Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Wine Tasting

The acupuncture technique that Mo Wen had displayed was the Yin and Yang Life Invigorating Needle. This acupuncture technique belonged in the mid-range. It could cure hundreds of illnesses and many of the diseases could be treated with this technique.

This was because the profundities in the Yin and Yang Life Invigorating Needle was the production of invigorating life, the combination of Yin and Yang, supplementation of vitality and repairing of the body. When its potential was harnessed, this needle could alleviate any illness.

However, it was because the Yin and Yang Life Invigorating Needle was mid-range that it could have an effect on almost any illness. It also made it ineffective against some persistent ailments. In the face of some drastic and complicated illness, its effects would be next to nothing.

To the illness of organ failure, the Yin and Yang Life Invigorating Needle was instead the suitable method of treatment so it had coincidentally worked out.

He would perform the acupuncture on Wang Huiru once every day to bring out the potential of her body and awaken the functions of the organs in her body. By injecting her with the vitality of life, the function of her kidney would gradually improve and it will also dissipate many other illnesses.

Mo Wen estimated that doing it once per day, Wang Huiru's body would recover to a rather good state after four days. By then, she would have to rest in the hospital for a period of time before she would recover and could be discharged from the hospital.

It was not that Mo Wen was unwilling to put in more effort, but he had already promised Shen Jing that he would accompany her to participate in the specialist seminar in the City of Devils the next week. Thus, he could only take a few days out to help treat Wang Huiru.

In the beginning, Wang Huiru was still a little nervous. However, when the golden needle had pierced into her body, there was none of the pain that she had imagined so she gradually relaxed.

The golden needles did not stop hovering in front of her eyes and under the shine of the golden bright rays, it seemed to have a hypnotising effect and she had actually fallen into a deep sleep.

About half an hour later, Mo Wen finally stopped and slowly removed the golden needles from Wang Huiru's body.

Although the treatment timing was not long, Mo Wen had broken into a whole body of sweat and the shirt on his body had been completely drenched.

Displaying the Yin and Yang Life Invigorating Needle was naturally not as simple as just piercing the golden needles into the acupuncture points. It required one to coordinate the oneself with one's Inner Qi.

It was only with the mutualism of the two rays of Inner Qi, Yin and Yang, that the Yin and Yang Life Invigorating Needle can be fulfilled to its greatest potential.

The cultivation of Inner Qi was still too weak!

Mo Wen sighed. Last time when he had performed the Yin and Yang Life Invigorating Needle, it could be done in a few minutes and he would not have any pressure. His current skills were definitely lower and he almost ran out of Inner Qi at the later stages such that the treatment was almost interrupted.

However, it was a good thing that the Yin and Yang Life Invigorating Needle was a miracle tool of medicine and it had the autonomy to produce the two Qis of Yin and Yang by itself, which actually saved him a lot of energy.

"Brother Mo, how is the effect?" Seeing as Mo Wen had ended his treatment, Han Jiangong curiously asked after him. At this moment, he was in utter admiration of Mo Wen. He was so young in age but already had such an amazing acupuncture technique, it was definitely not easy!

"It's alright, with a few more days of treatment, she will be able to recover," Mo Wen let out a breath as he said.

"Really?" Han Jiangong felt a shock in his heart. Although he knew that Mo Wen definitely had some outstanding techniques, being able to bring a person back from the brink of death was still very shocking.

With regards to Wang Huiru's illness, other than the organ transplant, they had no other solutions.

Could it really be that with Mo Wen's short process of piercing a few needles down, the patient would have a chance to live?

He walked forward to check on the patient's condition. At that moment, Wang Huiru had unknowingly broke into sweat but her complexion had looked much better.

Han Jiangong had never trained in ancient martial arts before so naturally, he could not use his Inner Qi to check up on the patient's condition. However, the many advanced medical technologies in the room had accurately confirmed the condition of the patient.

"Indeed, many of the organ functions have been regained and the kidney that is so close to failure also has a chance of survival.

Han Jiangong let out a long breath and looked at Mo Wen, his gaze full of shock. To have such techniques was as if he was the reincarnated Hua Tuo.

