Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 84

Chapter 84: The Western Poisoner Was Poisoned

After his last conversation with Mo Wen, Dongfang Yi actually did an investigation on him. However, it was interesting to note that all the information about Mo Wen seemed to be fictitious and was obviously defrauded by someone.

The technique was so skillful that he was unable to find any clues. As a result, he still knew nothing about Mo Wen at the end of the investigation.

This had his interest piqued, as it was not easy to be able to conceal information from his investigations and be able to defraud the record in all the authorities at the same time.

Mo Wen nodded with no surprise.

"Very normal."

If Dongfang Yi was able to find out, it would be indeed a surprise.

"Perhaps you can provide me with some clues, since you would like to know your background anyway.The truth might surface when I continue to investigate it."

Dongfang Yi revealed his intentions, as he was definitely curious about Mo Wen. To be exact, he was curious about the secret that he was unable to find.The thing that couldn't be found was equivalent to denying his detective ability.

"Why should I believe you?"

Mo Wen laughed, as he was not ignorant. He had never told anyone regarding his background, so he would never believe Dongfang Yi, as he was someone who had such a secretive origin.

"You are right."

Dongfang Yi nodded slightly. Since he couldn't find it, there must be something secretive in it. There were many secretive things in this world; it would be impossible for him to get to the bottom of everything.

Dongfang Yi took a sip of the wine and looked at Mo Wen calmly.

"Let's change the subject. You have offended Su Boyu. With his temperament, he will definitely declare revenge on you ceaselessly until death."

"What are you trying to say?" Mo Wen asked.

"Su Boyu's family is very influential in the capital. He belongs to the upper-class gentry. With some family background, he definitely has interacted with some of the ancient martial arts practitioners. If he is willing to pay an arm and a leg, it would be possible for him to hire an expert of the Qi Nucleation realm to handle this."

"If you think the pressure is too much, perhaps I could handle this matter for you.But"

"How about ten billion dollars as remuneration?" Dongfang Yi questioned.

"You really know how to do business, but this is my problem, so I will solve it myself."

Mo Wen laughed, as he found it quite hilarious that Dongfang Yi was asking for whopping ten billion dollars. While wealth is covetable for a gentleman, he attains it through legitimate means. But Dongfang Yi's behavior seemed to be taking advantage of the situation.

Furthermore, since Dongfang Yi had searched him up, shouldn't he know that he didn't have ten billion dollars to be his remuneration?

"What a pity," Dongfang Yi said, while continuing to smile widely. Something flickered across his eyes.

Indeed, he investigated on Mo Wen and knew some things about him, but he became more puzzled after knowing these things.Before entering the university, Mo Wen was the same as any normal kid. He didn't have any extraordinary performances like he does now.

However, he seemed to be a different person after graduating from High School. He, who had never used ancient martial arts before, suddenly gained a strong ancient martial arts foundation and even had medical expertise.

Especially after what had happened in the canteen today, in which he, with the Cultivation of Regulated Breathing realm, was able to defeat an ancient martial arts practitioner of the Soothing Pulse realm.

He was quite surprised that he had surpassed a realm to defeat his competitor with such ease.

Even he might not do much better than Mo Wen.

He knew that Mo Wen had no money, not to mention about ten billion dollars. He had only slightly above a thousand dollars in his one bank account, and therefore would be considered pathetically poor.

The reason he said that was just to test the waters, as it would be interesting if Mo Wen was able to give him ten billion dollars.

After all, for an originally poor person to be able to pay a remuneration of ten billion dollars was very strange in itself.

However, the fact that Mo Wen said that he could solve the issue himself with such a confident and calm tone was even more worthy of his interest.

Where did Mo Wen get such great self-confidence?

Dongfang Yi was getting more and more interested in Mo Wen's background.However, Mo Wen himself was already a perplexing enigma. His background was even more baffling and absolutely clueless.

Footsteps resounded outside the door. Although the movement was slight, it was easy to be discovered with Mo Wen and Dongfang Yi's acute hearing.

A small, short figure walked into the dormitory without an expression. He looked relatively ugly with a pair of gloomy eyes; none of the girls would wish to approach this kind of a guy.

Mo Wen's eyes squinted a little, as he definitely knew this guy the insect rearer, Ren Liusha. Ever since meeting him on the first day of moving into this dormitory, Mo Wen had never seen him.

"Has the Butcher come back?" Ren Liusha asked Dongfang Yi after casting a look at Mo Wen. His eyes drifted towards one of the doors, but instantly furrowed his brows.

"Like you, I have not seen the Butcher for many days either."

Dongfang Yi shrugged his shoulders, then he glanced at Ren Liusha with a little surprise and said, "You are injured and it is quite serious. With your ability, only those in the Qi Nucleation realm might be able to harm you, right?"

Ren Liusha's face was pale and his breath was shallow, obviously suffering a serious internal injury.

"Just an old Daoist priest."

Ren Liusha let out a sardonic laugh, seemingly unwilling to comment further.He walked towards his room afterwards without paying any more attention to the two of them.

"The Butcher's whereabouts have always been uncertain, so you better not wait for him. I think your injury is quite serious. Let's find someone else to treat you," Dongfang Yi said casually.

He surely could see that Ren Liusha was seriously injured; it could take ages to recover with his own treatment.

Ren Liusha stopped in his path as he heard that and said hoarsely, "Is the campus' Old Man Chang here?"

He seemed very certain that he would definitely get reliable information as long as he asked Dongfang Yi.

"No.Old Man Wei and Old Man Qin are around, but they don't have any medical expertise. You're unlucky."

Dongfang Yi smiled sinisterly and said, "Old Man Chang will probably be back on campus the day after the next, however, it might cost you an arm and a leg to ask Old Man Chang to treat you."

Ren Liusha's lips twitched as he heard that, as if he didn't have a good impression of Old Man Chang.

"Are you poisoned?" Mo Wen asked as he looked at Ren Liusha curiously.

He didn't quite understand how an expert in poisons would be poisoned himself and not have any solutions.

Ren Liusha glanced at Mo Wen with a little surprise.

"Sharp eyesight."

"Not only is his eyesight sharp, he is also a medical expert.Perhaps he could solve your problem. Haha!"

Dongfang Yi laughed thoughtfully. He was also quite surprised that Mo Wen was able to diagnose Ren Liusha's condition with just a look.He didn't have a precise idea of Mo Wen's medical expertise, so he said that in hope of probing Mo Wen's background.

"Can you treat it?" Ren Liusha inquired as he looked at Mo Wen. Although Mo Wen mentioned before that he had some medical knowledge, he didn't expect Mo Wen to be able to treat his injury.

However, Dongfang Yi hadremarked that he had expert medical skills, so Ren Liusha became quite curious.

"I can try."

Mo Wen caught a glimpse of Dongfang Yi looking thoughtful and smiled casually.

Ren Liusha was pretty straight forward, so he walked directly to Mo Wen and sat beside him. He thought Mo Wen would at least feel his pulse and interrogate him to try to understand the situation.

However, he unexpectedly just skimmed his problem areas for a second, then without any further action, went into a deep thought.