Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Just Because Youre An Elder

"How did you notice him?"

The middle-aged man's expression turned sour. He could not believe that Mo Wen managed to find the hidden person. The person's cultivation level was beyond his. Of the Twelve Primary Meridians, he had opened up nine. If he could clear the other three, he would advance to the Sea of Qi realm.

He was also good at the arts of stealth. If he concealed himself, one would not notice him, even if they were thirty feet from him.

Now he was at least 160 feet from Mo Wen. How could he have noticed him still?

Mo Wen smirked condescendingly.

"I have eyes, you know I'm not blind. If you would like to play hide and seek, find some kids to play with you then."

He was always an expert in detection and tracking. Trying to play stealth with him was seeking death.

"Heroes are truly born young. It's such a pity that inflexibility makes things prone to breaking. You have offended someone who should not have been offended."

A somewhat old sounding voice was heard, followed by a silhouette from afar that was approaching. The shadow covered tens of feet of distance in a few steps. His Qinggong wasn't bad. He was in a different league than the middle-aged man.

The person who appeared was an old man wearing a long robe. Very few people wore this kind of attire in the big cities, but some of the older generation or the more eccentric people liked to wear them.

"Young man, if you come with me to beg forgiveness from Young Master Su, then maybe I will spare your life. Otherwise"

The old man's eyes narrowed, and he finished in an elderly tone, "Otherwise, no one can save you from your approaching demise."

"Just because you're an elder."

Mo Wen's words carried an air of ridicule. He had yet to see an eccentric try to play the elder. Anyone could see in a glance that this old geezer was a stuck up, a dog that liked to lick at his master's stinky feet.

He was sixty to seventy years old, yet his cultivation level had only reached the Soothing Pulse realm. And still, he dared act as though he was a great elder. Back in the other world, when Mo Wen was thirteen, he was already a cultivist of the Sea of Qi realm.

"What did you say, you little brat?"

The old geezer's expression darkened. No one had ever been so rude straight to his face, and Mo Wen was a youngster. In the Su Clan, even Su Boyu would treat him politely. Yet here, an unknown brat dared to be so rude.

Enraged, the old geezer attacked immediately. Once he caught the brat, he would break his limbs, skin him, and tear out his tongue. After that, would he still dare to run a foul mouth?

"Since you want to push your luck, don't blame me for not holding back," Mo Wen chuckled coldly.

His body leapt up; he reached him first, even though he reacted after. His silhouette suddenly appeared in front of the old man. Soundlessly, his palm landed on the geezer. Two bursts of Qi, one hot and one cold, erupted from his palm.

The old geezer had barely stepped forward and Mo Wen's silhouette had suddenly appeared before him. His pupils contracted. His speed was too fast, and the angle was bizarre. What technique was this?

Before he took up the mission, he had heard that Mo Wen was at the later stage of Regulated Breathing realm, but could defeat an ancient martial art practitioner at the beginning stage of Soothing Pulse realm. Although he knew he was no pushover, he didn't think too much of it. He was just an ancient martial art practitioner at the Regulated Breathing realm what could possibly go wrong?

Also as a youth, what experience could he speak about? His martial arts training was probably also half-baked. With his decades of accumulated martial arts experiences, dealing with Mo Wen should be as easy as extending his hand. If he couldn't even handle a youth like him, he would be lower than a dog.

Before he left, he had guaranteed Su Boyu that he would bring back Mo Wen.

Yesterday after Su Boyu received a beating from him, he sought out some women at night to vent his resentment. However, he discovered that he could not have an erection. He was shocked and angered. Mo Wen must've pulled some kind of a stunt on him!

He had sought the aid of many senior experts, even reaching out to a few Sea of Qi realm ancient martial art practitioners that had good ties with the Su clan. However, all of them could not figure out what was wrong with Su Boyu's body, so they could not find a way to help Su Boyu recover.

Therefore, Su Boyu became desperate to get Mo Wen to cure him. With his personality, not being able to f**k was a living hell.

This case even involved the head of the Su Clan, resulting in a scene with two Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial arts practitioners appearing together.


A strange silhouette flashed in front of the old man, and a burst of hot and cold erupted from his palm.

The old geezer snorted. He did not believe that his palm strength would lose to a junior in the Regulated Breathing realm. Without giving it a second thought, he extended his palm as well and rushed towards Mo Wen. Their two palms collided with a dull crash.

The old geezer felt his body shudder. His facial complexion turned pale green. He was forced backwards. Every step formed a clear, deep footprint.

Mo Wen, on the other hand, did not budge. He leapt forward, seizing the initiative. His palm turned into a fist. His fist strength was fierce. It looked simple, but the fist landed solidly on the old man's chest. No matter how much he dodged, he couldn't get out of the punches' range.

The old man's expression suddenly changed. He watched fearfully at the punch in front of his eyes. In the last exchange, he was completely at a disadvantage; his fist strength wasn't a match for Mo Wen.

"He is in the Soothing Pulse Realm save me!"

Although Mo Wen's palm strength wasn't strong, it was bizarre and without limits. Two forms of energy, one hot and one cold, came, both penetrating and overbearing. They instantly seeped into his body. They were basically unblockable.

Now, inside his body was some residue of Mo Wen's Inner Qi. Hot and cold swirled inside of him, suppressing his own Inner Qi. He couldn't even bring out his Inner Qi to deal with his opponent. How could he survive another blow from Mo Wen?

The middle-aged man saw that the old man was put at a disadvantage with just one blow, to the extent that it became a dangerous situation for him. His facial expression couldn't help but change. Who would have thought that a mere youth would have such strength? Initially, he thought he and Old Man Li acting together would make capturing Mo Wen a cinch. However, they had just met, and now, he realized that things weren't as simple as he thought.

Yesterday, he was just a Regulated Breathing Realm ancient martial arts practitioner. Today, he was already at the Soothing Pulse Realm? It was unbelievable! Could Mo Wen have been pulling his punches when they fought yesterday? That was also impossible. Even a Soothing Pulse Realm ancient martial arts practitioner could not hide his cultivation level when up against another Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial arts practitioner.

The middle-aged man had no time to think further as he leapt in to rescue. He knew that if Old Man Li was defeated by Mo Wen, then he would not be able to win against Mo Wen. Now, if the two of them teamed up, they may still stand a chance.

Mo Wen chuckled coldly. His other hand flicked slightly and a snake shaped pin appeared in his hand.

In the next moment, there was a silver flash, and a shapeless shadow flew out. The shapeless shadow was blurry, even indistinguishable, to the naked eye.

The strange silver flash flew with an untraceable trajectory for a while, and then silently reappeared in Mo Wen's hand. With another flick of his wrist, it quietly disappeared again.

As for the middle-aged man, his body was frozen on the spot, still in position to strike. Even his eyes were unchanged, staring at Mo Wen, seemingly looking for an opening to attack.

But his body still remained frozen to the spot, as though time had stopped for a second. He stood there strangely on the spot. The moment became an eternity.

Mo Wen's fist didn't stop, continually hitting the old geezer at a steady pace. His form was like a cloud of smoke, sticking with the old man. No matter how the old man dodged, he was always facing him.

"What's the matter? Why aren't you attacking?"

When the old man discovered that the middle-aged man had still not attacked and come to his rescue, he couldn't help but coerce this impatiently.

If he didn't have some understanding of body motions, he would have already fallen due to the fist punches.

But no matter how the old man coerced, the middle-aged man gave no response. It was as though he was not even there.