Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 79

Chapter 79: A Coincidental Appearance

"Bah! Old Man Qin, do you really think that you are better than me? You have been stuck at the later stage Qi Nucleation realm for many years and still haven't able to break through it. I reckon that's it for you," The elder named Old Man Wei gave Old Man Qin a glance of disdain. If he is disqualified, do you think you are any better?

"Old Man Wei, I know we have a great friendship, but I warn you, don't you dare say again that I can't break through the later stage of Qi Nucleation realm. I'll come at you." As soon as Old Man Qin heard Old Man Wei mention their Practice, he was like a cat whose tail was trodden and instantly turned into a cock ready to fight.

"What's there that I can't talk about? If you can't break through, then you can't break through. If you are capable, then prove me wrong. It's been so many years and both of us are still stuck at this point. What's the best way to put it? We should just accept the reality."

The Embryonic Breathing realm was their lifelong dream. All this while, they had been working hard with the goal of achieving the realm. But after all these years of hard work of competing and comparing with each other, the two still hadn't achieved the breakthrough. Now that both of them were getting old and reaching the plateau of their potentials, he had to let go of the dream, but Old Man Qin was still so adamant about it.

Old Man Qin didn't continue the topic with Old Man Wei, instead he switched to talk about Mo Wen, "I heard that young fellow is a freshman? He is rather capable."

"Yes. The fella is rather interesting. When school first started, due to some unknown reasons, the warden placed him in that dormitory on purpose. But it ended up with him liking the place. After that, even when the class teacher wanted to switch him out, he rejected the offer."

"Now looking at the situation, he is a little freak too. That kind of place might just be right for him," Old Man Wei smiled helplessly.

"He is indeed a talented lad. Hua Xia University is indeed interesting; it might be able to produce a few weirdos," Old Man Qin spoke.

"Having a few more people like this is good too. Those young masters and mistresses are getting more pompous recently. Having someone who can put them in their place is not necessarily a bad thing," Old Man Wei said flatly.

"This, I agree. I like the fella's temperaments. In my opinion, we should just let them do what they want. As long as nothing huge happens, we should stay out of it."

"I feel the same too."


At the Leading Military Hospital, a guest had arrived in the office of the deputy director Han Jiangong, .

It was a young man, around eighteen or nineteen years old. The nurse leading the way was curious. Such a youth could actually get deputy director Han Jiangong to greet him personally?

"Brother Mo, so you came. Finding you is no easy feat," Han Jiangong poured Mo Wen a cup of tea. He looked at Mo Wen who was steady as he sat on the sofa, and couldn't help but give a wry smile.

When he wanted to find Mo Wen, it then occurred to him that he didn't have Mo Wen's contact. He asked Professor Pan Aiguo who also didn't know. Finally, he found news of Mo Wen from a doctor called Shen Jing.

"Brother Han, please don't hold a grudge against me for this. I am poor and haven't yet gotten a phone or other form of communication device," Mo Wen smiled as he realized he was quite behind the times. Finding him was usually quite difficult.

"What age are we in? There are still people without phones? You sure are carefree."

Han Jiangong naturally wouldn't think that Mo Wen couldn't afford a phone. He was just helpless with Mo Wen's strange antics. It was the information age and not having a phone was indeed inconvenient.

"Brother Han, I came to see you today about Qin Xiaoyou's mother's case," Mo Wen shot Han Jiangong a glance and said, "I don't understand, how can a patient that was recovering suddenly get worse?"

"Brother Mo, you can't blame me for this," Han Jiangong let out a dry laugh, "The patient had been receiving treatments for a month and her body was showing signs of recovery, and her basic body functions were returning to normal. However, a few days ago, there was an accident."

"What happened?" Mo Wen frowned. Han Jiangong's words seemed to imply something.

"Three days ago, the patient met with someone who seemed to be a friend. However, after the person left, the patient became emotionally unstable and even showed signs of disordered heart rhythm. Her recovering condition rapidly worsened and thus making it so severe," Han Jiangong said helplessly. It is said that illness stems from the heart. Many chronic illnesses were caused by illnesses of the heart, with mental health affecting physical health.

Qin Xiaoyou's mother was already a patient diagnosed with Multiple Organs Dysfunction Syndrome. Her body was already heavily damaged, and now that her mental health had problems, it was like adding oil to fire. Her body could not cope and was crashing.

"Who was the person?" Mo Wen looked confused at Han Jiangong. How could a person have such an effect on Qin Xiaoyou's mother?As much as he knew, Qin Xiaoyou's mother had a very small social circle. A woman who was always busying with work non-stop had very little contact with society. Due to the stress of raising Qin Xiaoyou, she became a very silent person. She also never found a stepfather for Qin Xiaoyou, so she did not have any emotional ties. Such a simple woman, who could have such a strong emotional influence on her?

"A middle age person. Where he was from is a mystery. I couldn't find his identity," Han Jiangong was also puzzled. The middle aged person visited out of the blue and left silently, leaving behind no clue.

The hospital was not an intelligence agency after all. With a little bit of disguise, the visitors could come and go incognito.

"That person definitely has a deep relationship with the patient. But right now let's focus on the patient's condition first. The patient declined an organ transplant surgery. Even ig the hospital wanted to treat her, we can't do anything,"Han Jiangong said helplessly. Qin Xiaoyou's mother's condition worsened suddenly and he felt responsible for it, as if he felt he had wronged Mo Wen. Now even though the condition had worsened, there was still a chance to save her. If he conducted the surgery personally, the success rate of the surgery was still rather high.

But the problem now was that the patient refused the surgery. The hospital couldn't do anything.

"Brother Han, show me the way to her ward. Maybe I can find a solution," Mo Wen paused for a moment before he said this. He didn't recommend an organ transplant surgery too. The risk was high, the operation was tedious, the recovery was slow and the medical bill was expensive.

Han Jiangong didn't mention anything about payment at all, he seemed to have no intention of letting Mo Wen pay, but Mo Wen would never want to be indebted to this kind of monetary debt of gratitude.

"Brother Mo has incredible medical skills. Perhaps you could really find a solution," Han Jiangong was stunned for a moment upon hearing his words, but soon he broke into a smile. He didn't know the limitation of Mo Wen's medical skills, but last time he managed to solve the problem which no experts could solve, so his ability could be deduced from that incident.

Also he was curious as to what level was Mo Wen's medical ability at. Did he truly have miraculous medical skills? Or did he merely have special ways to suppress Professor Yun's symptoms?

"Then let's go over first," after saying this, Han Jiangong got up and walked out. He suddenly recalled something, then turning back to face Mo Wen, said,"Oh right, that girl called Qin Xiaoyou came by. She is in her mother's ward, and she seems to know about her mother's condition."