Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Qin Xiaoyous Misunderstanding

"Mother, please say it," Qin Xiaoyou had barely heard the word "incredible", when she felt her heart skip a beat. Other than Su Boyu, among the people she knew, who else had the capability?

"Xiaoyou, for the hospital to be so concerned with my illness is all due to a friend of yours. He has always been silently helping us. In the future, you must remember to show your gratitude," Wang Huiru patted Qin Xiaoyou's head as she said. She did not know what relationship her daughter had with Mo Wen. Had it developed to the stage that she imagined?

Regarding Mo Wen, she did know a little about him. When her daughter was in high school, she would often mention this schoolmate in front of her. The two of them seemed to have always had a good relationship.

So she was not too surprised when she saw Mo Wen helping them out so much. She was only surprised at Mo Wen's capabilities. Even the deputy director of the Leading Military Hospital was running around for her illness.

"Do you know who that person is?"Qin Xiaoyou looked at Wang Huiru uneasily. She was afraid that her mother would say the name Su Boyu. She held onto the hope that the person was not Su Boyu, that man of ulterior motives.

She knew that the chances were slim, because she could not imagine who in this society would still be so kind hearted as to help someone. Except for Su Boyu, she also couldn't imagine who within her circle of friends had such capabilities.

Although she knew the answer, she still hoped, still prayed

"You really don't know?" Wang Huiru looked strangely at Qin Xiaoyou. Could it be that Mo Wen did not tell her? What was going on?

With her understanding of Mo Wen, she should have long known that it was him. Who else except Mo Wen would work so hard to help her?

But what Wang Huiru did not know was that it was precisely that she knew Mo Wen so well, therefore Qin Xiaoyou would never have thought of Mo Wen. Wang Huiru's impression of Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou's impression of Mo Wen were two polar opposites.

The Mo Wen in Qin Xiaoyou's heart was just a kid from a normal family. He was a poor boy who sometimes needed to borrow money from her for his living expenses. He was like her, struggling wearily in society, striving hard to improve, seeking to change their fate.

"He is your good schoolmate. He is also studying in Hua Xia University. You should know who he is by now," Wang Huiru poked Qin Xiaoyou on the forehead, explaining with resignation. She couldn't understand the world of youths nowadays. Mo Wen actually didn't tell Xiaoyou. Why hide it? Trying to be romantic like those lovey-dovey couples?

She shook her head helplessly. It was good to be young. Since Mo Wen did not tell Xiaoyou, it wouldn't be good for her to say more. She could merely hint from the side, believing that Xiaoyou would think of Mo Wen first. She believed that Xiaoyou should know the truth of the situation. When someone was helping her so selflessly, she should be grateful to that person, and not be kept in the dark.

When Wang Huiru mentioned that the person was also studying in Hua Xia University, Qin Xiaoyou's heart shattered, her hopes all crumbled into dust. As she thought, besides Su Boyu, that flirtatious playboy, that person that lusted over her beauty, who else would be willing to help her?

"Mom, you just work on receiving treatment and living. I will surely let you live a happy, blessed life in the future. When I have the ability, I won't let you suffer anymore," Qin Xiaoyou smiled gently at her mother, caressing her mother's hair while she hid her own deep sorrow in the corner of her eyes. Her mother had given up her whole life for her; for her mother, she would give up everything as well.

Qin Xiaoyou did not know how she walked out from the hospital. Her eyes were cold and lifeless, like a soulless puppet, a walking corpse wandering the streets. When she confirmed that Su Boyu was that person, her heart became empty.

The morning the day after, beside the campus lake.

"What? The two Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial art practitioners we sent are dead!" In a stone gazebo on campus, Su Boyu suddenly stood up. He looked contemptuously at the messenger boy before him. His face was sullen and sulking.

"Word from the clan is that it is so," the youth said cautiously.

Regarding this incident, the Su clan only knew about it late at night. Personnel from the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall had delivered the corpses to their door, also asking the Su clan to cooperate in the investigation. Only then did the Su clan know that the retainers they had sent had died.

That Su Boyu knew about it the next morning showed that their communications were effective.

"Impossible. The clan treated the two later stage Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial art practitioners as honoured guests. How could they be killed by Mo Wen!" A vein on Su Boyu's forehead was pounding. He refused to believe that Mo Wen had such ability.

The two later stage Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial art practitioners were senior experts in his eyes. A mere Mo Wen, who had barely began practicing, how could he possibly kill them?

"The two retainers are indeed dead, but the cause of death for both of them are still unknown. It may not necessarily be Mo Wen who killed them," the youth analyzed as he said. He also did not believe that a seventeen, eighteen year old boy could kill two retainers of the Su clan.

"Investigate this incident. Investigate it thoroughly," Su Boyu took a deep breath. He had calmed down a bit now. Two retainers dying simultaneously; this was no small loss for the clan. The incident was also due to him; he would need to take up responsibility for it.

The Su clan had a large fortune and was prosperous. He was not the only young master. Among the direct descendants, there were a few others who were eligible to fight for standing in the clan. They could be a direct threat to his succession as the head of the clan.

Regardless as to who had dealt with the Su clan's two retainers, the Su clan would not stop at that. Although there were many ancient martial art practitioners that would align with the Su clan for fame and riches, very few of them had truly high cultivation.

The entire Su clan only had two retainers at the Sea of Qi realm. As for those of the Soothing Pulse realm, they were few in number. They could be considered the Su clan's mainstay.

As for experts in the Qi Nucleation realm, they would not have aligned with the Su clan. The Su clan was unworthy of them.

"Young master, personnel from the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall have already accepted the case. Should we provide them with some leads?" ghe youth said hesitantly.

"Idiot!" Su Boyu felt a migraine coming over him at his henchman's idiocy.

"This matter stemmed from us. If we revealed it to the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, wouldn't that be turning ourselves in? Don't forget, the feuds between ancient martial art practitioners were never bothered with by the Huatian Palace. Especially since we were the ones who went after him, they died in vain."

Looking to explain the situation to the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall was definitely the stupidest thing to do. Although those killed were their own, they had brought it upon themselves. If the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall knew about it, they would not be involved anymore. He still wanted to borrow the resources of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall to find the culprit behind this.

"Keep your eyes on this. Let me know at once if you have any news," Su Boyu said with a sullen face. After this incident, he couldn't deny the connection even if he wanted to. The other relatives in the clan would surely bring this up to be discussed. To overcome this predicament would require some thought. Shedding some blood was a small issue, but to sully his image in the eyes of the clan elders would be a disaster.

The youth left upon hearing his words, leaving Su Boyu in thought alone at the stone gazebo.

After a moment, a figure slowly approached him. A girl in a white plain dress, with a slender figure and beautiful face; it could only be Qin Xiaoyou.

"Xiaoyou, you came," Su Boyu naturally saw Qin Xiaoyou from afar. Quickly he adjusted his look, hiding away his ruthless expression. He greeted her with a warm smile while standing up.