Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 77

Chapter 77: The Heaven and Earth Great Shift

With a shocking change, the middle-aged man was totally petrified and his face turned as white as a sheet. He had never seen such strange thing. It was happening with a junior of lower cultivation and even a martial arts practitioner of Sea of Qi realm could not have created it.

Could he have encountered a ghost?! The middle-aged man thought fearfully because people normally like to categorize things that they couldn't understand as being supernatural.

Unfortunately, he didn't have much time to let his imagination go wild.He knew that he would have a tragic end if he did not manage to escape from the force of Mo Wen's palm.

He gathered all the Inner Qi in his body before transferring it to his palm and hit it back at Mo Wen forcefully.He didn't believe that a martial arts practitioner in Regulated Breathing realm would have stronger Inner Qi than him.The competition of Inner Qi was the only chance for him to turn the tide.

Mo Wen seemed to read the middle-aged man's thoughts and curled his lips in disdain. A cold force and a warm force spurred in his body, then a large vital energy eight trigram was formed in his body, a strange suction force built up from within like a hand pulling the middle-aged man's Inner Qi vigorously and sucked it into a whirl


The middle-aged man shouted loudly and widened his eyes in disbelief.He felt that Mo Wen was like a bottomless pit and his Inner Qi was pouring rapidly into it like the heavy rock sinking into the ocean.

At this moment, he was finally seized with terror and his face went completely pale.This Mo Wen was so strange that fear was increasing within him uncontrollably.

Mo Wen curled her lips slightly, cupped his hands together and pushed forward forcefully.

The next moment, a terrifying wave of Qi gushed out from Mo Wen's hands like the flash flood of the mountains, and it drowned the middle-aged man in the blink of an eye.

The middle-aged man flew out directly and his back hit onto a slab of wall forcefully, creating a big hole in the wall.

After a few somersaults, he dropped into the room next door where a group of people was having their meal. They were so shocked that they started screaming continuously and running amok.

"You You You are too ruthless," said the injured middle-aged man as he struggled to climb up from the floor. At that moment, he couldn't stand steadily with his face as pale as a sheet and glanced at Mo Wen desperately.

The blow just now had directly damaged more than thirty meridians in his body. Both strange cold and warm Inner Qi were so overbearing that they raged through him and even his Inner Qi of Soothing Pulse was unable to withstand it.

If he was unable to find the panacea to treat him in time, then his lifetime of cultivation would be totally destroyed. However, the panacea for restoring meridians was so rare and precious that nobody would treat him with it.

Too ruthless! He had destroyed his lifetime of cultivation in just a short period of exchanging blows; simply no difference from the heterodox people.

In the battle of the ancient martial arts practitioners, they would normally not destroy someone's cultivation unless it was an unresolvable blood feud. After all, it was not virtuous to do that.

Moreover, to destroy someone's cultivation was equivalent to creating a blood feud with that person. Those who had even some social grace would not have gone to such extreme in normal circumstances.

It was ludicrous that his martial arts were utterly destroyed by an ancient martial arts practitioner of Regulated Breathing realm.

In order to destroy the cultivation of an ancient martial arts practitioner, one must completely invade into the other person's body and use their great Inner Qi to suppress the other person's Inner Qi by force. Hence destroying the other person's fundamentals.

Normally, only opponent of a higher cultivation was able to destroy the cultivation of another ancient martial arts practitioner. It was unheard of that an ancient martial arts practitioner with lower cultivation was able to destroy the cultivation of the martial art practitioner with a higher cultivation.

"I will never go easy on those who give succor to the evildoers," Mo Wen looked at the middle-aged man calmly. There were no fluctuation of emotions in his tone.

He was with Su Boyu and had helped him with all sorts of evil doings without qualms.He would have killed this kind of person with a tight slap if he had not been mindful that they were on campus.

This ancient martial arts practitioner, instead of putting his heart into practicing, attached himself to the sons of the bigwigs to gain connection and seek pleasure.He willingly aided at their beck and call to harm ordinary people with his ancient martial arts practitioner's skills. He deserved to die.

"What kind of martial arts was that just now?" The middle-aged man took a deep breath and asked slowly and unnaturally. Now, he only wanted to know why he failed so badly. Mo Wen was obviously only in the later stage of Regulated Breathing realm so the strength of his Inner Qi was weaker than his. Once they exchanged blows, it was impossible to fake the cultivation.

However, Mo Wen defeated him easily. He was simply baffled. Even if he had lost, he would like to understand his defeat.

Mo Wen laughed with a sneer and cast his eyes towards Su Boyu, totally ignoring the middle-aged man.

The method he used just now was still Ming Cult's unique technique The Heaven and Earth Great Shift, an exceptional martial art that had once been very well-known in the world. However, he wouldn't never tell that because he understood that one might get into trouble due to its power. He didn't have the ability of self-protection now, so how would he dare to leak out the matter that was passed down from the Ming Cult.

Ming Cult's Heaven and Earth Great Shift was indeed an incomparable martial art and was also a divine technique that was both defensive and offensive, with an exquisiteness of being ingenious. It was particular about the utilization of Inner Qi and was similar to Heavenly Hand in many ways.

According to Mo Wen's martial arts details, he was astounded when he first encountered the Heaven and Earth Great Shift. After some inferences and deductions, he comprehended the mystery of the first two levels. However, for the next five levels, it was no longer as easy as comprehending. They required consistent and continual practicing and experimentation.

The late Ming Cult Thirty-fourth leader who practiced the Heaven and Earth Great Shift for the first time was able to continuously pass through six levels a day with his strong fundamentals. That happened due to many serendipitous coincidences, so if it were tried to be done again, that Ming Cult leader might not be able to do it.

Mo Wen's fundamentals were not strong and he did not have the serendipity of the cult leader, so he could only take one step at a time with a steady progression when he was practicing the Heaven and Earth Great Shift.

"Su Boyu, I am now right in front of you. You can continue to tell me what you are going to do with me," Mo Wen curled the corners of his lips and smiled sardonically while walking to Su Boyu crouching at a corner.

"Mo Wen, what do you want to do?Don't forget my status. I can guarantee that you will have a tragic end if you dare to do anything to me." At this moment, Su Boyu was eventually unable to stay calm as his blood was drained from his face, and he darted a cold glance at Mo Wen.

Many people were attracted to the fight scene when the slab of wall was destroyed. At this time, with the huge crowd of people gathered outside, he didn't believe that Mo Wen would dare to do anything to him now.

He was indeed a person who could get onto the List of College Hunks as he was able to remain calm and didn't act rashly when facing such situation.

"I don't dare to do anything to you?" The corners of Mo Wen's mouth slightly curled up. He extended his hand to grab Su Boyu by the collar and lifted him up effortlessly.He was only an ordinary person without any cultivation so how could he ever be Mo Wen's match.

Slap! A crisp slapping sound resonated. Su Boyu's face had an additional purplish red print of a palm and a tooth was missing.

"You You"

Su Boyu looked at Mo Wen in disbelief.He never thought that he would really do anything to him, but he slapped him in the presence of so many people.