Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Regulated Breathing Realm

"Do you still want to train on the Nine Yin Scripture? With the way you are training now, you won't even be able to train up on your Regulated Breathing in your whole lifetime."

Mo Wen wondered if he had owed Qin Xiaoyou in his past life. He had taken the effort to coach her personally. It was something other people wanted but could not have. Yet, in the end, Qin Xiaoyou was not having any of it.

"I'm not training anymore. What kind of lousy fighting technique is this, not being able to train up the Regulated Breathing, even after so long? Who knows if that Nine Yin Scripture is really as powerful as you claim."

It would have still been alright if Mo Wen had not talked about the Nine Yin Scripture. The moment he said it, Qin Xiaoyou pouted. A lousy form of martial arts still required some kind of Regulated Breathing before she could start training. Moreover, that Regulated Breathing in which she spent so long training was still unachievable. Only the heavens knew if Mo Wen was really speaking the truth.

"Trained for very long?"

Mo Wen tried to wrap his head around the thought and looked at Qin Xiaoyou, a little perplexed. He had started to question if teaching Qin Xiaoyou martial arts was a stupid decision.

Qin Xiaoyou had trained for only less than two hours and she expected to have cultivated Regulated Breathing. Did she think she was a reincarnated martial arts ancestor?

Wang Yuan had spent over 10 years training, only to reach the intermediate stage of the Body Consolidation realm. If it were based on her standards, nobody could survive.

Mo Wen shook his head, exasperated. He could only say that ignorance was bliss. He did not know what kind of expression the person would have if it were made known to the person who created the Dragon Tiger Fist that it had been rated as a lousy fighting technique by Qin Xiaoyou.

"Since you don't wish to learn, I leave it up to you."

Mo Wen was not one to force others into doing things they were unwilling to. Since Qin Xiaoyou had no interest in martial arts, he would not force things. As for teaching her the Nine Yin Scripture, it could only be given up for the time being.

Qin Xiaoyou was a little embarrassed. After all, Mo Wen had gone to great trouble to teach her martial arts and yet she had given up.

"Wait till I really wish to learn, then I will definitely learn the Dragon Tiger Fist well."

However, with regards to the dry and dull training, she was really not interested.

In the two days that followed, Mo Wen just sat in the secret chamber to train quietly. Although Qin Xiaoyou did not like to train, she had interest in things related to ancient martial arts, so she stayed in front of the book shelf and browsed through the ancient books all day. Needless to say, she did not interrupt Mo Wen's training.

Food was not a worry, as the mountain valley had more than enough fruit trees. Many of the trees had already borne fruits. Moreover, there were fishes in the pool of water, and occasionally, there would be a couple of wild rabbits and wild chicken hopping about in the mountain valley. It was actually a suitable place to set up a camp.

In the meantime, Mo Wen had set aside some time to browse through some of the medical books from the Ming Clan's collection. The books filled up a whole bookshelf and had even filled up the huge wooden box underneath.

Within a short period of time, it appeared impossible for Mo Wen to finish his reading. Hence, he had only chosen the most important books to browse through, directly leaving out some of the side information. After all, Mo Wen was also a miracle physician, so there were some areas that he did not need to read at all and still know for sure.

Although it had only been two days, it had been an extraordinary experience for Mo Wen. Not only had he learnt a great amount of ancient Chinese medical techniques, but he had also gradually started to weave his new learnings into his current techniques and relate them so as to bring his medical techniques to a new level. It was the first time he had such a passion for training after refreshing his memory. He had a glimpse of the bright future ahead of him.

Keeping this feeling in his heart, his training progress had improved by leaps and bounds. It was now in line with some of the medicinal materials left behind by Chang Qingfeng. In a short period of half a day, he had a breakthrough in the Body Consolidation realm, and the Inner Qi in his body had become a continuous cycle as he had successfully taken a step into the Regulated Breathing realm.

After entering the Regulated Breathing realm, he could train his martial arts and start on the real path of training.

With the memory and experience from his previous life, training was just a repetition of the road he had walked past last time, so naturally, it would be smooth-sailing.

