Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Managed Rather Leniently

"I won't switch," Mo Wen laughed. It was such an interesting dormitory; why would he leave? He knew nothing of the country's ancient martial arts world. Maybe he could come in contact with other ancient martial art practitioners in the country through his roommates.

He was curious though. Were the Earth's ancient martial arts practitioners stronger? Or were ancient martial arts practitioners from his world stronger?

While Mo Wen and Shen Jing were having dinner, two knocks were suddenly heard on the door, then the door of their private room burst open uninvited.

A youth dressed in a white suit waltzed into the private room and seated himself in the seat beside Shen Jing.

"Su Boyu, what do you want?" Shen Jing's delicate eyebrows pressed slightly. Her facial expression was displeased as she looked at the youth before her.

Mo Wen gave the youth a glance. He had an elegant temperament, seemingly born of high ranking, with an air of calm steadiness; though what he was doing was not.

His looks were not bad and could be considered a pretty boy. His pair of peach eyes gave off a gentleness that could mesmerize any girl.

Su Boyu chuckled, seemingly glancing at Mo Wen while the corner of his mouth twisted evilly, "Who is he? He's a lucky one to be able to invite our beautiful Shen Jing out for dinner." He was inquiring about who Mo Wen was, but did not look directly at him. An air of superior condescension surrounding him.

"He is my student. If there is nothing, would Master Su kindly not disturb our dining?" Shen Jing said. Her expression was cold.

"Oh, so he is your student. Is he new? No wonder he doesn't seem to understand the ways around here," Su Boyu nodded his head slightly as he said coldly.

"Su Boyu, whether my students know the way around here is none of your concern. If you would, please leave," Shen Jing's expression turned dark. Su Boyu commenting on Mo Wen like that out right was a direct blow, not giving her any face.

"It's true that I do not know the ways around here. It's my first time joining the beautiful Miss Shen for a meal, but she is paying for the meal. Next time for sure it won't be so," Mo Wen smiled at Su Boyu and said indifferently.

"Next time? Young brother, you sure are humorous. Have a meal? Be careful that you don't make the meal and have to face the music," Su Boyu stared coldly at Mo Wen. Even Shen Jing could feel the chill emanating from his pupils. Although it was but a simple gaze, his imposing manner came out. If a normal person had returned his gaze, they probably would have trouble speaking properly.

"Since both of you are having such a wonderful time, please enjoy. I will take my leave," Su Boyu's mouth grinned playfully. He stared at Mo Wen with a deep look, then gracefully rose and left, even closing the door like a gentleman before leaving.

"That bastard!" Shen Jing angrily threw her chopsticks on the table. She felt that bringing Mo Wen to the cafeteria to eat was a mistake. She knew something like this would happen and should have travelled further, gone outside of the university to eat. Su Boyu wouldn't have known then, right?

"Mo Wen, please don't mind that. I will settle this," she looked consolingly at Mo Wen. That Su Boyu constantly came to university to bully people with his prestige anr\dwer. It was despicable. e

Not many male students dared to approach Shen Jing. This was also the handiwork of Su Boyu.

Before this, she used to think having a Su Boyu wasn't so bad, at least no one would come to bother her. But who knew that he would act so arrogantly in her private room.

"What relationship does he and Ms Shen have?" Mo Wen chuckled nonchalantly.

"None at all. He is but a piece of sticky candy", Shen Jing said helplessly.

"Then he truly manages rather leniently", Mo Wen said. Those who were not in the know would think that Su Boyu was Shen Jing's fiance since he even managed who she had meals with.

"He is but a brat born with a silver spoon, using his influence to bully people around in school. Many students are afraid of him. Mo Wen, if you meet him in the future, keep away from him. Su Boyu may look gentle and elegant on the outside, but he is a narrow-minded, cruel and ruthless man", Shen Jing said somewhat worriedly. That Su Boyu was quite well known in the university. On the List of College Hunks, he was one of the top ten. To be able to create a name for himself in Hua Xia University full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons, he was no simpleton.

She had heard before that many cases of students disappearing in the university had to do with him. They had seemingly been *dealt with* by him.

