Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Besieged by two persons

After the youngster realized that Mo Wen really didn't know about microblogs, he tried to explain a little helplessly.Then, he continued to be absorbed into browsing his microblogs. The topic that he was concerned about seemed to be the news of the celebrity, one he liked very much, was committing adultery.

Mo Wen looked at the youngster's computer thoughtfully. Although the youngster didn't explain very clearly, he roughly knew that microblogs should be a platform for communication.

The teacher in the class was a middle-aged woman with a gentle voice, who looked like a good wife and loving mother. The students usually loved to listen to this teacher.

Qin Xiaoyou being a good student, naturally wouldn't miss any classes and would be punctual for class every day, but was no longer as close to Mo Wen as before.When she walked into the classroom, it was as if she didn't see Mo Wen and would choose a seat far away from Mo Wen.

Wang Xiaofei was beside Qin Xiaoyou as usual, their relationship was as good as before.She cast a glance at Mo Wen from afar like she was about to say something but didn't say anything at the end.

Mo Wen sighed softly as he had some doubts if he had done the right thing.

Some things shouldn't be hidden from Qin Xiaoyou, if she knew some things, perhaps she wouldn't be so apprehensive of Su Boyu's revenge on him that she estranged from him intentionally. However, how could he tell anyone about his matters so casually.He was too weak now, he didn't have the ability to protect himself in all circumstances.When some things were revealed, it would definitely cause tremendous trouble. Moreover, even if he said it, would Qin Xiaoyou believe?How would he prove that he was not fearful of Su Boyu? Although he was not afraid of Su Boyu, he didn't have the ability to do anything to Su Boyu now.After all, it was exactly like what Dongfang Yi had said, Su Boyu was not alone, he had a huge family behind him.

If he were to kill Su Boyu, it would definitely spark off the savage revenge of a family. He didn't have any fundamentals and his cultivation was not strong enough so he was definitely not able to deal with a family of a strong background.Hence, he still had various apprehensions.Although he humiliated Su Boyu the last time, he didn't actually take any drastic measures. Obviously, Mo Wen had experienced the worst so he was naturally not afraid of Su Boyu and a Su clan.When he was pushed over edge, he might resort to killing Su Boyu in for the penny, in for the pound.After that, he will just escape to a place far away, what could Su clan do to him?

After the lesson, Mo Wen left the school alone.He took a bus heading towards the renowned Traditional Chinese Medical hall, Tong Ren Tang, in the capital.He already knew the names of the medicinal herbs used to concoct the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder in this world and that they could be purchased from some big medical halls, so there wasn't a need to waste the effort in looking for them in the deep mountains.

The most important thing at the present moment was naturally to increase the actual strength. Only when the actual strength was strong, he wouldn't be fearful of any threats.

With the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder, he believed that he would be able to improve by leaps and bounds within a short period of time.

The Tong Ren Tang in the capital was located at the west of the city.With a century of history, it was a famous Traditional Chinese Medical hall in the country with a myriad collection of medicinal herbs.There were very few Chinese medicines that one was unable to purchase in Tong Ren Tang.

Mo Wen spent an afternoon shopping in Tong Ren Tang and bought quite a lot.Not only did he gather all the medicinal herbs necessary for the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder, he also purchased some medicinal herbs that were very useful.These medicinal herbs were common herbs so they were inexpensive.

Even so, Mo Wen's pockets were basically emptied and the two thousand dollars that he had saved for a long time were all spent except for the two hundred dollars left for food.

Mo Wen laughed bitterly as money was still the thing that one couldn't do without regardless of whichever world one was in.

Some of the valuable medicinal herbs were of tremendous use to Mo Wen, but he could only look as he couldn't afford them.

Really had to make some money when time was available.

It was a pity that other than the one that was given to Qin Xiaoyou, he didn't bring any other valuable jewelleries out from the Ming Cult historical abode.At that time, there was not enough room for the medicines which would increase the cultivation so Mo Wen was not in the mood to pack any of those worldly valuables.

"Who's that?" Mo Wen's brows furrowed slightly suddenly and asked coldly.

Just when he walked into a deserted alley, he discovered that someone was following behind him.There were pedestrians everywhere on the noisy road just now so it was difficult to notice a stalker, but once he entered into the deserted place without people, he detected the person immediately.

"Senses are quite acute, indeed had some capabilities," a weird laugh came suddenly from behind not far away from him, followed by a flash of a figure soaring into the air along the two walls of the alley and after a few leaps, he appeared in front of Mo Wen and looked at him with a tinge of mischief on his face.

"Who are you? Why are you following me?" Mo Wen asked while looking askance at that person.

That person was about forty to fifty years old, a middle-aged man wearing a simple coat with a very big black mole on the left side of his face.His eyes were full of dismal which made him look like someone who was difficult to deal with.

"Who I am is none of your concern, following you is naturally because you have offended someone.Make a trip with me.Don't try to be funny, you can't escape," The middle-aged man curled his lips sinisterly while looking at Mo Wen like he was looking at a trapped prey.

"Escape? Why should I escape?" Mo Wen smiled. Offended someone? Other than Su Boyu and Chen Hao, there wouldn't be anyone who would use all means to deal with him.

It was unlikely to be Chen Hao as with his ability, he was incapable of sending ancient martial arts practitioners of Soothing Pulse realm.So, this must be done by Su Boyu again.

"You are thinking of resisting?" The middle-aged man glanced at Mo Wen with much interest like he was trying to gather something from his expressions.

Although he knew that Mo Wen destroyed the ancient martial arts practitioner of Soothing Pulse realm with only one stroke, he reckoned that it was only an opportune manipulation which allowed him to use some strange martial art to do it. Moreover, the difference between the beginning stage of Soothing Pulse realm and the later stage of Soothing Pulse realm was so vast that Mo Wen being able to defeat the ancient martial arts practitioner in the beginning stage of Soothing Pulse realm, might not be able to defeat him.

Besides, after a day of planning, Mo Wen wouldn't be able to escape from the plot today.

The middle-aged man curled his lips into a smirk and glanced at Mo Wen with a sneer, "If not resisting, should I surrender without putting up a fight?

Mo Wen smiled contemplatively, "You are not competent enough. Yes, with the addition of that guy who was hiding in the corner, you are still not competent enough."

The pupils of the middle-aged man's eyes contracted as he looked at Mo Wen in disbelief.

He actually discovered the person who was hiding in the secret place?How could it be possible!

The plot today was one in the open, one in the hiding so as to ensure that Mo Wen couldn't escape but he discovered it in the beginning instead.

"What do you mean that guy who was hiding in the corner?" However, after momentary shock, the middle-aged man pretended to look at Mo Wen puzzledly.He was uncertain if Mo Wen was trying to trick him and since he was very experienced, he naturally wouldn't give himself away just by listening to Mo Wen's statement.

Other than the middle-aged man, that guy whom Mo Wen had revealed to be "that guy in the corner" didn't seem to make any movement.

"Since you don't come out, I will have to invite you out.Two ancient martial arts practitioners in the acme of the later stage of Soothing Pulse realm; Su Boyu really cudgel his brains just to deal with me."

Mo Wen lifted his hand apathetically, then a silver streak flashed.

The next moment, there was a dull hitting sound that resonated from the corner a distance away.A figure in a sorry state jumped out and at the same time, a dollar coin dropped and jingled on the floor.