Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Human live for someone else most of time

Wang Huiru knew that the expenditure for an organ transplant was exorbitant.It might cost more than a million to buy a healthy organ even though there was always someone who helped them.However, no reaping without any sowing, she felt the compunction when accepting help from the others directly.

Furthermore, she also knew her daughter's character well enough to know that she would definitely want to repay that favor when she knew whom that kind person, who had helped them, was.

"Madame Wang, if you were to discharge, you might face life threatening danger within three months.Moreover, your daughter had already signed the agreement for the operation so we have the duty to treat you."

Han Jiangong naturally wouldn't let Wang Huiru discharge from the hospital, or else he wouldn't be able to answer to Mo Wen.He still hoping to have Mo Wen owing him another favor.

"You have to believe in the hospital that we are still able to treat your illness.Your present condition was not the most critical, there are still 85% success rate when operated."

Now, Han Jiangong could only try his best to persuade as the mood of the patient had a great effect on the treatment.If the patient had suicidal thought, it would be difficult for the doctor to remedy regardless of how skilled he was.After all, a troubled heart had always been the most difficult to treat.

Maintaining a happy and optimistic mood was helpful in the treatment and would increase the success rate of the operation.

"Director Han, I'm sorry.I refuse the treatment and will not go through with the operation.I am still the patient, you can't force me into treatment."

Wang Huiru was unusually determined not to go through with the operation no matter what.

An operation might cause her daughter a lifetime of burden.What's the point since she was just a person who didn't have any meaning in living on anyway.

Wang Huiru's stubbornness had put Han Jiangong at a spot so he looked at Mo Wen helplessly.If the patient insisted not to go through with the operation, they were unable to force her through it.

"Auntie Wang, I can empathise with your emotions and I can also understand your sentiments about the operation.However, don't worry.Perhaps there isn't a need for an operation."

Mo Wen smiled and said while walking forward.He had been standing behind Han Jiangong since just now so Wang Huiru didn't notice him

"You are ?"

Wang Huiru glanced at Mo Wen puzzledly as she recognised the people in the hospital so Mo Wen was obviously not one of them and it was also the first time she met him.

"I am Qin Xiaoyu's classmate and have known her for many years."

Mo Wen explained with a smile.

"Madam Wang, you have always wanted to know who had helped you and he is the one who had helped you.I felt guilty because if I had known that your daughter was Brother Mo's classmate, I would have definitely taken care of you since the beginning."

Han Jiangong interrupted suitably as he knew that Wang Huiru was very grateful to the person who had helped them, perhaps Mo Wen's words would be effective in this case.

"You are that kind person who had helped us?"

Wang Huiru glanced at Mo Wen in surprise and was so excited that she was about to get up from the bed but was held down by Mo Wen.

"Auntie Wang, Qin Xiaoyou has been my friend for many years so it is a thing that I am supposed to do."

The reasons why Mo Wen didn't tell Qin Xiaoyou; other than not wanting her to feel indebted to him; at the same time, he didn't know how to explain to her about the sudden request for Han Jiangong's help which seemed to be an illogical matter as they had been together the whole time during the high school and knew each other through and through.

"Thank you.Really thankful to you."

Wang Huiru grabbed Mo Wen's hand with eyes filled with gratitude.If not for him, both she and her daughter would have to suffer more hardships.She didn't mind it but she wouldn't want Qin Xiaoyu to suffer with her.Even if she had to die, she wouldn't want Xiaoyu to give up her studies so as to work and support her.

"Auntie Wang, you lie down.The purpose I am here today is for your illness.Regardless of any reasons, you must receive treatment as human lives for someone else most of the time.If you were to die, Xiaoyu would be devastated.You would be too selfish so you have to try to live with all your might."

Wang Huiru's body trembled as she heard his words.Two streams of tears flowed down her cheeks and she lowered her head with her eyes filled with sadness.

Mo Wen was right.If she were to die, Xiaoyu would be the only person left in this world without anyone, how could she be happy then?

Mo Wen sighed softly and looked at Wang Huiru quietly.He knew that he had to make Wang Huiru dismiss her suicidal thought, or else even if she received the treatment, the effect would be minimal.Most illness started with the heart, if the troubled heart was not treated, it was pointless to speak of the rest of the illnesses.

Even if he were to cure Wang Huiru, she would still be very sick with such mentality in the long run.

Wang Huiru's face had a great sense of beauty that vaguely showing her past charms but many years of vicissitudes had gradually stripped her of her beauty.She was only about forty years old but she was already full of white hairs and wrinkles had been climbing up her face.Comparing her to those well-maintained senior celebrities, the difference was simply too great.

Since she was able to give birth to such a beautiful girl like Qin Xiaoyu, surely the apple didn't fall far from the tree.However, fate was something that was unexplainable, some people were born with wealth and honors yet some had a life of sufferings.

After being silent for a long time, Wang Huiru lifted her head slightly and looked at Mo Wen intensely, "Kid, what's your name?Thank you for taking care of Xiaoyou."

"I am Mo Wen." Mo Wen smiled, "Auntie, it's good that you think through it.You don't have to worry a thing, just need to recover well from your illness. Right, Brother Han?"

The last question was directed at Han Jiangong.

"That's right, Madam Wang.You don't have to worry a thing, treat the hospital as your own backyard, recover well and we will return you a healthy body."

Han Jiangong knew Mo Wen's intention, they knew each other's intention with just an exchange of looks and both of them were very clear of Wang Huiru's worry.

"Mo Wen, Xiaoyu is so fortunate to have such a friend like you."

Wang Huiru wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes awkwardly.She had a life of hardships and if heaven was fair to allow her to exchange it for a life of happiness for Xiaoyu, it would be all worth it.

Looking at Mo Wen, Wang Huiru's gaze became gentler as her instinct told her that Mo Wen and Xiaoyu should have some unusual relationships.