However, his training was not completely free of difficulties as well. This time was different from all the previous times, as he would be training three types of martial arts at once.

The Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon, Nine Yin Scripture, and Nine Yang Scripture. He planned to learn all three martial arts thoroughly, then join them into one entity.

Although there were similarities between the three martial arts, when actually training, there would still be some difficulties that weren't small.

If not for Mo Wen's plethora of experience, it would have been difficult to continue training.

However, if he was able to learn all three martial arts thoroughly and combine them into a single entity, it would be equivalent to standing on the shoulders of the Leader of the 34th generation of the Ming Clan. With a step further, it was possible to even surpass him.

Although the training process was difficult, the progress of the training went by very fast.

He had trained the balance of Yin and Yang, the coexistence of Yin and Yang, and them existing in mutualism simultaneously. Mo Wen's progress was at an astonishing rate from beginning to end.

Within just two days, he had jumped from the beginner stage of the Regulated Breathing realm to the intermediate stage of Regulated Breathing. The cultivation of his Inner Qi had also improved by two times.

If things went on like this, he would not require much time before he could take a step into the Soothing Pulse realm.

Unknowingly, two days had passed. Mo Wen knew that it was time to leave. If they still did not head back, he was afraid that the military would dispatch large troops out for a man-hunt in the big mountains.

Mo Wen did not want the secret of the cave abode to be leaked. The impartation of the Ming Clan could only return to the hands of the Ming Clan. In the future, he would definitely return.

At that time, perhaps he had already fulfilled Chang Qingfeng's entrustment as he had regathered four fifths of the Ming Clan that had been split up.

Before he left, Mo Wen sorted out the things that Chang Qingfeng had left behind into things that could be taken away and things that could not.

He would definitely take items that were easy to hold; things like the Sacred Fire Sword, Ming Yang ancient needles, Blood-Heart grass. There were also the Nine Yang Scripture, and Nine Yin Scripture, as well as the original copy of the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon, which he would also bring with him.

Other than that, the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin was something he would definitely keep close to his body and well-hidden. There were also the medicinal materials that Chang Qingfeng had left behind that must be taken. After all, his training in the future would be halved in effort and two-fold in effect with his skills.

The training of the Nine Yin Scripture and Nine Yang Scripture was not an easy task by itself. It had very high expectations in many aspects, and without the help of the medicinal materials, it was basically impossible to have any sort of achievement within a short period of time.

It was a good thing that the Ming Clan already had done very in-depth research into the two books of the Nine Yin Scripture and Nine Yang Scripture, such that they knew of many methods of creating medicinal materials which will help the training of the two scriptures. If not, it would be difficult for the Ming Clan to produce two to three enduring masters every generation.

Mo Wen only brought back three of the six boxes of medicinal materials that had been meticulously collected by the Ming Clan. It was not because he did not wish to take away the other three, but was rather because it was impossible for him to do so.

Even with the military backpack, he could only fit in three of the wooden boxes. He could not possibly hug the other three in his embrace and walk out. Anyone could tell that there was something fishy if he did that.

As for Qin Xiaoyou's backpack, it was still in the tent, as she did not bring it over.

However, three boxes of medicinal materials was already a lot. It was sufficient for Mo Wen to train with for a long period of time.

On the morning of the fourth day, Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou walked out of the cave abode. It was the day where there would be many helicopters of the armed forces appearing in the mountainous forest to pick up over 2000 students.

"Xiaoyou, about the Ming Clan relics, you cannot tell anyone. If you do there would be big trouble."

In the mountain valleys, Mo Wen placed a bit of wild grass to block the entrance of the cave abode as he told Qin Xiaoyou this seriously.

"I know that; this will be a secret between the two of us. I won't tell a single person."

Although Qin Xiaoyou could be very mischievous at times, she was truly very sensible and knew the weight of things.

"Mm, then let's go. I presume there will be people from the military coming to pick us up in no time."

Mo Wen nodded his head and held onto Qin Xiaoyou's hand as they walked out of the mountain valleys.