Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 80

Chapter 80: The Daughter Wished to be Filial to Her Parents, But They Were No More

Qin Xiaoyou's mother was called Wang Huiru. She had a hard life and was a single mother. When Qin Xiaoyou was still an infant, Wang Huiru brought her along to make a living in the capital. She had endured many hardships and suffering in order to raise Qin Xiaoyou.

In the ward, a pale, middle-aged woman was lying on the bed. She was staring at the ceiling; brokenness and pity filled her eyes. She had one hand extended out from underneath the white sheets, gently patting the back of the girl lying on top of her.

The girl was slender and looked haggard. She was lying on top of the middle-aged woman, silently shedding tears. She was like a tiny blade of grass; so fragile that a gust of wind could sweep her away.

"Mom, don't leave me."

Qin Xiaoyou tightly clasped the middle-aged woman's hand. Her shoulders were shaking. Her eyes were full of sorrow and fear.

"Xiaoyou, you are all grown up. I can leave in peace. Don't cry, this day would have eventually come. I am tired of living anyway."

The middle-aged woman smiled slightly, her eyes full of kindness. Her daughter had finally grown up. She could move on in peace. Her daughter was so excellent that she got admitted into Hua Xia University. Surely, she would have a blessed life in the future.


Qin Xiaoyou wiped away her tears, lifting herself as she quietly said, "Mom, just rest and receive treatment. You don't have to worry about anything else. I've already signed the surgery agreement forms."

She only had a mother how could she let her go? Her mother had suffered her whole life, never experiencing good fortune or prosperity. Now that her daughter had grown up, she was about to go. The daughter wished to be filial to her, but she couldn't anymore if this were to continue. Qin Xiaoyou was not going to let that happen.

"My child, you...I would only be a burden to you if I lived."

The middle-aged woman painfully shut her eyes. Anyone would know that, in her heart, she had long forsaken the thought of living. Her will to live was gone, so what was the use of saving her?

"Mom, just focus on getting better. Don't think too much. I've already met the kind soul that is our benefactor, he...he is a good person. He will still help us in the future. Don't worry about the surgery fee."

Qin Xiaoyou forced a smile while wiping away the tears in her eyes. She helped her mother tidy up her dishevelled hair, then left the ward quietly.

She knew that she had completely fallen into Su Boyu's trap. But for the sake of her mother, she was willing to give up everything.

In the corridor, as she turned a corner, Qin Xiaoyou suddenly stopped in her tracks. Her gaze fixed upon one person.

At the end of the corridor, two people were walking towards her slowly. One was a 70 year old elder, another was a young man. The moment the young man saw Qin Xiaoyou, he stopped in his tracks as well.


Mo Wen walked forward. He noticed her eyes were red, and she looked haggard. He opened his mouth, wanting to offer a consoling word or two, but before the words left his lips, Qin Xiaoyou smiled weakly and brushed past him.

Although Qin Xiaoyou was confused as to why Mo Wen would appear in the hospital, she only thought that he was also there to visit someone. Never in her wildest dreams would she imagine he had come to treat her mother's illness. She didn't want Mo Wen to know about her problems, in case he got worried.

Mo Wen opened his mouth again, but before he could speak, Qin Xiaoyou's silhouette had already disappeared beyond the hospital door.

"That girl has been crying in the ward for a long time. The nurses tried to persuade her to leave many times, but failed each time. Only when they told her that the patient needed some time to rest did she leave," Han Jiangong said as he sighed. He could empathize with the feeling of not knowing whether your loved one was alive or dead.

"Brother Han, how did she know about the patient's deteriorating condition?" Mo Wen stared hard as he asked.

"I don't know. But at the patient's request, the hospital has not informed her of this."

Han Jiangong shook his head. He also didn't know how the girl had suddenly come to know about her mother's condition.

"Let's go to the ward," Mo Wen nodded thoughtfully.

