Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Mysterious Expert

"You what?" Mo Wen sneered.


Another crisp, slapping sound resonated. Su Boyu's other side of his face had an additional print of a palm. One on the left and one on the right, balancing each other out.

"You will regret You will surely regret"

Su Boyu glared at Mo Wen madly, like an injured beast with his eyes full of indignation.

To the sons of influential families, pride had always been the first priority. At this moment, it was even so for Su Boyu. Mo Wen had slapped him in the presence of so many people, leaving him with absolutely no pride at all.

Although, Su Boyu should be considered a somebody. Even though he was given a few slaps, he didn't groan in pain. Instead, his ruthlessness was aroused.

"Indeed, I don't dare to kill you; but did I dare to do anything to you?"

Mo Wen glanced at Su Boyu with some interest. His lips curled sardonically, then he slapped him across his face again. Since you were looking for trouble, I will grant you your wish.

"I will definitely tear you into pieces just you wait"

Su Boyu bellowed like a crazy beast, his hair dishevelled and his expensive clothes draped messily over him.

"Don't just threaten me. Your capability is still too low doyou really think you are somebody great? You're just a little wittily opinionated person."

A slap sounded again. Mo Wen struck across Su Boyu's face again. Since he wasn't born into an influential family, he didn't have to be apprehensive of Su Boyu.

Su Boyu was just a person; a person who didn't know how to make a proper assessment of the situation, but only how to threaten and throw his weights around.

He had seen many ruthless people, and Su Boyu paled in comparison to the ruthless people in his past lifetime. He was not worthy enough to be mentioned.

A faint, distinguishable breath appeared in the private room silently.Then it enveloped Mo Wen's body, like it was directed at him.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows. His expression was grave as he looked out of the window. It was just darkness outside the window; there was absolutely no one there.

Something strange flashed in his eyes. He retracted his focus thoughtfully and cast a glance at Su Boyu. Then, he laughed sardonically before throwing him casually into the corner of the private room.

At this time, Su Boyu's cheeks were swollen and blood was flowing out of his nose and mouth, like a swine's head. The image of the smart looking guy before him was nowhere to be found.

Mo Wen walked in front of him and squatted down. He extended his hand and patted his swollen face.

"You love to womanize. After tonight, I will never let you womanize anymore."

He pointed a finger at an acupoint on Su Boyu. A strange, cold breath penetrated his body and disappeared in no time.

Mo Wen smiled at Su Boyu ruminatively. Su Boyu would never be able to womanize again. He didn't believe that Su Boyu would be able to find an expert who would be able to remove the prohibition Mo Wen placed on him.

He straightened his body and walked out of the private room. He paused a little just as he was about to walk out of the door, then turned his head slightly to leer at Su Boyu.

"Su Boyu, please remember: I will take you on when you want a fight. However, if you were to have tricks up your sleeve that involved other innocent people you will surely regret living in this world."

Mo Wen walked out of the private room to discover that there was a multitude of people gathering outside at the door. Everyone was dumbfounded and was trying to stick their heads into the private room to catch a sight of what had happened. Some of them were crowding in the adjacent room, trying to get a spectacle of the inside through the big hole that was created.

When they saw Mo Wen walking out of the private room, all of them moved back instantly with fear in their eyes, trying to make way for him.

Goodness gracious! Where did this ruthless person come from? One who dared to beat up Su Boyu, the seventh on the List of College Hunks, and slap him in the presence of so many people?

It was, indeed, extremely rare for such a thing to happen on campus!

In the private room, Su Boyu clenched his fists tightly and ground his teeth loudly with the hope of eating Mo Wen alive. This was the first time he had suffered such tremendous humiliation since birth.

"You just wait I will definitely make you die horribly definitely!"

Su Boyu curled himself into the corner like an injured beast.

Mo Wen walked out of the canteen without any expression on his face. Then, he looked thoughtfully at the building ahead of him.

The reason he left Su Boyu's private room was not to let Su Boyu off easily, but was because he was apprehensive of a person.

The person was the one who had attracted the quiet breath to the private room that had enveloped him. That person, however, didn't seem to make a move on him; instead, he seemed to be merely warning him.

The person had profound cultivation and was able to put pressure on him from a few hundred feet away. He definitely had the Cultivation of Qi Nucleation realm, but not the beginning stage.

Mo Wen couldn't meddle with such people with his present ability level.

It was only after an ancient martial arts practitioner attained the Cultivation in the Sea of Qi realm, that it would be considered as gaining an entry and on the right track of the ancient martial arts. After that, every small cultivation would have a vast difference in actual strength. The higher the cultivation, the more difficult the practice would be, such that the different stages in the same realm would have a tremendous difference.

If an ancient martial arts practitioner in the beginning stage of the Soothing Pulse realm had practiced profound martial arts and was adept at fighting, he could easily defeat an ancient martial arts practitioner in the intermediate stage of Soothing Pulse realm.

However, it was almost impossible for an ancient martial arts practitioner in the beginning stage of the Qi Nucleation realm to defeat an ancient martial arts practitioner in the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm. An ancient martial arts practitioner in the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm was able to deal with three ancient martial arts practitioners in the beginning stage of Qi Nucleation realm simultaneously.

As the Cultivation increased, the difference of one realm would make the difference in strength even bigger.

Mo Wen was also apprehensive of this person. He was afraid that the long delay would have too great of an effect that caused some people to attack him, so he left in advance.

Originally, he also intended to ask Su Boyu about the threats he had used on Qin Xiaoyou, but it was impossible now. In order to get information from Su Boyu, torturous interrogation was necessary, however some people were obviously reluctant to let him do so.

Mo Wen didn't return to the dormitory. Instead, he went out of the school gates towards the Leading Military Hospital.

The matter of Qin Xiaoyou's mother must be clarified. A condition that could be cured had become more serious instead; there must be something fishy about it.

Moreover, according to Shen Jing, the condition of Qin Xiaoyou's mother had worsened to the stage of needing an organ transplant. But with the present medical standard, an organ transplant still involved a huge risk. The success rate was so slim, that the hospital would only carry out the operation upon the signing of a disclaimer.

In the building opposite the canteen, an old man wearing a grey Chinese long gown was standing next to the window with his eyes fixed on Mo Wen's gradually receding back.

"Interesting. That little guy seemed to have discovered my presence. It's difficult to imagine that he was able to find my location!"

A flicker of surprise flashed in the eyes of the elderly man, as it was the first time he met such an amazing young guy. Even among the five little guys from the Freak Dormitory, with the exception of that pervert, the rest were not able to locate his position a few hundred feet away.


An old man wearing a Chinese tunic suit who was sitting on the sofa close to the old man in grey Chinese gown, took a cup of tea in his hand and tasted it leisurely.

"Should be right. His eyes contained some intent when he looked in this direction. He must have found my location. That's really interesting."

The old man in gray Chinese gown laughed amusingly.

"Old Man Wei, I think you are getting old; you might even be as good as the young.The young these days were indeed getting stronger. What was that saying? The waves from behind push the waves ahead, so the waves ahead would crash and "die" on the beach.I think you are the first person to "die" on the beach."

The old man in Chinese tunic suit laughed lightly, seemingly laughing at someone else's misfortune.