Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Feigning Politeness and Compliance

Qin Xiaoyou walked over to the stone pavilion expressionlessly and sat down quietly, without saying a word.

Naturally, Su Boyu knew what Qin Xiaoyou was concerned about and very agreeably dove into the main topic.

"Xiaoyou, about your mom I am monitoring her every day. You don't have to worry about the medical bills, because I've already made arrangements. We can go ahead with the operation within the next two days."

"Su Boyu, thank you for your help. I'll have to rely on you for my mom's condition," Qin Xiaoyou said calmly. At this moment, other than Su Boyu, she had no idea who else she could turn to.

"Qin Xiaoyou, don't worry. Do you still not know of my feelings? For you, I'm willing to give anything. So don't even mention this small gesture of paying millions of hospital bills for you," Su Boyu smiled gently, just as before. He walked over to Qin Xiaoyou and combed through her hair, before pulling Qin Xiaoyou into an embrace.

With regards to Qin Xiaoyou's mother's illness, he really had been monitoring it. In order to get Qin Xiaoyou, he did not mind throwing in a few million dollars. However, the thing that surprised him was that the mystery person who had been helping Qin Xiaoyou from the beginning had struck again.

Even if he had the heart to help, he was unable to. Beforehand, he had prepared to pay for the treatment bills of Qin Xiaoyou's mother. However, in the end, the hospital said that her mother was a special patient and did not have any treatment bills.

Moreover, this time, the hospital had become a lot more careful and secretive. Even after several rounds of investigations, he was unable to check up on who the mystery person was.

Now, he only knew that the illness of Qin Xiaoyou's mother had took a miraculous turn for the better and actually no longer needed the organ transplant, as the failing kidney had seemingly regained its vigor.

He was very shocked, because what kind of person could have such capabilities?

However, all of it was not important. It was alright, as long as Qin Xiaoyou did not know who the mystery person was either. Then, he could completely accredit it to himself, as Qin Xiaoyou did not know anyway.

In order to keep Qin Xiaoyou in the dark, he had even bribed some of her mother's main attending physicians and nurses to standardize their statements in hiding the fact that Wang Huiru did not require surgery. Instead, they would claim that a rich person had paid a few millions of the treatment bills and that the organ transplant would proceed within the next two days.

As for when the operation was going to happen, he was not worried whether or not it would be revealed. With his skills, to keep a lady in the dark was but a simple matter.

Su Boyu's mouth curled up into an evil smile. He believed that with all the things in place, Qin Xiaoyou would not be able to escape from his grasp. With Qin Xiaoyou's personality, once she became his benefactor, she would be afraid of him.

He did not care whether or not it would be exposed in the future. So what, even if it were to be exposed? By then, he would have already gotten the girl and everything would have been too late.

Qin Xiaoyou took in a breath and calmly said, "Su Boyu, although you helped me, some things just can't be forced.

Qin Xiaoyou's words caused a dark and cold look to flash past Su Boyu's eyes. However, his expression remained gentle and his tone remained sincere.

"Xiaoyou, my heart for you is true. I'm thinking of marrying you into the Su household"

"I'm sorry. I have no feelings for you. Feelings can't be forced in a day. I hope you understand," Qin Xiaoyou said calmly.

In her heart, she clearly knew Su Boyu's character. Whatever true heart he was talking about was just a bunch of nonsense. He just wanted to toy with women; physically and emotionally.

The number of girls that had committed suicide by jumping off buildings within the school could not be counted with a single hand. They were all the ill-fated girls who had been dumped after giving up their body and feelings.

Since she was young, Qin Xiaoyou's family had been poor, so she was strong and independent, as well as clear of the divide between the social classes. Hence, she never had any intentions of marrying into a rich family or harbored any thoughts of rising up the social ladder.

Besides the fact that Su Boyu did dress like a gentleman, even if he really was, she knew that with their gap in social status, there would never be anything between them.

Su Boyu used tactics that worked on the other girls; they were not fated to work on Qin Xiaoyou.

