Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 64

Chapter 64: The Beautiful Teachers Treat

Mo Wen sat cross-legged on the bed in the dimly lit room. There was a Yin and a Yang flowing in his body, a cold and a warm Qi interacting with each other in a continual cycle.

After an unknown period of time, he opened his eyes slowly. One of hiis eyes was dark and cold like the valley, while the other eye was as bright as the fire. This continued for three seconds before it faded slowly.

"Both Nine Yang and Nine Yin Scriptures are indeed profound martial arts. The speed of practice had improved tremendously as compared to the normal martial arts."

Mo Wen exhaled deeply. If such practice were to continue, he would be able to break through the later stage of the Regulated Breathing realm within a week.

When facing the sudden bottleneck of the Soothing Pulse realm, it would be tougher than the simple practice. Mo Wen's body was fixed in form, as his body had been neglected since he was young, so it would be more difficult for him as compared to other people if he wanted to regulate the meridians in his body again.

Therefore, he had to concoct the Blood, Vitality, and Qi transmuting powder as soon as possible, or else his subsequent practice after this would be slowed down.

There was a timid voice that came from outside the room.

"Excuse me, is Mo Wen around?"

Surprise flashed through Mo Wen's eyes as he went towards the door and opened it.A girl with an elegant posture was standing outside; she was none other than Shen Jing.

"Miss Shen Jing, are you looking for me?"

Mo Wen glanced at Shen Jing quizzically. She came to his dormitory personally could something have happened?

"Mo Wen, please come out."

Shen Jing seemed nervous and uneasy standing outside the door so she pulled Mo Wen out of dormitory 805.

"What happened?" Mo Wen asked, while looking helplessly at Shen Jing at the base of the staircase. He wondered what the matter could be, and what extent it had to be at that it needed to be talked about outside.

Shen Jing scanned Mo Wen up and down worriedly, seemingly worried that Mo Wen would have lost a limb or two.

"I will help you change your dormitory.The Dormitory Administrator made a mistake during the dormitory allocation, so he had accidentally gave this dormitory to you."

Naturally, being the lecturer of Hua Xia University, she knew about this infamous Freak Dormitory. In the past, there was a bold student who didn't believe in the rumors and initiated an exploration of Dormitory A-16-805.

He went insane after coming out of it. He jumped off the building while seeking treatment at the hospital the next day.

Due to this matter, the school had made a special announcement that all students were strictly prohibited from Dormitory A-16-805, and that any unauthorized entrance would be severely dealt with.

The Dormitory Administrator must be dumb to have accidentally allocated Dormitory A-16-805 to Mo Wen. She was thinking of reporting this matter to the school so as to discipline the Dormitory Administrator for negligence.

What if something bad were to happen due to his mistake?

She dared to come in to look for Mo Wen just now, only after checking that there was no one else in the dormitory.

"This dormitory is quite good. I actually like it very much. There is no need to change it."

Mo Wen smiled awkwardly, as he actually did like the environment in the Freak Dormitory, since it was quiet with people who were not busybodies and kept to themselves.


Shen Jing widened her eyes, thinking she heard him wrong.

"The people in this dormitory are quite interesting, and I actually like interacting with them."

Mo Wen smiled. Shen Jing was only an ordinary person who would naturally be afraid of eccentric people, but he had experienced people from all walks of life, so he didn't mind it at all.

"Do you not know about the rumors concerning the Freak Dormitory? This dormitory is dangerous. Really. I better change it for you."

Shen Jing was quite helpless about Mo Wen's reaction, as she risked her life to discuss the change of dormitory with him, yet he was not appreciative.

She reckoned that Mo Wen had such a perception because he had not encountered any danger and had not interacted with the freaks in this dormitory.

It would be too late if there was any problem.

"Ms. Shen Jing, why don't you give me a treat? We can talk while having the meal," Mo Wen suggested suddenly.

He said this because he discovered that someone was walking up to the eighth story.Although it was a distance away, he could feel the danger approaching.

"Oh! Ok."

She painstakingly approached him to change his dormitory, but he was not appreciative at all. On top of it, he even had the audacity to ask her to give him a treat.

Mo Wen and Shen Jing walked down the stairs and met someone on their way down.

The person was tall, about 6 foot 2 inches, with delicate features. He gave a feeling of being very strong.

Though his eyes were ordinary, they had a hidden frightening aura. With one ordinary look at someone, they would feel as if they had been frozen in an ice cave.

"Such a strong killing spirit!"

Mo Wen squinted his eyes with a cautious look. At a distance of 16 to 20 feet, he could smell the blood and gore disseminating from him. His killing spirit was so real like he had killed a multitude of people.

Mo Wen remembered that only an ancient general who had gone through many battles in the battle ground, would have such a strong killing spirit.

How would a person in this modern city have such a frightening killing spirit?

That person was startled to meet Mo Wen and Shen Jing. However, he kept quiet and went up to the eighth story apathetically, as if they didn't exist.

"Such a scary person."

Shen Jing's face paled and pulled Mo Wen down the stairs quickly. The fear in her eyes remained for a long period of time.

Just a look from that person had sent chills down her spine. Her body turned rigid, as if she was thrown into a glacier on a winter day.

She didn't understand why the school kept these people, and why it was a special case which had been passed down for a century. They were obviously out of place in this school environment and did not look like students.

Mo Wen sensed that Shen Jing's warm hands had turned completely cold; obviously, she had a shock. This realization made him squint his eyes somberly.

Not only did Shen Jing feel it, but he also felt it just now. That person's casual look was full of admonishment, and he apparently disliked people going to the eighth floor.

However, the person did not have much ill intention he simply wanted to give both of them a fright.

That person had very great Cultivation.

Mo Wen exclaimed this secretly in his heart.This person might have the equivalent or higher Cultivation than Dongfang Yi.

He had grasped the concept of grandeur and was able to use it to hurt without signs.This was only possible for martial art practitioners of the Qi Nucleation realm.

Mo Wen held Shen Jing's arm and transferred a little 'Nine Yang' into her body to dissipate the remnant chills from her body.

After a while, Shen Jing's face began to turn rosy again.

There were six floors in the school's canteen. The first three floors were huge canteens for the ordinary students, and the fourth floor was equivalent to restaurants for the more affluent students. As for the fifth floor, it was equivalent to the service in a high-class hotel which was specially dedicated for those very wealthy students.

"What would you like to eat? I will treat you today."

In one of the private rooms on the fifth floor, Shen Jing placed a digital menu in front of Mo Wen. Although she was only the mentor of Mo Wen for two days, she had been claiming to be his teacher.

"Anything will do."

Mo Wen pointed to a few dishes on the menu and returned it back to Shen Jing, as he was normally not too picky with food.

"That person just now was so scary; you really don't intend to change the dormitory?"

Shen Jing asked this with some trepidations from before. However, she didn't want to insist on the change of dormitory, as Mo Wen must have a good reason for wanting to stay in the dormitory after meeting these people.

Moreover, after the flow of warmth released from Mo Wen's hand which had surrounded her body just then warmed her frightening cold chills, making them completely disappear; clearly, Mo Wen was not as simple as she thought.

With this thought, she was finally relieved that someone with such outstanding medical expertise at such young age was also a just a little freak.