Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 85

Chapter 85: His Origins Are Mysterious

"The poison you have contacted is kind of bizarre. I do not have the antidote," After a few breathes, Mo Wen looked again at Ren Liusha as he said.

Ren Liusha frowned. Thinking that Mo Wen could not cure him, he stood up to leave.

"Although I do not have the antidote, you have it," Mo Wen didn't think much of Ren Liusha's actions and smiled as he said this.

"Eh?" Ren Liusha looked befuddled at Mo Wen. Dongfang Yi also seemed interested. If Ren Liusha had the antidote, why couldn't he cure himself and instead sought Mo Wen out?

"The way to cure is none other than to fight fire with fire. Your house is full of venomous creatures. A few of them can be used as an antidote." Regarding poisons, Mo Wen's depth of understanding was enough to reach the realm of great masters. He had tasted hundreds of herbs, coming across tens of bizarre poisons. To ensure his survival, almost every day was spent combating the poisons. It could be said that he had personally tried out every poison.

So for the poison that Ren Liusha had contacted, Mo Wen did not even need to inspect it. Just by glancing, he already knew the cause.

However, he truly did not have the antidote. He was not that world's Miracle Physician, carrying around a medicine cache on him all the time, pulling out whatever he wanted.

"Which ones can be used for the medicine, I'll get them for you," Ren Liusha was not ambiguous and asked directly. He originally was a dabbler in the poisons; common sense would dictate that he would be good at detoxifying as well. However, the poison he had been inflicted with was planted by a senior in the same field. That person's knowledge of poisons was greater than his, so he had yet to figure out how to detox the poison.

"Two Three Flower Snakes, five Snow Toads, eighteen Blood Mark Bugs" Mo Wen listed the names of venomous creatures, seven or eight in total. The speed of which he listed them was as though he knew what venomous creatures where in Ren Liusha's room like the back of his hand.

Ren Liusha started getting nervous as he listened. Mo Wen knew the venomous creatures in his room as well as himself. Could it be that he was an expert in poisons as well?

Also the venomous creatures he mentioned where all rare species. To use them as antidote, Ren Liusha was a bit reluctant to do so.

"The poison you have is rare. The antidote would naturally not be common," Mo Wen seemed to have read Ren Liusha's mind. His expression was calm as he spoke. He knew something of the personalities of Insect Rearers. Everything else was fine, but when it came to the venomous creatures they reared, then they would be stingy and difficult to talk to.

"Then I'll go get them," Ren Liusha agreed after thinking for awhile. If it was a simple poison, he could have easily settled it himself. He wouldn't have needed to ask a medical expert for treatment.

Half an hour later, Ren Liusha was lying down on the floor in the living room of their dormitory. His body was covered with all sorts of venomous creatures crawling over him. There were tens of them: mosquitoes the size of fists, snakes thin as fingers, centipedes as thick as an arm

The venomous creatures crawled onto Ren Liusha's body, sinking their fangs into his blood vessels, channeling their venom into Ren Liusha's body continuously.

So many venomous creatures releasing their venom into Ren Liusha caused his complexion to turn from purple to green then to dark red. The colors kept changing.

Thankfully, Ren Liusha remained calm throughout the process, lying expressionlessly on the floor. His body was in the hands of Mo Wen.

Mo Wen circled around Ren Liusha, occasionally piercing a golden needle into Ren Liusha's acupoints and meridians. He even pierced some straight through the bodies of the venomous creatures, pinning them like nails onto Ren Liusha's body.

Dongfang Yi observed with intrigue on the couch. He was unfamiliar with medicine, but he knew how potent a poison had to be to leave Ren Luisha at a loss on how to detoxify it. He was an expert poisoner, needless to say, a poison that could poison him was extremely troublesome.

One after another the golden needles pierced into Ren Liusha's acupoints. With the passage of time, the venomous creatures crawling over Ren Liusha's body strangely started to die off one by one. The once snow white body of a Snow Toad was now pitch black. A snake with five colours had its scales all shedded off with its body decaying.

All of them seemed to have been poisoned to death. After a full hour, finally all the venomous creatures that were on Ren Liusha's body had died. Mo Wen then slowly retrieved his acupuncture needles, slowly letting out a long breath.

Ptui! Ren Liusha suddenly sat up straight, spraying a mouth full of brownish-black blood out. As the blood hit the wall, a puff of green smoke emerged, corroding a gaping hole in the wall.

At the moment, Ren Liusha's skin tone started to return to normal from the greenish-black complexion when he was poisoned.

"Your poison has been purged, but the internal damage is still there. However, a few days of rest and you should be back in shape," Mo Wen said plainly as he looked at Ren Liusha.

"Thanks a lot," Ren Liusha stood up from the floor, gazing intensely at Mo Wen.

"You can't just say thank you, Toad. You should know the rules. Luckily, it's just Mo Wen who got involved. If it was the Butcher or that old fellow Chang, who knows how many conditions there would be," Dongfang Yi laughed as he said. His eyes could not conceal the amazement he felt. Tonight, he had indeed witnessed Mo Wen's skills.

"Sly ghost, you sure know how to play the good guy. Since Mo Wen helped me, naturally I will not take advantage of him." Ren Liusha shot a glance at Dongfang Yi, then turned to Mo Wen and said, "Mo Wen, state your conditions. I'll do whatever I can do. Consider it payment for today's treatment."

"For now, I have nothing in mind. Let's say you owe me one. I'll come find you should I ever need aid?" Mo Wen's eyes flashed as he said this.

"You sure are smart." Ren Liusha thoughtfully glanced at Mo Wen. Although he did not state his conditions, he managed to keep him indebted.

Mo Wen chuckled and without a word went into his room. He had treated two people today, so he was already exhausted.

Seeing Mo Wen close the door, Ren Liusha and Dongfang Yi looked at each other.

"What do you think of him?" Dongfang Yi said, lifting his eyebrows.

"Impressive. Although his cultivation level is just at the later stage Regulated Breathing realm, his Inner Qi is strong with solid foundations. I also feel a sense of endless growth from him. Based on the strength of his Inner Qi, he probably won't lose to a beginning stage Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial art practitioner."

"Also, his medical skill is incredible. It seems comparable to that of the Butcher," Ren Liusha sighed as he said this.

"You believe that his medical skills can be compared with that of the Butcher?" Dongfang Yi looked at Ren Liusha strangely. Those in the dormitory all knew of the Butcher's medical skills.He did not believe that Mo Wen could be compared to the Butcher.

"Maybe the two of them would be a match."

Ren Liusha's eyes flashed past a glimpse of deep thought. Maybe Dongfang Yi did not know how severe the poison he contacted was. How could he himself not know though? A poison able to render him helpless was definitely one of a kind.

Mo Wen could expel the poison within his body within an hour, a feat even the Butcher might not have been able to pull off. Who was stronger or who was weaker remained an unknown.

"I wouldn't know how skillful he is in medicine, but I know a thing or two about ancient martial arts. He managed to defeat in a single blow an ancient martial art practitioner in the beginning stages of the Soothing Pulse realm, and he completely crippled the guy's martial art." Dongfang Yi grinned evilly. Although he did not believe that Mo Wen's medical skills could match the Butcher, he did acknowledge Mo Wen's ancient martial arts cultivation level.

Although all five of them in the dormitory were at the Sea of Qi realm or beyond, when they were at the Regulated Breathing realm, even they could not have done better than Mo Wen.

"That incredible?"

Ren Liusha exclaimed with some surprise. He could pull off a similar feat now, but for a ancient martial art practitioner at the Regulated Breathing realm to be able to do so now was too strange.