Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 67

Chapter 67: The Massacres Host

Mo Wen guessed that the illness was probably a congenital disease with unknown origins from birth. He had called it the Massacre's Host. Moreover, this physical condition was rare that even though he had browsed through a great number of readings, there were no records of anything related to this illness. It was very possible that in the whole of history, Mo Dong'er was the only patient with this disease.

This illness was completely untreatable and he could only watch Mo Dong'er slowly slip towards his demise. One could only imagine the pain that Mo Wen felt.

However, he did not expect the girl called Mo Qingge to have the exact same illness as Mo Dong'er the congenital Massacre's Host!

In that moment, he felt an odd feeling wash over him. Mo Qingge was his little sister Mo Dong'er. If not, how could it possibly be exactly the same disease?

Previously, when he had stood up, he noticed a layer of dark red enveloped within the top of Mo Qingge's hairline. It was very subtle and could not be differentiated by the naked eye.

However, Mo Wen was very familiar with it so how could he have not noticed? That scent and that condition, it could not be wrong.

On normal days, the Massacre's Host made one no different from a normal person. It was only when it was nearing one month from when it would act up that symptoms showed. Mo Qingge had most likely neared the one month of it acting up, and it would flare up at most in one month and at least in a week. Then, the Massacre's Host within her body would act up completely.

If they could not battle it, the only ending would be the death of a beautiful young lady!

"How am I sick?" Mo Qingge smiled and asked as her voice was as tranquil as ever. Other than the slight fluctuation in her emotions when Mo Wen had said that she was sick, she remained as calm as the tranquil water throughout.

Mo Wen looked at Mo Qingge deeply in her eyes, "I'm afraid your Massacre's Host will act up in a while, are you not worried?" Even her personality was exactly the same as Mo Dong'er. No matter when, she would be as tranquil as water without much emotion from start to end.

Perhaps after replying with that statement, there was a reversal of Yin and Yang. People with the Massacre's Host symbolized massacres, violence, destruction and thirst for blood; but her personality was kind as water and unmoving as mountains.

When the Massacre's Host did not act up, Mo Dong'er was cold, harmonious and quiet at all times. Her soul was so pure it was said to not have been marred by a speck of dust and remained a rare find in the world.

"How do you know?" There was finally some fluctuation of emotions within Mo Qingge's voice. It was the first time her gaze had stopped on Mo Wen's face.

"Because I've seen someone like you," Mo Wen answered quietly.

"Someone like me?" Mo Qingge lowered her gaze seemingly in thought, before lifting her head, "There's really someone like me in this world?"

"That's right, exactly like you. Regardless of the appearance, personality, aura and physical constitution, she is someone exactly like you."

Mo Wen smiled and his eyes were trained onto Mo Qingge's pupils right from the start.

He knew that people with Massacre's Host were not cold by nature, but the Massacre's Host made them empty internally and completely untainted, with an absolutely strong will.

If not, with too many inner distracting thoughts, too many evil thoughts, there would be no control over the emotions. The moment the Massacre's Host acted up, there would be absolutely no way to suppress the scary desire of the killing spirit.

Conversely, people with the Massacre's Host were stubborn, clean and pure in their hearts. The moment they identified a friend, they would be very sure.

"Are you sure you're talking about me?" Mo Qingge smiled lightly. The things that Mo Wen said were simply too incredible. How could she simply believe that there was someone who was exactly like her? Moreover, everything exactly the same? Even a clone could not achieve that.

However, she was still very curious about the fact that Mo Wen knew of her body constitution. Outside the hospital, there was no one who knew of her situation so how could Mo Wen know?

"For the time being, take it that I'm telling a story," Mo Wen smiled and very naturally told Mo Qingge about the story of him and his little sister. He adopted the tone of story-telling as he told the ins and outs of the entire tale.

Mo Qingge set her book down and listened silently. She respected the story that Mo Wen was telling her.

After a long time, Mo Wen had finally finished telling the story. The ending of the story was that the older brother had still not been able to save the little sister's life, which gave the story a tragic ending.

"The little sister in the story died in the end?" Mo Qingge lightly asked as she lowered her gaze.`

"I don't know, she could have lived, she could have died," Mo Wen laughed bitterly. He did not know the ending of the story. From the time Mo Wen had entered the mysterious foggy forest, the ending of the story became unknown.

However, the chance of Mo Dong'er being able to survive was very slim and that was a pain in his heart that would remain forever.

"I will die in the end, just like Mo Dong'er," Mo Qingge looked deeply into Mo Wen's eyes. She did not have any emotions even when saying that she was going to die. It was as if she had long accepted the facts of life and death.

"I will try my hardest to help you survive," Mo Wen inhaled deeply and said with a determined gaze, "For sure."

"You're very good at storytelling. Thank you for your story; I hope that I can be like Mo Dong'er to have such an older brother who loves her so much. It's a pity you're not my older brother."

Mo Qingge looked at Mo Wen before she silently rose and picked up her book before leaving the reading room.

Mo Wen stared at Mo Qingge's back view and there was a flood of unspeakable emotions in his heart. Mo Qingge? Mo Dong'er? Why did this world have two of such similar people?

Regardless, he definitely would not let Mo Qingge die without doing anything. In that lifetime, he did not manage to conquer the Massacre's Host. In this lifetime, he would continue battling on. No matter how difficult, he would not give up.

As he walked out of the library, there were hundreds of mixed emotions within Mo Wen's heart. He really did not know if meeting Mo Qingge was a coincidence or if it was fate.

He missed his little sister Mo Dong'er from that old lifetime, and wondered what her fate was in the end.

It was currently lunchtime and Mo Wen habitually walked over to the canteen to eat.

However, a cold ray of light flashed and travelled directly to Mo Wen's throat.

At the same time, a silhouette flashed past from the small forest at the side of campus, before quickly disappearing into the little forest.

Mo Wen let out a light humph and casually intercepted that ray of cold light. It was a flying dagger about two inches long.

There was a piece of paper attached to the dagger. On it was written, "Kid, a quick meeting in the little forest."

"What kind of monster," Mo Wen laughed coldly and casually stuck the flying dagger into a big tree. However, he completely ignored the thing mentioned on the piece of paper and minded his own business as he continued walking towards the canteen.

Mo Wen had long been in the Jianghu so why would he simply listen to the words of others. Nothing good could come out of a person who was in hiding.

If his abilities were strong enough, he would not mind going to have a look to understand what the person wanted to do with him. However, at that point, he could not subject himself to danger.

In the depths of the little forest, a youth with a cold expression was standing under a large tree. His gaze was cold and dark.

Behind him, there were another four people standing: two of which were middle-aged and the other two of which were youths.

They were standing silently with their hands hanging by their sides looking like servants.

"Young Master Su, why go to such trouble to handle a mere student. I can just go catch him and bring him over," said a youth as he took a step forward and took the initiative to offer his services.

"That person is not simple. He is most likely also an ancient martial art practitioner. Moreover, his skills are not beneath yours," Su Boyu shot that youth a look as he said with a tranquil expression.