink of death and it was even said that consuming it would allow one to directly ascend to heaven and become immortal.

Even though these were all exaggerated rumors by people and could not be taken as the truth, the extent of the miraculous effect of the Blood-Heart grass was evident. Whether it was in the martial art Jianghu or the medical sphere, the Blood-Heart grass was an uncontested sacred item.

Blood-Heart grass that was over four hundred years old meant that it existed when Chang Qingfeng was still alive. It was possible that this Blood-Heart grass had even been planted by Chang Qingfeng personally. The fact that it had been able to survive for such a long period was simply astonishing.

Mo Wen found an Indian Sandalwood box from the cave abode and carefully dug out the Blood-Heart grass, placing it into the box with care.

He had to bring this stalk of Blood-Heart grass with him. This was too important to him and all the medicinal materials for strengthening cultivation left behind by Chang Qingfeng could not match up to the power of one stalk of Blood-Heart grass. This was because only Blood-Heart grass could allow Mo Wen to regain his peak powers. Also, only Blood-Heart grass could allow the medicinal materials that Chang Qingfeng had left behind to be fulfilled to their greatest potential.

Once he became a completely new person, Mo Wen could return to his top training form and then his natural endowments and potential would be limitless. By that time, he could consume the medicinal materials and train his Nine Yin Scripture and Nine Yang Scripture to the greatest effect.

Although it would only last for a period of four to five years, it would be enough for Mo Wen. After all, he was a person of two lifetimes and could skip many steps. Perhaps he would not even need five years to regain his peak and could even advance a level within that time frame.

When Mo Wen returned to the secret chamber, Qin Xiaoyou was still in front of the book shelf browsing through the ancient books. She was seemingly very interested by the enigma of the ancient times and the martial arts Jianghu; so much so that she did not even realize that Mo Wen had returned.

He shook his head helplessly and walked over to the skeleton of Chang Qingfeng before bowing. Then, he used a cloth to wrap up his skeleton and prepared to find a spot with nice scenery in the mountain valley to bury him and let him rest in peace.

No matter what, he had already inherited the benefits of Chang Qingfeng and was prepared to continue imparting the orthodoxy of the Ming Clan. Chang Qingfeng was an equivalent to his elder.

After burying Chang Qingfeng, Mo Wen returned to the secret chamber once again. He was prepared to stay in the secret chamber to train for another two days in order to complete the military's field survival training before leaving.

A day had passed since they entered the Taihang Mountains of the Natural Forest. As for the issue concerning Wang Yuan and Liu Guangwen, Mo Wen did not want to care anymore.

After reading the works of the Nine Yang Scripture and Nine Yin Scripture, his understanding of cultivation had once again ascended another level. He could not wait to confirm the enlightenment in his heart.

It was hard to say, but perhaps with the help of these two classics, he could walk on a unique path of martial arts.

Perhaps when others first learned the Nine Yang Scripture and Nine Yin Scripture, there were many areas obscured from them. However, he was different. Not considering the fact that he had previously trained the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon, which shared many similarities with the Nine Yin Scripture and Nine Yang Scripture, but just based on the fact that he was an ancient martial arts practitioner with the Embryonic Breathing realm. His wealth of experience was enough to set him apart.

A martial arts practitioner with the Embryonic Breathing realm was a great master, regardless of the era in, and was just a step away from attaining great enlightenment to achieve the Golden Elixir realm.

In the secret chamber, Mo Wen asked with his interest piqued, "Xiaoyou, do you wish to learn ancient martial arts?" Although he had decided to teach Qin Xiaoyou the Nine Yin Scripture, she had to be willing to learn. If Qin Xiaoyou did not want to learn ancient martial arts, he would not force it on her.

Qin Xiaoyou took a bite of the fruit in her hand and asked a little lost, "Ancient martial arts? The martial arts learnt by the masters of the Ming Clan?" After browsing through the classics of the Ming Clan for a day, she had gained quite a bit of knowledge on martial arts.

