Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Come to the office with me

"Enough said."

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Wang Xiaofei while snorting lightly.Then, she started to page through her textbook before she returned to her revision for the day.

Wang Xiaofei felt bored, as she originally intended to listen to what Qin Xiaoyou and Mo Wen were talking about.She glanced at Mo Wen helplessly, and realized that he was basically expressionless even his eyes were completely emotionless.

Doesn't he want to know what Qin Xiaoyou was going to tell him?Why is he so calm?

Wang Xiaofei pouted her lips and slammed her textbook onto the desk.She was totally helpless when dealing with Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou.

She had to acknowledge that Mo Wen was, indeed, excellent in terms of capabilities and temperament.

Mo Wen had always appeared to be calm and steady; cool, free, and easy-going to her.He had a charm that was different from the rest of the youngsters around her, like a kind of disposition that developed after going through time and experience.

If Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou had not been so close, she would have already liked Mo Wen.However, she knew that Qin Xiaoyou had a special feeling for Mo Wen.For the past two months, Qin Xiaoyou would become very chatty whenever Mo Wen was mentioned.Qin Xiaoyou seemed to be of interest in matters that involved Mo Wen.

Perhaps she didn't realize it, but everyone else around her did.

Because of this point, she wouldn't have any non-platonic thoughts about Mo Wen.After all, Qin Xiaoyou was her best friend; she wouldn't want to do anything that would hurt her.Moreover, she might not win if she were to compete against Qin Xiaoyou.

Therefore, she would nip her admiration towards Mo Wen in the bud when it grew occasionally.She would definitely not have any feelings for Mo Wen, as she was a prideful girl who would never fight with anyone over a man.

The bell went off coincidentally as Shen Jing reached the entrance of the classroom.She glimpsed around the classroom and smiled widely when she realized that there were not many empty seats.

Any lecturer would not wish to enter a classroom to realize that it was almost empty, with only a handful of people coming in for the class.

It was a terrible failure and also an embarrassment to the lecturer.

However, there were very few students who would play truant for Shen Jing's classes. Usually students from other classes would sneak in secretly to attend her class.As Shen Jing was a congeniality goddess to the students, many youngsters were attracted to her good-tempered, sister-like image.

Out of the three beautiful teachers in Hua Xia University, Shen Jing was the most popular.She was not only young, but also the most gentle and elegant, so she was naturally more approachable to the students.

Shen Jing was in her usual formal business attire today.However, whenever she was in a class, she would wear regular attire and would normally not wear a dress.

Her snowy white shirt with the top button slightly unbuttoned revealed her fair skin around her neck. Inside, sat a silver necklace that was glistening. The two pert mounds on her chest, though not big, were firm and perky.Her long sleeved shirt sleeves were rolled up to her elbows, giving her the image of being capable and experienced.

The black, conservative skirt tightly surrounded her firm bottom, showing off her beautiful, curvaceous figure vividly.She didn't wear a pantyhose, thus exposing her fair, firm calves to the air.They were as smooth as silk, and the delicate skin was almost flawless.

She was wearing black high heel shoes with thin heels, making her look even taller and more elegant than she already was.Many male students in the class were shorter than Shen Jing, even when she wasn't wearing high heels.

Although her attire was formal, it seemed to lose a little seriousness when Shen Jing wore it, as she continued to portray her gentleness and elegance in it.

As she went up to the pulpit, her eyes were fixed on Mo Wen.She raised her eyebrows, as she was a little surprised to find Mo Wen in her class.

After a week of lessons, it was the first time she saw Mo Wen in the class.It seemed that telling him off before was quite effective.Although Mo Wen had great medical expertise, he was lacking in foundation knowledge, which was why he could not explain the medical massage techniques clearly.

Having a preference for students was not a good idea, as it would affect the progress of the medical expertise.Moreover, Mo Wen's truancy was a disciplinary issue.It was a bad thing for a person to be too free and easy, to the point of being unruly.After graduating and going in the workforce, those who were antisocial and unruly would not be well-liked, and would possibly be directly fired.

Shen Jing previously told Mo Wen off twice with good intentions. This was not effective though, as she realized that Mo Wen continued to play truant. She was uncertain of what he was doing all day.She was so angry about his behavior, that she thought of looking for him to give him a piece of her mind again.

However, Mo Wen's unprecedented appearance in her class had put her in a good mood again.

She curled her lips into a smile and looked at Mo Wen intently.Then, she averted her eyes and focused her attention back to the class.

Mo Wen looked into Shen Jing's eyes. He would be able to know that they were full of warning, but he simply smiled.Shen Jing's class was about the most basic levels of knowledge, which was of little use to him.He had spent an hour before the class to finish reading all the textbooks for the whole semester.

These books contained all of the basic medical knowledge that he had already known, as he was already at the expert level.The thing that he was lacking was the interface between the language and terminologies used in the world of the past lifetime and the ones used in this world in this lifetime.It was not the foundational knowledge that Shen Jing had thought of.

However, he didn't explain this to Shen Jing.After all, her intention was for his good. To listen to her lecture or not was a different issue.

All of the students in high school looked forward to the life in college, as there were only one or two lessons everyday in the university.

When one entered the university, one would realize that a lesson in college was like a Nanfu battery one lesson was longer than six high school lessons.

Shen Jing's class lasted for two hours.Although it was not an expert lecture, it was still one long lesson.

Mo Wen did not find it dreary in the beginning, as he had borrowed a book from the library.However, in the two hour period, he had read the book "Pulse Classic" by Wang Shuhe from cover to cover three to four times, and even managed to memorize quotes in it.Shen Jing's lesson was yet be done, and it was only covering the very basic things which were essential to know for the beginners, but had little practical usage.

Qin Xiaoyou was very conscientious throughout.She constantly wrote her notes and would stand up to ask a question or two.She seemed to always be a Merit Student, when learning was concerned.

Just when Mo Wen was about to doze off, the bell for the lesson to end finally went off.Shen Jing didn't prolong the lesson and ended it briskly.

"Mo Wen, please come to the office with me," Shen Jing told Mo Wen tentatively, when she was about to leave the classroom.Then she indicated for him to follow her before walking out of the classroom.

"Why does Miss Shen Jing ask for you?" Qin Xiaoyou asked quizzically, as Mo Wen was neither a class cadre nor a good student; logically, the teacher shouldn't be looking for him.

"I don't know."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders, as he also didn't know why Shen Jing was looking for him. He suspected it to be about his frequent truancy.

As he said this, he stood up and walked out of the room.

"Mo Wen, let's have dinner together. I will wait for you at the kiosk below the canteen," Qin Xiaoyou's suggested from behind.Mo Wen's schedule was normally irregular. Sometimes he was nowhere to be found, so even though they knew each other very well, they seldom had a meal together.


Mo Wen gestured an "OK" hand sign at Qin Xiaoyou before leaving.