He had no clue as to how Qin Xiaoyou found out. Her mother requested the hospital to not tell Qin Xiaoyou, so naturally, she wouldn't be the one to say it. Was it possible that the nurses accidentally spilled the beans? Or did her mother know that she could no longer hide the truth, so she took the initiative to tell her?

Perhaps her attitude towards him was terrible because she is frustrated about her mother's condition. Mo Wen thought this was the case.

Seeing that Mo Wen remained silent, Han Jiangong assumed that Mo Wen was worried about Qin Xiaoyou's mother's condition, so he said something to comfort him.

"Just now the lady has signed the surgery agreement forms. I will carry out the operation personally. The success rate is rather high. You don't have to worry."

"She signed the surgery agreement forms?"

Mo Wen suddenly had a flash of inspiration. Could it be that when Qin Xiaoyou was with Su Boyu, she was asking for Su Boyu's help?

Even though he didn't understand how Qin Xiaoyou got acquainted with Su Boyu, he couldn't pry into it since it was her personal affair. After all, Qin Xiaoyou was not related to him in any way; it would be awkward if he asked.

"Brother Han, after this, you can tell Qin Xiaoyou that the hospital is researching on an organ transplant operation, and that the hospital plans to use her mother as the research subject. The hospital will conduct the surgery on her, free of charge," Mo Wen said to Han Jiangong.

Qin Xiaoyou was definitely worrying about the operation fee now. She wouldn't have to worry about the operation fee when the hospital exempted her from it.

Then, Qin Xiaoyou wouldn't need to ask for help from Su Boyu. Su Boyu wasn't a decent human being. Owing him a debt of gratitude was not a good idea.

If Mo Wen had money, he would bank in a few hundred thousands or millions to Qin Xiaoyou right away, and this case could be solved. But unfortunately, he really had no money now, so he could only owe Han Jiangong another debt of gratitude.

"Brother Mo, don't you worry. I will take care of this," Han Jiangong smiled and nodded understandably.

In his opinion, Mo Wen didn't seem like someone who could afford to pay a few hundred thousand dollars worth of medical bills. It wasn't like he couldn't; it was more like people like him were naturally insensitive about money, so they wouldn't have many savings.

If not, Mo Wen wouldn't leave without saying goodbye after he treated Elder Yun. A few times, Elder Yun wanted to recompense Mo Wen but he couldn't locate him. These kind of people were indifferent to fame and fortune, but they were sincerely capable.

"Brother Han, I owe you for this. But please, still keep the bill. I will pay back the medical expenses," Mo Wen smiled while saying.

Unfortunately, Mo Wen guessed the reason of Qin Xiaoyou meeting Su Boyu correctly, however he didn't figure out the whole picture. He underestimated the wickedness of Su Boyu.

While talking, they had reached Wang Huiru's ward. They opened the door and entered.

Wang Huiru's condition was critical. She was transferred to the ICU ward and was monitored 24/7 to ensure that nothing could happen to her unknowingly.

A middle-aged woman was lying listlessly on the bed. Her eyes were fixed on the ceiling, seemingly in thoughts.

Han Jiangong walked into the ward, habitually reading the report on the various biological parameters. After seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he slowly said to Wang Huiru, "Mrs. Wang, your daughter has just signed the surgery agreement forms. If everything proceeds smoothly, we will conduct an organ transplant surgery on you in two days."

Wang Huiru recovered her senses slightly. Seeing that it was Director Han Jiangong, she finally smiled. She was very grateful to Director Han Jiangong, as he was the reason that she could continue to receive treatment in the hospital.

"Director Han, you came? I applied to be discharged. I don't want to have the surgery."

She had thought that Han Jiangong was their mysterious benefactor many times before, but every time she inquired, it seemed to be someone else.

Although he was the director of the hospital, he still periodically dropped by to check on her condition, as though he was a bedside doctor. Wang Huiru was flattered. She was but a low class normal citizen, and Han Jiangong was a renowned expert in the medical field.