"Of course, I know feelings can't be forced in a day. However, I can wait. Our feelings can be slowly nurtured."

Su Boyu smiled while saying this, but did not do anything too over the top.

Su Boyu didn't toy with women just for their bodies. He enjoyed toying with their feelings even more. Someone who only knew how to toy with a person's body was an idiot who only used the lower halves of their body to think and were lowlife perverts.

If it were that, he could simply tie Qin Xiaoyou up and r*pe her directly, so why would he have to go through so many twists and turns to achieve that?

He, the Young Master Su, was naturally very cultured. He liked to toy with women, but he would always conquer first and start toying with her once the woman was willing. Su Boyu took a step forward, his expression gentle as he brought Qin Xiaoyou into an embrace. He knew that dating a woman required one to display enough affection. Only then would they feel a sense of security.

This shocked Qin Xiaoyou, and in her distress, she slapped Su Boyu. She did not have time to consider the consequences in her head.

"You" The gentle expression remained hardened on Su Boyu's face. He couldn't say anything at that second.

"I'm I'm sorry" Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head and fiercely took a step back, afraid that Su Boyu would do something over the top once again.

A cold and dark look flashed past Su Boyu's eyes, but it was masked very quickly.

"I was too offensive just now. I think we still need more time to get to know each other."

Qin Xiaoyou remained silent for a while before she said calmly, "We need time to get to know each other, so you're not allowed to force me onto you, and you still have to treat my mother."

She knew that if Su Boyu really wanted to lay his hands on her, there would be no use in her resisting. She would much rather put it out there and prevent Su Boyu from saying anything.

"Will I get any benefits for paying such a huge price to get your mother treated?" Su Boyu asked calmly.

Even though he wanted to get Qin Xiaoyou into his grasp, he would not let himself be led by the nose. Was she dreaming, thinking that she could get him to do things without having to do anything herself?

"I'm going to class," Qin Xiaoyou said coldly. She left him with that sentence and was very straightforward when turning around to leave. Now was her mother's critical period in receiving treatment. She could only rely on Su Boyu but was also restricted by him in so many aspects.

"Hmph. One day, I will definitely make you my woman. I believe that day is not too far in the future."

Su Boyu looked at Qin Xiaoyou's back view and his expression darkened quite a bit. With his status, his looks and his aura, he could not believe that a merely average girl would not be interested in him at all. It was the first time for him who had already had countless women wrapped around his little finger.

However, he believed that it would not be long before he could conquer Qin Xiaoyou completely. Could a girl that has not seen much of the world really resist his advancements?

In the face of a beauty like Qin Xiaoyou, Su Boyu really wanted to display some hard-handed tactics. However, he was helpless, as he had the heart, but not the ability.

That day, he did not know what Mo Wen had done but he was unable to become erect in these two days. He was unable to no matter the methods he tried and it was simply inhumane. Even if he had wanted to do Qin Xiaoyou, he had the heart but not the ability.

In the two days before, he had visited all the big hospitals and employed many old Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians, but none of them helped in the least bit.

The two servants in his household with the Sea of Qi realm had also taken a look at his condition and could only say that someone had placed a restriction on the flow of Inner Qi in one of the passages in which vital energy circulates. However, the restriction technique was so highly-skilled that they were unable to undo it.

Hence, Su Boyu's hate for Mo Wen deepened. He hated him so much that he wanted to skin him and eat his flesh.

Yesterday, he had sent out his two servants to attack with the aim of capturing Mo Wen, then forcing him to undo the restriction. However, in the end, Mo Wen was not captured. Instead, it was the two servants who had received the blows.

"Mo Wen, you just wait. I will make your life a living heck that is worse than death."

After fiercely blowing out two gusts of air, Su Boyu's expression calmed down once again. The father of the household had already sent out people to a martial arts clan that they had quite a good relationship with, in order to request for a senior to go to the mountains and help him undo the restriction.

Once a senior came, the restriction in his body would be easily solved. He did not believe that Mo Wen's restriction would pose any trouble to an old senior of the powerful ancient martial arts clan.