Mo Wen smiled and explained, "That's right, learning ancient martial arts can make you a great martial arts practitioner."

Qin Xiaoyou's crescent large eyes squinted as she said prettily, "Then I'll learn. In the future, I want to become a female martial arts practitioner and take action to uphold justice, take down the bullies, and help the weak."

She responded as if learning ancient martial arts could make her a great female practitioner with great heroic spirit and coolness in no time. She could uphold justice and punish the evil from then on.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes while saying, "Before training in martial arts, you have to first train your body. From today onwards, you will learn a routine of fighting techniques from me." She wanted to uphold justice, take down the bullies, and help the weak, but first she had to ensure that she herself was not bullied by others.

Qin Xiaoyou was alert in an instant as her eyes widened and she asked in anticipation, "What fighting technique? Is it the Shaolin Luohan Golden Fist?" The Shaolin Luohan Golden Fist was prestigious and domineering just by the sound of its name alone. Didn't the ancient books also say that the Shaolin martial arts were the world's most orthodox?

"That is the Luohan Fist and Firm Golden Fist, what Luohan Golden Fist," Mo Wen replied helplessly. Qin Xiaoyou's innovativeness was rather strong to have been able to combine two profound teachings of the Shaolin Clan.

Qin Xiaoyou let out a light humph, "Are those different? Then what fighting technique do you want to teach me? I don't want to learn it if it's not powerful."

"The Dragon Tiger Fist. Follow me if you wish to learn," he replied. Mo Wen was too lazy to give Qin Xiaoyou a second thought. It was not easy to learn a segment of martial arts, and amazing techniques like the Dragon Tiger Fist were even harder to come by.

Yet, she looked as though she was not very happy about it. She simply did not know how lucky she was.

As he said that, Mo Wen walked out of the secret chamber and stood firmly at one of the bare patches of land in the cave abode.

Although the Dragon Tiger Fist was exquisite, Mo Wen had since long accomplished it. With his personal coaching, he could ensure that Qin Xiaoyou would pick up the most basic level of the Dragon Tiger Fist. At this point, she did not require a very deep understanding. She simply needed to learn the most simple and basic technique and that would be sufficient.

Unearthing her potential, collecting vitality, altering her vitality, and altering Qi meant she could naturally take a step towards the Regulated Breathing realm in time.

With the help of the Dragon Tiger Fist, Qin Xiaoyou just had to stick to conventions and practice continuously. Even a pig could enter the Regulated Breathing realm if they followed these instructions.

It was only after the Regulated Breathing realm when the internal body had to endure a continuous unending cycle of Inner Qi. Then training on martial arts techniques could begin.

If Qin Xiaoyou wanted to train the Nine Yin Scripture, she would have to first train well in the Dragon Tiger Fist.

Mo Wen did not train the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon from the start mostly because he had yet to complete the process of Body Consolidation. If he did not have the continuous unending cycle of Inner Qi in his body, then martial art techniques would be useless no matter how amazing they were proclaimed to be.

Initially, Qin Xiaoyou followed Mo Wen seriously and meticulously in learning the Dragon Tiger Fist. With every punch and movement, she remained serious and did not slack off at all.

However, after half an hour, Qin Xiaoyou started to become mischievous and did not follow Mo Wen's teachings as diligently. She purposely found all sorts of reasons to slack off. She was absent-minded even while training and seemed to be going through the motions just to handle Mo Wen and complete the task.

After returning from the toilet and training for a while, Qin Xiaoyou looked at Mo Wen pitifully again, "I want to go to the toilet."

Within an hour, Qin Xiaoyou had gone to the toilet at least three or four times and took her own sweet time with each visit. "Just how many times have you gone to the toilet?" Mo Wen asked in exasperation.

"I just have to go to the toilet, why do you have to care so much. Do you really have to care about other people going to the toilet?" Qin Xiaoyou directly made a scene. The novelty and excitement in the beginning had worn off and the training of the technique had become more and more painful and full of suffering.