Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The Heaven's Price Necklace

"When did this happen?" Mo Wen asked with a serious look.

"Two days ago. The patient denied organ transplants and forbid the hospital from informing her daughter. She also asked to be discharged," Shen Jing said helplessly, "Director Han Jiangong considered that she was your friend, so he didn't approve her discharge request. For now, we have calmed her down."

"Why did her condition suddenly worsen?" Mo Wen truly could not understand. She was a normal patient receiving treatment for more than a month, but not only was there no recovery, the symptoms ended up getting worse.

"I don't know either. Director Han Jiangong didn't explain in detail. However, the situation must be quite dire, otherwise he would not have asked me to get you. The patient has denied organ transplants, so the hospital can't do anything," Shen Jing could sometimes empathize with the patient well and resonate with their helplessness. Organ transplant surgeries were still in the process of development. They still had a high risk of failure, so hospitals only dared to carry out the procedures after the patient had signed the consent forms.

Without the surgery, the patient could probably only live for another six months, but if the surgery failed, then she would die instantly.

Also the cost for organ transplant surgery was too high. For a commoner, it was an astronomical figure. An average household would find it extremely hard to pay for such an extravagant medical bill even if they sold off their homes.

This was another reason why many patients preferred to sit and wait for death rather than undergo organ transplant surgery.

"Now Director Han Jiangong wants a consult from you. After all, the patient is a special case, but if she doesn't want to cooperate and undergo treatment, the hospital can't do anything about it," Shen Jing said helplessly.

"Go and tell Director Han Jiangong, I will visit the hospital tonight to find out more," Mo Wen said while frowning. No matter what, he couldn't forsake Qin Xiaoyou's mother. The case seemed to be more complicated. Qin Xiaoyou's mother was doing just fine in the hospital. Why would her situation worsen all in a sudden?

"Mo Wen, don't worry. The patient most likely declined treatment due to insufficient funds. I can find ways to help you with the money matters," Shen Jing quietly consoled. As she understood, a normal family would most likely find it hard to pay for such an extravagant medical bill.

"Thank you Miss Shen. I will settle this issue," Mo Wen smiled. He naturally wasn't worried about the money. In his mind, after leveraging on the Ming Cult's remaining wealth, he would instantly become one of the richest tycoons.

Walking out of Shen Jing's apartment, Mo Wen's mind still lingered on Qin Xiaoyou's mother's condition. Her sudden condition was abnormal. However he wasn't too worried. With his current medical knowledge, he could cure Qin Xiaoyou's mother completely and without her necessarily needing an organ transplant.

The cafeteria complex had a long corridor that looked antique. Usually many students would gather in the corridor to have conversations. Sometimes a few couples could be seen sitting on the stone benches flirting with each other.

Qin Xiaoyou was bored as she sat on a stone bench alone. Occasionally people would come over to flirt with her, but she would cleverly reject their advances.

Seeing Mo Wen walking over from afar, Qin Xiaoyou immediately stood up from the stone bench, somewhat complaining as she said, "Mo Wen, why were you gone for so long?" She had waited for half an hour.

"Miss Shen Jing had something she needed to discuss with me," Mo Wen smiled indifferently. He naturally couldn't tell Qin Xiaoyou that her mother's condition was worsening. Right now Qin Xiaoyou still didn't know because her mother had hid it from her.

"Mo Wen, the necklace you gave me last time, I should return it to you," Qin Xiaoyou made sure no one was around before quietly telling Mo Wen.She took the simple but elegant necklace off from her snow white neck and stuffed it into Mo Wen's hand.

"What is wrong?" Mo Wen asked, surprised. The necklace was the one he had taken from the Ming Cult treasure trove. He liked its design and artistic conception, so he had given it to Qin Xiaoyou as a present. Now what was up that she would return it?

"Yesterday, I accidentally let one of my roommates see the necklace. She said she was willing to buy it from me for two hundred thousand dollars. I was shocked. Is this necklace really that valuable?" Qin Xiaoyou had a weird expression. At the time Mo Wen gave her the necklace, he said it was just a normal necklace. She thought it looked really pretty, with a simple elegance that was her taste, so she had accepted it.

But yesterday after hearing that her roommate was willing to buy it from her for two hundred thousand, she was shocked. How could she not know then that the necklace was so valuable? She didn't dare to simply accept such valuable things.

"Two hundred thousand?" Mo Wen laughed coldly. That necklace had a pendant which was an old crater emerald jade with glass like transparency. The value of the pure gemstone was most likely no lower than 50 million dollars, and that wasn't even the most valuable part of the necklace. Its true worth lied in its rich historical value. Based on Mo Wen's observations, the necklace probably had thousands of years of history. Its color shined bright but its essence subdued. It looked rich yet elegant. The craftsmanship was masterful. It should be on the level of a palace treasure. Upon further deliberation, maybe it could even reach the level of a cultural relic. If it really was put up for sale, the retail price would probably not be lower than two hundred million, and even that was a reserved estimate.

Although Mo Wen was not sensitive to money, it didn't mean that he knew nothing about it. Trying to buy it with two hundred thousand, was she trying to buy scrap metal? "Whether the necklace is valuable or not, I don't know. But it's a family heirloom, so please don't sell it," Mo Wen sighed. He could only put it that way. He then helped Qin Xiaoyou put the necklace back on her neck. He would not be taking it back.

If he revealed the true value of the necklace, Qin Xiaoyou would not keep it. He had merely given her a small trinket and he didn't want to fuss over such a small matter.

As for calling it a family heirloom, that wasn't technically a lie. Now that he had inherited the Ming Cult's orthodoxy, the heirlooms of the Ming Cult were naturally considered his heirlooms.

"Why did you give me one of your family heirlooms?" Qin Xiaoyou's face blushed slightly red, but she didn't remove the necklace again.

"I had no use keeping the necklace with me. Was I supposed to wear it? Let's go grab a bite," Mo Wen shrugged, simply coming up with an excuse. He didn't wait for Qin Xiaoyou to continue and started walking towards the cafeteria first.

Qin Xiaoyou bit her lip, lowered her head and followed behind Mo Wen pouting.

"Mo Wen, time to eat. Come join us," Upon arriving at the cafeteria, they met Wang Yuan and Chen Chongqing. When they saw Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou, they greeted them with raised voices. To be able to eat with the great beauty Qin Xiaoyou? They couldn't ask for anything more.

"Let's go over," Mo Wen smiled at Qin Xiaoyou, carrying his meal as he walked over.

Hua Xia University's food wasn't bad. Compared to off campus, it was much more affordable. With just five to six bucks you could have a decent meal.

As everyone was busy eating, a voice suddenly sounded, "Qin Xiaoyou, let's eat together. Today's my treat." Such a sudden voice caught the attention of everyone. As they turned to look, they saw a handsome man dressed in a white suit standing in front of Qin Xiaoyou. He wore a gentle smile on his face.

"Su Boyu!" A flicker of light flashed in Mo Wen's eyes. The previous incident had just passed for two days. Today he came to look for Qin Xiaoyou again. God knows what was he plotting.

"I am already eating," Qin Xiaoyou frowned. She shot Su Boyu a glance, then she lowered her head to continue eating.

"Do you want to know about the thing I told you last time? If yes, then have a meal with me. Don't worry. I won't eat you up," Su Boyu continued to smile warmly. He seemed to not notice that his arrival had caused an awkward silence.