Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Huatian Palace Vermilion Bird Palace Hall

Huatian Palace was a special department in the modern times that supervised the ancient martial arts world in Hua Xia. It maintained the balance between the ancient martial arts world and normal society so as to eradicate the possibilities of the people who used their martial arts abilities to perform evil deeds. Hence, it had a special status in Hua Xia Country.

Very few people knew which era Huatian Palace was being built. It was said that Huatian Palace existed for many years before the country was built.It specialized in supervising all the different sects and schools in the ancient martial arts world and managed the disputes in the martial arts circle.

For many years, regardless of how strong the martial arts influence had grown, they would be defeated when dealing with Huatian Palace.

Huatian Palace consisted of four palace halls: Azure Dragon Palace Hall, Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, White Tiger Palace Hall, and Black Tortoise Palace Hall, which were named after the four mythological creatures that were metaphorically meant to guard all directions so as to promote prosperity on earth and peace in the world.

After the two ladies talked with each other for a while, they left, one after the other. A while later, the two corpses were being removed as well.

Half an hour later, the alley in which the murder had happened returned to its tranquil state. The people dispersed after discussing for a while.

From a corner, a figure walked out and looked calmly at the alley, which returned to its original state, without any emotion in their eyes.

This person was none other than Mo Wen.He didn't leave immediately after killing the two people; he hid himself nearby.

It was the first time he killed someone in the capital, so he realized that he must be cautious, especially when now, it was a legislated society in which killing would definitely stir up some troubles.

That was the reason why he didn't leave, and instead hid in a secret place. He wanted to find out the consequences of killing someone in the capital.

If it was a normal police investigation, he wouldn't bother about it, as no matter how the normal people investigated, it would never lead to him.

However, the matter happened as he expected. A special killing scene would attract special people.

"Vermilion Bird Palace Hall?"

Deep thoughts flashed through Mo Wen's eyes, as he didn't have an understanding of the situation in the country, so he didn't have any knowledge about the origin of Vermilion Bird Palace Hall.

However, he knew that, regardless of the dynasty, it would not allow martial arts practitioners commit evil deeds and disputes in the martial arts circle unmanaged.Furthermore, the harming of normal people had been a taboo to the martial art circle and the imperial courts all along.

So he kind of knew what the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall was all about.

Mo Wen rubbed his chin.

"I have to be more careful the next time."

The Vermilion Bird Palace Hall would usually file an investigation for the fight between the ancient martial arts practitioners; they would place even more emphasis on it if it involved normal commoners.

However, he was not bothered, because with his ability, he doubted that the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall was able to find any clues that would lead to him.

After returning to the campus, Mo Wen went directly to his room, completely secluded. The most pressing matter was the concoction of the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder.

The concoction of Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder was a little complex, as it involved many things and equipment. First, it needed a Dan Furnace as the effectiveness of the concocted Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder would be drastically decreased without a good Dan furnace as the receptacle.

However, Mo Wen was not worried about the Dan Furnace, as he had already brought out the one used and passed down by the Ming Cult Miracle Physicians from the Ming Cult historical abode.It was called the Purple Yang Furnace with quality that was better than the Dan Furnace he had used in his past lifetime.

Fortunately, the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder did not require high temperature flame and could be concocted with the inner heat that he produced when he was practicing Nine Yang Scripture.He might not be able to concoct with his present cultivation if it was another kind of pill.

That night, Mo Wen went to the Leading Military Hospital to treat Qin Xiaoyou's mother with acupuncture. According to his logic, the condition would be stabilized with another two sessions of treatment. After that, it would be fine to recuperate in a normal hospital ward.

In the ward, Wang Huiru smiled warmly at Mo Wen and glanced at him with much delight.

"Mo Wen, you are here."

After the last treatment, both were more familiar with each other.After knowing that Mo Wen was Qin Xiaoyou's high school classmate, Wang Huiru was very cordial towards Mo Wen.

"Mrs. Wang, let's begin with the treatment."

Mo Wen nodded smilingly and instructed straight to the point. The concoction of Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder in his room was incomplete, so he didn't want to be held up in the hospital for too long.

After a bout of treatment, Wang Huiru's complexion had improved tremendously. Mo Wen inserted a needle into her sleeping acupoint to let her go to sleep directly because he was in a rush and he was afraid that Wang Huiru would want to chit-chat with him.

"Brother Han, Mrs. Wang will receive the normal recovery treatment in the future. I hope you will look after her for a bit," Mo Wen said, as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. Han Jiangong came in as soon as he arrived at the hospital. He remained silent from the beginning and stood aside to watch him perform the acupuncture.

"Brother Mo, don't worry.Leave it to me nothing is going to go wrong," Han Jiangong smiled, as he promised this to Mo Wen.

He was totally convinced of Mo Wen's medical expertise.He started to wonder if Mo Wen could cure the diseases that the medical field couldn't figure out.

Unfortunately, Mo Wen was always in a rush, so he didn't get a chance to have a long conversation with him.

"Brother Han, I still have some matters at home, so I will leave first," Mo Wen mentioned, just when Han Jiangong was about to invite Mo Wen to have some tea and chat in his office.

Han Jiangong smiled bitterly, but could only send Mo Wen to the main gate of the hospital.

Before he left, Han Jiangong continued to remind him, "Brother Mo, you must drop by for a chat when you are free.I will welcome you with open arms."

That night, Qin Xiaoyou visited her mother with a basket of fruits. She sat in the ward for a long time before Wang Huiru woke up from her sleep.

"Mom," Qin Xiaoyou greeted emotionally, while she held her mother's hand.

Wang Huiru caressed Qin Xiaoyu's head tenderly. She looked at the time and realised that it was already past midnight.

"Silly kid, why are you in the hospital at this hour? It's late. Go back quickly. You still have class tomorrow."

"It's alright. There aren't any first and second lessons tomorrow morning, so I can sleep in," Qin Xiaoyou said gently and softly, as she pressed her face into her mother's hand.

"Go back earlier. Don't affect your studies. Don't worry.Mom has got over the disease and will cooperate with the treatment in the hospital. Director Han Jiangong said my illness will be no further problem."

Wang Huiru glanced at her daughter benevolently. In this cold city, she was her everything and was the moral pedestal that allowed her to continue living. Mo Wen was right when he said that a human lives for someone else most of the time.

"Mom, do you know why the hospital is taking care of us and why even Director Han Jiangong was treating you personally?" Qin Xiaoyu asked after hesitating for a moment.

She really wished that all of it happened due to the philanthropic intention of the hospital to give special care to both her mother and her, not because of Su Boyu.

Wang Huiru looked at Qin Xiaoyu quizzically.Could it be that she still didn't know?

"Because you have a friend who cares about you. Your friend is really great."

Qin Xiaoyu's eyes widened instantly and gazed at her mother watchfully with her clear, dark eyes.

"Mom, you knew?"

She had always thought that her mother wouldn't know about the "kind person," but from her mother's expression, she seemed to know who that person was.Could it be that Su Boyu had already met and told her mother?