Previously, he had said Mo Wen was a miracle physician with some extent of exaggeration. However, he was not in complete admiration.

With Wang Huiru's current condition, if the hospital had grasped the time and performed treatment as soon as possible, they could also save her without having to perform the operation

Of course, he would not say such things. Since Mo Wen was willing to treat the patient, he would be a fool to say it. If anything were to happen, it would be difficult to settle. Moreover, having the opportunity to watch Mo Wen perform his treatment a few more times was also beneficial to him.

Coming out from the hospital, Mo Wen hailed a cab and after a restless time, it was already eight or nine at night.

When he had returned to the dormitory, he noticed that the light in the main living hall was turned on, as if there were people.

"Dongfang Yi," Mo Wen spotted Dongfang Yi sitting on a sofa in the main living hall at a glance as he fiddled with a laptop.

He was seemingly very fond of the sofa in the main living hall as Mo Wen had already seen him sitting alone on the sofa deep in thought multiple times.

"Mo Wen, interrupting others while they are doing stuff is not polite," Dongfang Yi shifted his attention away from the laptop and looked toward Mo Wen who was entering the door, the edges of his lips curling up into and evil smile.

"I'll leave you to your business then," Mo Wen smoothly said and raised his hand as a gesture, before preparing to enter his own room.

"You're rather carefree, do you not know that you have caused quite a big trouble?"Dongfang Yi looked at Mo Wen while pondering as he took the initiative to hold a conversation with Mo Wen.

"Shall we drink a cup?" He took out a bottle of red wine from somewhere and it was even produced by the Lafite winery in the year 1982. In that year, the Lafite red wine was rated 10 points and was the top-grade wine in the industry.

Dongfang Yi placed two wine glasses on the table and filled both to the brim, before gesturing with an action.

Mo Wen smiled and walked to the sofa opposite Dongfang Yi to sit. He picked up the glass and took a sip. Amidst the bitterness, there was a sweet taste. The scent of the wine permeated and remained at the back of the throat without dissipating.

However, Mo Wen did not have the habit of drinking red wine so he did not have knowledge about quality of wine. Thus, he could not deem it good or bad.

"First time drinking red wine?" Dongfang Yi swirled a mouth of the alcohol and looked at Mo Wen amusedly. From Mo Wen's subtle expressions, he knew that the precious glass of red wine had been wasted. It was simply a waste for a person who did not know how to taste wine to drink the Lafite of 1982. Perhaps he would feel even better drinking a cup of Erguotou.

"I drink very rarely," Mo Wen smiled without a care. In the past, during class gatherings, he had drank once so this was not his first time.

With regards to alcohol, although he did not indulge in it, he normally liked to drink a little. But it was not alcohol from the lifetime.

"You dare to beat Su Boyu up and yet go around like nothing has happened, you're really not a simple person," Dongfang Yi looked at Mo Wen while pondering. He had seemingly already found out about the thing that happened in the canteen that afternoon.

Mo Wen smiled and downed the red wine in his glass in one shot. However, he did not say anything more about the issue.

"You're really recklessly wasting good resources!" Seeing as Mo Wen downed the red wine as if he was drinking plain water, Dongfang Yi felt his heart ache a little.

"Wasting or not, it's all in your mind. Drinking is a happy pastime. You drink with the appreciation for the aroma, I drink in relish. Fundamentally, there is not much difference. It is wrong to force your views on others in the first place," Mo Wen uncaringly placed the wine glass back on the table. Drinking was just a process from the mouth to the stomach. It did not matter how one drank, as long as one felt comfortable.

"You've got a point," Dongfang Yi nodded slightly in approval and agreed with Mo Wen's words.

"You stopping me isn't just to invite me to drink wine right?" Mo Wen calmly looked at Dongfang Yi, his pupils unwavering right from the start.

"I can't find anything about your past, it's very interesting," Dongfang Yi was seemingly deep in thought as he looked at Mo Wen. His back was leaning deep into the sofa and his mouth was curled upwards, as if he was interested in something.