Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 93

Chapter 93: A second encounter

Killing the two retainers of the Su Clan didn't seem to create any troubles, everything seemed quiet and peaceful with the Su Clan not taking any action to seek revenge either.However, Mo Wen knew that it might have been known to the real person in power in the Su Clan as the death of two retainers was not a small matter after all.

Although it was uncertain if Mo Wen was directly involved in the death of the two retainers, one would know that there must be some form of involvement if they were smart enough. A big family clan would not take any rash action until they had ascertained the real strength of Mo Wen.

For the next two days, Mo Wen was in his room putting all his effort into concocting the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder such that he didn't even go out for a meal.

On the third morning, Mo Wen emerged from his room with a simple smile on his face.Although he looked quite tired, his spirit was obviously high.

After having some food at the canteen, he intended to go for his class.

On the way, a slender figure suddenly caught his eyes and his pupils constricted while walking towards it subconsciously.

A lady in light yellow dress was standing quietly on the bridge in front of the pond with eyes that were calm and tranquil. She was standing there but seemed not belonging to this world, having a refined disposition that was beyond this secular world.

It was weird that no one was near such a lady with incomparable beauty and her surrounding was as cold as her temperaments.Those bachelors could be blind not to see her exceptional beauty.

"Miss Mo, we meet again." Mo Wen stood next to Mo Qingge, thought for a moment but was uncertain of what to say so he could only call her Miss.

Mo Qingge seemed to know that he was going to walk towards her as she looked as indifferent as usual without any expression of surprise.She simply furrowed her brows slightly seemingly disliking anyone's disturbance, "Mo Wen." Mo Qingge glanced at Mo Wen indifferently.A simple two words and no other words after that.

However, Mo Wen was still a little surprised that she could remember his name.Then, he smiled as it was at least better than being a stranger.

He raised his lips and observed Mo Qingge carefully.

He didn't try to hid his gaze and had watched her openly.For a girl whom he was familiar with, such gaze seemed a little irrational.However, Mo Qingge was obviously oblivious of it and treating him like thin air which allowed him to scan her brazenly.

Mo Wen naturally was not attracted by Mo Qingge's beauty as he had seen this face so many times before. Although her beauty was still stunning to Mo Wen, it was impossible to make him lose self-control.

With such careful observation, he was only trying to observe her expressions and complexion in order to diagnose her illness

After a long while, Mo Wen retracted his gaze and was slightly relieved. The Massacre's Host of Mo Qingge was relatively stable as it didn't have the symptoms of being on the verge of flaring, so it was estimated that it wouldn't have any problem within two weeks.Hence, he also gained sufficient time for preparation.

Regarding Mo Qingge's matter, he was naturally keeping it in mind. With his title of Miracle Physician and his research of the Massacre's Host for more than ten years, it was naturally impossible to have no achievement at all. He definitely had a few methods of suppressing the Massacre spirit of the Massacre's Host and certainly able to weaken the flaring of the Massacre's Host to a certain extent.

So far till now, he only knew three effective methods of suppressing the Massacre's Host.

One of them was to have things that would ease the heart and calm the mind as the devil began with the heart.When the soul remained still, the will wouldn't be affected regardless of its heinous Massacre spirit.

The Massacre spirit could do nothing to Mo Qingge if she was not demonised and had pure thoughts.

However, the thing that could ease the heart and calm the mind in order to suppress the Massacre's Host was naturally not simple things.They had to be some unique things from this world as the ordinary things would not have any effect.

With Mo Wen's ability and reputation in the past lifetime, he only managed to find a handful of items with such efficacy.With the present situation, it would be impossible for him to find items with such efficacy in such short period of time.

Besides this, the second method was the unique set of acupuncture techniques which was directed at countering the Massacre's Host.He had created a set of acupuncture techniques called the Merging of rivers into oceans.The effect of these techniques was to conciliate the Massacre spirit of the Massacre's Host, like the rivers merging into the oceans orderly and neatly, so as to impede the flaring of the Massacre spirit to a great extent.

However, the utilization of the "Merging of Rivers Into Oceans" techniques had a high demand of Inner Qi from the person. It would difficult to perpetuate without the Cultivation of Sea of Qi realm and even after the complete performance of such techniques, the effect might not be satisfactory.

The higher the Cultivation, the stronger the effect of the techniques of Merging of rivers into oceans would be.

With his present Cultivation, even if he was to perform these techniques, the effect would be too small.

The third method would be medical suppression.The special ingredients of the medicine would change the internal condition of the body so that the body would suppress the Massacre spirit on its own.

After all, the source of the Massacre's Host was in the body, growing and living together.When the body had some symptoms, the Massacre's Host would be affected consequently.

In the many years of research, Mo Wen had researched a kind of medicine that could counter the Massacre's Host named Pill of Purifying heart, which was effective in weakening the Massacre spirit of the Massacre's Host during the flare.

Under the present situation, naturally the third method of medical suppression would be the most possible and would be of most help to Mo Qingge.

However, the medicinal herbs for this medicine was quite complex.Although Mo Wen was mindful of this matter, he had yet to collate all the medicinal herbs.

When he was at Tong Ren Tang the other day, other than buying the medicinal herbs for the concoction of the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder, he also bought quite a few medicinal herbs for the concoction of Pill of Purifying heart.Most of them were cheap and useful medicinal herbs as he couldn't afford those expensive medicinal herbs.

There were some medicinal herbs that he could not find as Tong Ren Tang did not have them due to their rarity.

He planned that during this trip to Charm City, he must not only think of the ways to earn some money, but also look for these medicinal herbs that he lacked.As Charm City was known as the World Trade Center, perhaps he would be able to find the things he wanted.

"Give me your contact details, I need to be able to contact you anytime," Mo Wen muttered lightly while lifting his head towards Mo Qingge.

"Why do you contact me?" Mo Qingge smiled lightly for once as this guy in front of her was too direct.

"I will help you to pull through this crisis and I will not let you die," Mo Wen smiled and said in a normal tone. A statement that might seem like an excuse in the ears of others, yet it sounded so utterly calm.

"You have not asked if I am willing to accept your help.How can anyone believe you?" Mo Qingge curled her lips and felt that this guy in front of her was a little arrogant and conceited. What made he think that he could help her to pull through this crisis?

Nobody knew the horror of the Massacre's Host better than her. Although the story was moving and Mo Wen was engrossed in telling it, a story was just a story and reality was still a reality.In the story, he didn't manage to save his sister eventually.

"I will help you regardless of your willingness to accept it. I mentioned that I will try my best to keep you alive," Mo Wen diverted his gaze towards the water lotus in the pond. Regardless of whether she trusted him, he couldn't just watch without doing anything.

"You seem interesting and even force help upon others.However, are you really thinking of helping others?You are not trying to help me so as to make up for your own regrets," Mo Qingge smiled helplessly at Mo Wen's arrogance.Although she was quite even-tempered, no one had ever been so arrogant towards her.