Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Brother, You Cant have Walked Out of the Natural Forest

"He likely trained on very profound martial arts. At least, not any of the ones that we trained on. Moreover, his past is shrouded in secrecy, so I feel like he has a lot of secrets."

Dongfang Yi stroked his chin. He was getting more and more interested in Mo Wen. In the dormitory, there were only two people that he could not figure out. One was the transvestite and the other was Mo Wen.

"Who cares about that? Amongst the five of us, who doesn't have secrets?"

Ren Liusha was not in the least bit interested in whatever secrets Mo Wen had. Only Dongfang Yi had that interest and liked to check up on people when he had nothing else to do. If he could, he would even check back 18 generations of ancestors.

Amongst the Five Freaks of Hua Xia University, Dongfang Yi loved to look into people's secrets. He was known as the know-it-all of the JIanghu, as there was close to nothing that he did not know. There was a very strong network of informants supporting him from behind, and many things were even more clearly understood by asking him directly as compared to actually witnessing it.

Who didn't have a secret? Nobody wanted anyone to know their secrets. However, the people in the dormitory did not have a choice. Other than the transvestite, everyone else's backgrounds had been thoroughly looked into by Dongfang Yi.

In the dark room, Mo Wen sat crossed-legged and trained silently. He had performed two treatments consecutively in a row that night, which had used up a lot of his Inner Qi. From his many years of experience, he knew that now was currently the period where improvement would be more easily achieved when training.

Two paths of energy, one hot and one cold, started to circulate around Mo Wen's body gradually. The cold and hot replaced each other interchangeably and flooded the entire room. However, it did not flow out. Even when the window was opened, it did not have any effect on the air outside.

Training the Nine Yin Scripture and Nine Yang Scripture at the same time was a huge test to anyone. If Mo Wen's knowledge of martial arts was not profound enough, he would not be able to continue training.

But once one could continue training, the beneficial effects it had on an ancient martial arts practitioner was very shocking. The Yin and Yang would exist in mutualism, and the cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds.

As the most revered and respected profound learning in martial arts, any section of the Nine Yin Scripture and Nine Yang Scripture was enough to aid one to the pinnacle of martial arts. At the same time, his training speed also far surpassed anyone else. If his comprehension was fast enough, he could become the greatest master of his generation within a short amount of time.

Training the two in tandem and with the complementation of Yin and Yang, one could be hailed as the world's number one.

In the early morning, the first ray of light shot through the window. Mo Wen gradually opened his eyes. His pupils were calm and steady. With a casual wave of his hand, a shapeless pressure was produced all of a sudden.

With a slam, the cement wall on the side facing his bed had a hand imprint appear suddenly. It had sunken in a whole inch.

Mo Wen's lips curled up slightly, and a look of satisfaction appeared on his face. He had finally found a breakthrough in the Soothing Pulse realm. Even the Mo Wen in his other lifetime did not enjoy such fast training progress.

However, the Mo Wen in the other lifetime was a first-time learner, so he would inevitably have to go by the long way. Meanwhile, the Mo Wen now had some experience and plentiful of martial arts background. At the same time, Mo Wen had attained the two profound teachings of the Nine Yin Scripture and Nine Yang Scripture.

However, the Soothing Pulse realm was only the beginning. It could still be deemed the realm of building the foundations. At the moment, there was, at most, only a slight improvement in Mo Wen's cultivation of Inner Qi. His skills did not have much improvement yet.

The three major realms of Body Consolidation, Regulated Breathing, and Soothing Pulse could actually all be viewed as a single realm. They were all the foundation realms when one ventures into martial arts. There was not much difference between the realms, which made it easy to make up for things that were lacking.

But after the Sea of Qi realm, the gap between the realms widened. That was when they truly became different levels.

The key of the Soothing Pulse realm laid in developing the potential of the body and opening up the passages of the entire body. If one wanted to complete the training of the Soothing Pulse realm, they would have to get through the Twelve Primary Meridians in the body and allow the inside of the body to become a large connected chain with no interruption.

However, Mo Wen had already exceeded the age of 18, so the passages in his body had already been firmly set. His Inner Qi could not go through since his body's passages were blocked. It would be a difficult task if he wanted to clear the passages in his body with the Twelve Primary Meridians as his main goal.

With the current condition of his body, he was afraid that he needed over 10 years or even more before he could clear the passages completely.

Moreover, if one could not clear the passages in the whole body, the Sea of Qi could not be created and the person would never be able to become a Sea of Qi realm ancient martial arts practitioner.

Thus, in the subsequent trainings, it would no longer help him if he continued working hard on the rare techniques. Rather, he needed to make the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder to reignite the potential of his body and return it to the most crucial period of training. Only then would he be able to complete the training of the Soothing Pulse realm within a short period of time.

Mo Wen had washed up his face and mouth as he came out of the washroom. He then left the dormitory.

As for the others in the dormitory, he no longer had any idea of what they were up to. On a normal basis, it was already difficult to see each other. It was like the saying of how the dragon's head will never meet its tail. He was suspicious of whether they even went for lessons.

The official lessons of Hua Xia University in a day were split into six classes. Four periods were in the morning and two periods in the afternoon. Bigger lessons, like those shared by experts, were outside of the normal class curriculum.

Today, Mo Wen had four periods of lessons; two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

He thought about it a little and decided to walk towards the classroom. Although the university did not have fixed classrooms in general, fixed classes were held in the standardized classrooms.

Hence, once one has attended a few lessons, one would know which lessons were in which classrooms.

Currently, there were still very few people in the classroom. At this time, most of the people were in the canteen eating breakfast or lazing in their sheets, unwilling to come out.

Mo Wen did not have a habit of eating breakfast, so he had walked into the classroom early and sat down at his chosen seat.

He was not someone who enjoyed attending lessons. The reason why he decided to attend this lesson was because the library only opened at nine today, so he did not know what else to do so early in the morning.

He had to admit that his current lifestyle was very idle for Mo Wen. In the past, he had to weave through the virgin forest in the deep mountains every day and had to face all kinds of different dangers every day. He had to taste medicinal materials that he did not know the effect, nor the purpose of, and he did not even know if they were poisonous or if they would trigger the body's own internal poison.

Hence, he was nervous every day, as if meeting his worst enemy.

A happy boy walked into the classroom and sat in the seat beside Mo Wen's.

He carried a laptop bag in his hand, and after retrieving a laptop from it, he started it up.

He was seemingly very addicted to the internet, as even before lesson started, he grabbed on to any chance of going online.

Mo Wen curiously looked at the youth beside him. He did not have much understanding of computers, and although there was the informational technology lesson in high school, he did not have much exposure to computers in his early life, so there were many things about it that he did not know.

Mo Wen only knew how to turn it on and off, as well as how to use Pinyin to type.

"Hey, what are you doing?" He asked curiously. Mo Wen asked because he was very bored. If he wasn't he wouldn't've asked anything related to this.

The youth looked at Mo Wen oddly. Wasn't it clearly the case so why was he asking?

"Scrolling through microblogs."

"What are microblogs?"

Mo Wen blinked his eyes. He had heard of the term before but he never understood it.

"F*ck, brother, don't tell me you have lived under a rock your whole life?"

The youth widened his eyes and looked at Mo Wen in shock.

Mo Wen smiled. He declined to comment, as in reality, he had, indeed, come out of the natural forest.