Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Impersonating the kind person

Qin Xiaoyou had absolutely no popularity when she first entered the school so Su Boyu naturally didn't notice her at that time. The reason he said that was to continue lying so as to cover up his biggest lie. Actually, he noticed Qin Xiaoyou because of Mo Wen. When he was investigating Mo Wen, he accidentally discovered that Qin Xiaoyou had close relationship with Mo Wen, even and ambiguous romantic relationship.

However, Qin Xiaoyou was the only new student who was on the List of Campus Beauties and was even ranked the third. His interest was piqued immediately as it was rare for a new student to have such great influence in Hua Xia University.

After that, he investigated Qin Xiaoyou's background and realized that she was just a normal girl-next-door. Her family basically did not have any background and was a single-parent family.

The probability of a normal girl-next-door to be on the List of Campus Beauties was really low. Most of those on the list had a little notable background and were usually daughters of influential and rich families. It was usually a difficult task to successfully court them.

A normal girl-next-door with no influential background was naturally a perfect prey.Su Boyu, who was very experienced in hunting beauties, had immediately made Qin Xiaoyou his next target.

After the investigation, he discovered that Qin Xiaoyou's mother suffered from serious Multiple Organs Dysfunction Syndrome and had been hospitalized for more than a month. During this period, she was nearly chased out of the hospital due to her inability to pay for the medical fees.

Subsequently, someone seemed to have secretly helped her and now she was not only still receiving treatment in the hospital, but was moved to the high-class VIP ward.

Su Boyu was curious about the person who had helped Qin Xiaoyou but was unable to get any results from the investigation.He only knew that this matter involved the Deputy Director of the Leading Military Hospital, Han Jiangong.

Although he had some influence and power, it was impossible to investigate Director Han Jiangong so he could only let the matter rest. Subsequently, when he knew that Qin Xiaoyou was looking for the person who was secretly helping her, he made the evil plot to pursue on her.

Therefore, he decided that the unknown, kind person would be him, Su Boyu, who extended his help to treat her mother due to his admiration for Qin Xiaoyou.

Although it might be revealed one day, he didn't mind it. As long as Qin Xiaoyou fallen for him, it didn't matter if it was revealed later. After all, he only had the mindset of having fun.With his background and status, he naturally wouldn't marry a normal girl-next-door and furthermore, he already had a fiance planned for him.

"The reason I asked you to be here today was to tell you that your mother's condition had suddenly worsened with an unknown cause. The renal failure has seriously deteriorated and her kidney has multiple dysfunctions. It had initial symptoms of Uraemia which requires an organ transplant. She will only survive with a new kidney transplant," Su Boyu said suddenly with a grave voice with his eyes appropriately welling up with solemnness.

"What?" Qin Xiaoyou stood up from her seat instantly causing the tea cup in her hand to topple onto the table with a crisp clang sound. She was totally unaware of the tea that splattered all over her. "It's impossible. My mother is recovering well, how is it possible for the condition to worsen so suddenly!" Qin Xiaoyou stared at Su Boyu in disbelief.

Her mother's condition was recovering gradually after a month of treatment, how could it possibly be worsened. She even saw her mother's gentle smiles yesterday and was talking about discharging from the hospital in a few days.

"Your mother didn't tell you this matter as she was afraid that you would be saddened. The truth is that her condition had worsened a few days ago and the only possibility of survival was through an organ transplant. However, she refused to have the operation and even asked to be discharged. Xiaoyou, don't worry. I reckon your mother refused the operation due to the exorbitant medical fees. The medical fees are more than two million which is truly a lot, but I will help you," Su Boyu looked at Qin Xiaoyou gently with a soothing smile.

It was indeed a surprise to him that the condition of Qin Xiaoyou's mother had worsened when he was notified by the nurse that he had bribed. However, this happened at the right time so he could pressure Qin Xiaoyou further. After considering it, even if her mother didn't have any problems, he could always make some problems up anyway.

Now, it was going according to plan because something real happened to Qin Xiaoyou's mother. He knew that to deal with Qin Xiaoyou, she would have to keep feeling indebted to him. When such indebtedness eventually became too overwhelming to repay, she would do whatever he wanted her to.

That's the reason why he intentionally told Qin Xiaoyou about this matter so that she would beg him as a last resort, and then everything would go according to his plan.

"I don't believe it. I am going to the hospital," Qin Xiaoyou insisted as she dashed out of the private room to get to the hospital immediately.She couldn't believe it! How was it possible for her mother, who seemed fine the previous day, to have worsened now?

Su Boyu glanced at Qin Xiaoyou's back impishly with his lips curled to a smirk, "Mo Wen, you are too much of a greenhorn to play with me. I will play with your woman first before crushing you bit by bit."

When Qin Xiaoyou ran out of the private room, she noticed a figure standing by the landing of the stairways on the fifth floor. That person was standing on the elevator with his arms folded around his chest and was looking straight into her eyes calmly as she ran towards him.

"Mo Wen!" Qin Xiaoyou trembled a little and stopped her movement subconsciously.

"What happened?" Mo Wen's face went cold instantly as Qin Xiaoyou was crying when she came out of the private room. Did Su Boyu do something to her in the private room? However, the probability of that was relatively low. Although Su Boyu was influential and powerful, he didn't have the courage to commit outrageous acts in the school compound. Furthermore, to bully a woman openly in the private room of the canteen was obviously not a deed that the son of an aristocratic family would do. Mo Wen was born into a rich aristocratic family in the past lifetime so he understood the characters of those sons of such families. They were usually full of pride and wouldn't do such lowly deeds.

"I'm fine," Qin Xiaoyou said as she wiped the rolling tears off her cheeks.

"What did Su Boyu tell you?" Mo Wen asked with his brows furrowed.

Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head in silence momentarily. Then, she suddenly lifted her head and said calmly with a tone that was obviously distant, "Mo Wen, you leave first. This is my matter, you don't have to meddle with it."

"Whatever the matter is, I can help you," Mo Wen said calmly. According to his understanding of Qin Xiaoyou, he naturally knew what she was thinking about at this moment. However, Qin Xiaoyou didn't know Mo Wen's thoughts.

"Leave!Why do you have to help me?How am I related to you? We are just normal friends, and I don't need you to meddle with my matters. You should leave right now," Qin Xiaoyou said with a calm expression while she took a deep breath. Her eyes totally red but she pointed to the stairwell.

Mo Wen took a glimpse of Qin Xiaoyou and walked down the stairs silently without a word.

Qin Xiaoyou looked at Mo Wen's back. Her eyes were totally red as two streams of tears rolled down uncontrollably.

She wiped away her tears, bit her lips and ran down the stairs.She had to know if something had really happened to her mother.

Among the shadows in the hallway downstairs, Mo Wen fixed his eyes on the receding figure of Qin Xiaoyou.His face remained calm as usual but his eyes had a cold glitter that was surging within.

After he saw Qin Xiaoyou's figure disappear completely from his sight, he walked up to the canteen on the fifth floor again. He wanted to know what trick Su Boyu had up his sleeve.