No matter where, the things lurking beneath the shadows were always dark. Hua Xia University was no exception.

Outside the door, a group of students stood in a corner. Once they saw Su Boyu walking out, they quickly crowded around him.

"Young Master Su, that brat is too arrogant. How dare he eat with Miss Shen! He must be tired of living, should I teach him a lesson?" A youth with a gloomy expression smirked as he asked. Originally Young Master Su announced on the university's forum: whoever dared get close to Miss Shen Jing would be his enemy, and he would use all means to eliminate them.

At the time this incident was buzzing, but very few people dared step over the minefield. Even the other young masters in the Top Ten Young Masters would give Su Boyu some face.

But now, there was actually someone who dared to openly dine with Miss Shen Jing in her private room in the cafeteria. He was truly tired of living.

"Not only did he dare to eat with Shen Jing, he even dared to mock me in my face", Su Boyu smiled coldly, teasingly looking at the youth, "Or, do you want to help me settle him?"

"Eh, that", the youth was stunned for a moment. His facial expression went pale. Who was this person that dared to mock Su Boyu in his face? There was practically no one in the school who did not know of Su Boyu's name. If they knew and still dared to do so, the person was either a fool or ruthless.

A look of disdain flashed past Su Boyu's eyes. He walked away expressionlessly. These guys that flocked to power were like moths not worthy to even be his lackeys.

After the incident with Su Boyu, Mo Wen and Shen Jing's meal became awkward.

It was especially awkward for Shen Jing. What meant to be just a simple meal was suddenly made as though the two of them had committed an unspeakable crime against humanity. Especially since an unrelated third party had come over to meddle in business that was not his. Such insolence.

In the end, the two continued eating for a bit under the awkward atmosphere and then parted ways.

The next few days, Mo Wen began a peaceful university life; sometimes even dropping in for a class or two. However, most of the time he played truant and hid away in the library to read medical books.

As for his Freak Dormitory, strangely enough the people there didn't seem to be aware that they were in university. Mo Wen didn't see them at all.

Only Ren Liusha spent the most amount of time in the dormitory. But most of the time, he hid in his room and kept his bundles of venomous creatures company.

Through Ren Liusha's introduction, he knew that the man which he and Shen Jing met last time was the infamous Northern Devil. His killing spirit was too strong, so everyone in the dormitory called him the Butcher.

Of the so called Eastern Heretic, Western Poisoner, Southern Ghost, Northern Devil, and Central Transvestite, he had met three of them. The Eastern Heretic Dongfang Yi, the Western Poisoner Ren Liusha, and the Northern Devil Hu Qiongqi.

But he still hadn't the chance to meet the scariest Central Transvestite and Southern Ghost.

The library of Hua Xia University had a total of thirty floors. One could even call it a complex. The book collection inside the library was the largest in Hua Xia. Be it ancient or modern, the book collection there held countless items: an archive of the rich heritage and civilization of Hua Xia.

However, the library complex was only open up to the tenth floor for normal students. The archives above were student restricted areas.

Mo Wen stood in a corner of the sixth floor of the library complex. He had a thick tome, the Compendium of Materia Medica, in his hand which he was quietly reading. Although the Compendium of Materia Medica recorded mostly common herbs and medical plants, it was the largest record of medical plants in Chinese Medicine.

He wanted to refine a batch of Blood, Vitality, and Qi transmuting powder. Besides the main ingredient of the Blood-Heart grass, it needed many more supplementary ingredients. There were a few medical plant names that Mo Wen was not sure of, so he had trouble finding them. So, for the past few days, he had holed up in the library while sifting through mountains of Chinese medical books, hoping to stumble upon the medical plants he needed. With just the Blood-Heart grass and without the supplementary ingredients, he could not refine the Blood, Vitality, and Qi transmuting powder.

A slender silhouette appeared in Mo Wen's vision, retrieved a medical book from a nearby shelf, and passed by Mo Wen with not a shred of animosity.

Mo Wen subconsciously gave her a glance, but then his gaze fixed on her. His entire body froze.