Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Whose lover is he?

"Xiaoyou, did you realize that Miss Shen Jing seemed to treat Mo Wen differently from the rest?" Wang Xiaofei asked with a strange expression on her face after Mo Wen left.

"Differently from the rest?" Qin Xiaoyou glanced at Wang Xiaofei dubiously.

"I always feel like Miss Shen Jing has some relationship with Mo Wen. Miss Shen Jing even gave Mo Wen a different look when she walked into the classroom initially and found him," said Wang Xiaofei. She knitted her brows as Shen Jing's reaction just now was very slight but didn't escape her scrutinizing eyes. After all, she was sitting next to Mo Wen so she could easily see Shen Jing's reaction.

"What kind of relationship could they have? I know Mo Wen very well. It's impossible for him to have known Miss Shen Jing before entering the university," Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Wang Xiaofei.

She knew Mo Wen through and through, they had spent every day in class together during high school. Although not to the extent of inseparable, they basically had no secrets between them. In Mo Wen's case, he barely had the chance to step out of the school so how could it be possible for him to know a lecturer in Hua Xia University, not to mention the Miss Shen Jing?

"I always feel weird.There must be something fishy about them so you better be careful. Don't start crying if Miss Shen Jing were to snatch your lover," Wang Xiaofei touched her chin while seriously analyzing the situation.

Although Qin Xiaoyou was one of the beauties on the List of Campus Beauties, she was only a new student. Shen Jing was the beautiful lecturer who had greater influence than Qin Xiaoyou. Moreover, Shen Jing's appearance, disposition, and other abilities were as good as Qin Xiaoyou. If she were to compete for Mo Wen, she was definitely a stronger competitor than Qin Xiaoyou.

"Bah! Xiaofei, your thinking is getting obscene. It's impossible for Mo Wen and Miss Shen Jing to be together. Anyway, whose lover is he? You are acting so concerned about him; are you the one with hidden feelings for him?" Qin Xiaoyou snorted and couldn't be bothered about Wang Xiaofei, but her face was blushing unknowingly.

"Hey I am showing concern for you and yet you say this. Taking my kindness as ill intention. Don't cry and confide in me when it happens. I mean it," Wang Xiaofei pouted her lips and kept her stuff on the desk angrily.

"Alright, I was just saying it casually. Don't be mad. If Mo Wen is really related to Miss Shen Jing in some way, it might be a good thing as his future dealings in the school would be smooth sailing under the care of Miss Shen Jing," Qin Xiaoyou said with a smile. She reached for Wang Xiaofei's soft delicate face and gave it a light pinch.

"Go away, you really think everyone will fall for your Mo Wen! But I also reckon it is impossible for Miss Shen Jing and him to be together," Wang Xiaofei brushed away Qin Xiaoyou's hand and rolled her eyes at her begrudgingly.

With much consideration, she thought that it was true as the number of Miss Shen Jing's suitors was enough to form a strong battalion, but she was still single. Though Mo Wen was very outstanding, he wouldn't need to have any kind of relationship with Miss Shen Jing.

Shen Jing had two offices in the school: one in the Administration building and one in her own apartment. The latter was her personal working space. She didn't bring Mo Wen to the Administration building of the Faculty, but instead walked directly back to her own apartment.

Mo Wen did not know what exactly she intended to do, but followed behind her.

Shen Jing's apartment was on the third floor of the teachers' apartment with a good environment. The environment for the students' dormitory in Hua Xia University was very good already, so imagine the teacher's apartment.

Shen Jing's apartment had three rooms with two living halls, two bathrooms, and two balconies. It was more than 1615 square feet in area.

Mo Wen was surprised when he entered the apartment. It was so extravagant of Hua Xia University to give Shen Jing such a big apartment for just herself.

The apartment was well-furnished with all kinds of furniture, basically everything that one person could need. Shen Jing was obviously a person who loved cleanliness as the apartment was spick and span; apparently cleaned daily.

The style of the living hall was refined and elegant with few, obviously minimalist, decorations. There weren't any girlish dolls or cute soft toys. Of course, he didn't go to Shen Jing's bedroom so he was uncertain if she liked those kinds of things.

Shen Jing waved her hand signalling Mo Wen to sit on the sofa. Then, she asked when she was in front of the refrigerator at the corner of the living hall, "Have a seat.What would you like to drink?"

"Just water with ice please," Mo Wen said as he sat on the sofa.

Shen Jing was about to open the door of the refrigerator when she heard the reply, and her lips twitched up a little. The hand that had stretched forward had retreated and while she rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, she walked to the water dispenser to get him a paper cup of plain water.

"Miss Shen Jing, why were you looking for me?" Mo Wen asked. Normally, Shen Jing wouldn't look for him without a reason.

"Why? I can't look for you for no reason?" Shen Jing said while placing the paper cup in front of Mo Wen. Then she sat elegantly on the sofa opposite to him.

Mo Wen smiled but didn't comment. He took the cup of water and sipped it slowly.It was obviously a cup of plain water but he drank it as if he was tasting tea.

"Did Su Boyu look for you?" Shen Jing smiled helplessly as she felt like she was punching on a bag of cotton wool. When interacting with Mo Wen, she felt that he was not a youngster but a calm reserved old man.

Mo Wen put the cup on the coffee table without any emotions on his face, "Not yet."

"You better be careful. He is a very petty and nasty person who bears a grudge. I suspect he is planning to attack you so you better stay within the campus during this period. He'll not do anything to you while on campus," Shen Jing cautioned worriedly.

She attempted to persuade Su Boyu not to seek revenge on Mo Wen two days ago, but her plea didn't seem to have any effect. She didn't look for Su Boyu personally but found a middleman of little influence to be a mediator, hoping that the person could convince Su Boyu not to revenge on Mo Wen. She was not foolish enough to ask for the favor from Su Boyu directly because she knew that if she did, Su Boyu might never let Mo Wen off.

And even so, Su Boyu didn't have the intention of letting Mo Wen off. After all, the person she asked to mediate might not be influential enough to stop Su Boyu from planning his revenge. Su Boyu would only be slightly more apprehensive of those people on the List of College Hunks. It was not an easy task to find one of those hunks in such a short period of time to mediate. In fact, one might not be able to get away easily once such a favor had been owed unless one had very good relationship with that mediator. Then they didn't need much consideration while a person whom one was only acquainted with would have some conditions when help was offered.

However, Shen Jing normally did not pay attention to the people on the List of College Hunks so she only knew a handful. Other than those hunks who had ulterior motives and constantly harassed her, she had never met the rest. Hua Xia University was so big that there were more than ten faculties excluding medical faculty, so it was impossible for Shen Jing to have met everyone.

In the short period of time, it was difficult for her to settle the case of Su Boyu.It was not that she could not handle Su Boyu, but rather, she was afraid that Su Boyu would seek revenge on Mo Wen before she had a chance to settle the case.

Hence, she told Mo Wen to stay within the campus because she knew Su Boyu wouldn't dare to do anything to Mo Wen on campus. After this period of time, she would find some more influential people to mediate and believed that Su Boyu would not continue to make things difficult for Mo Wen over such small matters.

"Okay, I know what to do," Mo Wen smiled as Shen Jing's concern was heartwarming to him.Ever since he stepped into this big city, very few people were actually concerned about him. However, he knew Shen Jing didn't look for him toonly discuss this matter. There must be other matters or else she didn't have to invite him to her apartment.