Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Might of the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin

At this moment, the old man had also realized that something was not quite right. Subconsciously, he tilted his head towards the middle-aged and noticed that the person's silhouette was solidified at least 10 meters away. It was unmoving, just like a statue.

However, the old man still had rather good vision and, in a moment, he noticed that there was a thin layer of ice covering the middle-aged man's entire body. Under the shine of the sunlight, there was a continuous stream of steam emanating off it.

"He's already dead. Don't worry, I'll send you off to have a reunion with him."

A taunting look found itself onto Mo Wen's mouth. Suddenly, the power of his fist was ignited and two forces of Qi, one hot and one cold, had morphed into a whirlwind force. In an instance, the fist travelled at twice the speed and within a moment, it had appeared very close to the old man's chest.

"Hold up," there was a huge change in the old man's expression and he said loudly in a state of shock. However, why would Mo Wen listen to him nag? In an instance, the fist with a frightening force had caused the old man to fly off and fall 30 to 40 meters away.


The old man struggled to life half of his body and looked at Mo Wen in fear. However, he had only struggled twice before collapsing suddenly with not a single breath of life left.

Mo Wen's gaze swept past the two dead bodies coldly. After he had regained his memories, it was his first time performing a mass massacre.

With a wave of his sleeve, there was a swell of his Inner Qi and a fierce wind swept across suddenly clearing the ground completely of the footprints. After ascertaining that there were no traces left behind, he left with a jump, his body unusually flipping over several walls. Very quickly, he had disappeared down the small weaving path.

15 minutes later, someone had finally discovered the dead bodies in the narrow alley. Within a short while, several police cars had arrived and the narrow alley was cordoned off by them.

Just as the police were getting ready to look for clues on the scene and just as the forensic scientist was about to determine the cause of death, there were two seemingly normal girls who had appeared in the narrow alley.

The two of them simply said a few words to the criminal police in charge of the case. Then, all the police officers had evacuated the narrow alley and left the two dead bodies behind. They simply cordoned off the area from all entrances, preventing any idlers from entering.

The two girls walked over to the dead bodies and squatted down to investigate thoroughly. After quite a while, they finally shared a glance.

"What do you think?" The girl wearing a pair of jeans with tight-fitting short shirt asked. This girl was average looking but her figure was tall and lanky. Her slim face held a look of capability and she emanated the aura of trustworthiness.

"This person has to be an ancient martial art practitioner with the Soothing Pulse realm but the identity cannot be confirmed yet. The attacker should be an ancient martial art practitioner with the Sea of Qi realm, or even of a higher skill level."

The other girl knitted her brows slightly in thought. This girl was dressed in a baby blue skirt and her eyes and eyebrows were pretty and refined, no different from other girls. In comparison to the other girl, she was younger in age.

"This old senior has two forces of Inner Qi within his body, one is hot and one is cold. I assume that two people each with the Cold Ice Technique and the Burning Flame Technique combined their forces. However, is only one wound and there is seemingly no other harm done to the body. It is really odd," the girl who was a little older said with confusion. There was a different kind of Inner QI in the dead person's body. It should have been two people attacking the person simultaneously so why was there conversely only one wound on the dead person?

It was a simple imprint of a fist. Other than that, there were no other wounds.

By right, an ancient martial art practitioner cannot possess two forms of Inner Qi at the same time. That, in itself, goes against the compendium of martial arts, and even goes against the natural laws of science.

Thus, the older girl completely did not think of the possibility that the two forms of Inner Qi within the dead person had come from one person. In the field of ancient martial arts of Hua Xia, there were many who cultivated the Cold Ice Technique and many who cultivated the Burning Flame Technique. However, there were none who cultivated both the Cold Ice Technique and Burning Flame Technique at the same time,

"Why is that corpse so odd?" The gaze of the younger girl turned to land on the middle-aged man's corpse which had been standing upright in the same position without moving right from the start. She could not help but walk over curiously. After scanning it, she noticed that the body of the middle-aged man was covered in a thin layer of ice.

"Sister Xin, this is very amazing Cold Ice Technique. This person has been completely frozen," the younger girl was a little stunned as she looked at the corpse of the middle-aged man.

"Huh?" The girl called Sister Xin walked over hearing that. Previously while she was checking up on condition of the old senior's corpse, she had not noticed this corpse with a weird posture. If not for the fact that there was no more breath of life in his body, she would still have thought that he was alive at a glance.

Sister Xin walked to the front of the corpse of the middle-aged man. Stretching out her hand, she checked the body condition of the dead person. However, when her hand had just made contact with the middle-aged man's body, there was a cracking sound in the next moment.

Closely following that, the corpse of the middle-aged man broke into pieces and scattered onto the floor. At a glance, there was only a bright and shining blue. All the organs had actually become ice shards.

Sss! Two waves of the sound of cold air suction had rung out all of a sudden and the expressions of the two girls had changed at the same time. They just felt their entire body turn cold and a wave of cold air had travelled from their feet all the way to their heads.

"Such an amazing Cold Ice Technique. Isn't the person who attacked a little too scary!" Sister Xin looked at the pile of ice shards on the floor in a little shock and fear as she found it hard to swallow her saliva. What level did the Cold Ice Technique have to be trained till in order to directly freeze a person into an ice shard?

"Xiaolan, we can't handle this case. The person who attacked had to be at least a senior of the QI Nucleation realm or higher. Let's report it to the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall," Sister Xin said as she inhaled deeply. She was only in charge of some of the usual cases involving ancient martial art practitioners. The moment it involved ancient martial art practitioners of the Qi Nucleation realm, she would not be able to have a hand in things. Not talking about the Qi Nucleation realm, even meeting an ancient martial art practitioner of the Sea of Qi realm was already not within her job scope.

"Sister Xin, why not we pass this case over to the people at the White Tiger Palace Hall. That group of lads like to be competitive and think very highly of themselves. We can just let them handle this knotty case," Xiaolan said while giggling and rolled her eyes. This case was obviously tiresome and dreary, so wouldn't it be better to just leave it to the idiots in the White Tiger Hall to settle?

"Xiaolan, our Vermillion Bird Palace Hall is not any worse than the other three halls. Don't say something that would make us a joke to others. Back in those years, there was an expert with the Embryonic Breathing realm that had broken the rules and committed crimes. It was our senior from the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall that had directly killed him off," Sister Xin rolled her eyes at Xiaolan. With regards to her weirdness and smart aleck comments, she was also rather helpless.

However, Xiaolan had just joined the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall and it was normal for her not to know of the inter-relations between the four halls. Although the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall consisted entirely of girls, they did not lose to the other three halls at all in terms of abilities and might.

All the special cases that happened in the south of the Capital city were affiliated to the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall to handle. If they got the White Tiger Hall to help in solving the case, it would not only cause the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall to lose their reputation, they would also become a joke.

"Oh," Xiaolan stuck out her tongue and did not dare mention about passing on the case too someone else anymore.

Regardless of whichever generation, breaking the rules of martial arts was the same. In the ancient feudal system, the martial arts Jianghu had maintained especially close relations with the court. In dealing with ancient martial art practitioners, all the courts would set up a specialized department to supervise them.

If there was nobody to supervise the ancient martial art practitioners, they would not have any fear and with their strong martial arts, they could commit all sorts of crimes and the world would be thrown into big chaos.