Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Heading Out to Charm City

After making the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder, Mo Wen naturally swallowed them immediately. To him, improving his body condition was the most urgent thing.

One also had to pay attention to the way in which one consumed the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder. This medicine could only be taken thrice. After three times, there would no longer be any effect.

However, taking the medicine at different times would also have different effects.

For the first time, the timing did not matter much and it would have the greatest effect on the body. The second time would be the best if timed with the peak of the Soothing Pulse realm. When one was preparing to breakthrough into the Sea of Qi realm, the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder would give the effect of being reborn and it would be a huge help to breaking through into the Sea of Qi realm.

As for the third time, it had to be taken immediately after the successful breakthrough into the Sea of Qi realm. By then, the entire body's passages would be opened and the Inner Qi would have gathered in the core to form the Sea of Qi. There would be huge changes occurring to the body and consuming the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder at this time would once again improve the body to a large extent and maximize its performance.

With a consecutive three times of improvements, Mo Wen's body would have achieved its best state.

However, with the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder, the remaining steps of opening up the passages became much easier. After all, Mo Wen had once walked a similar path and walking such a path again was naturally easier. He believed that in no time, he would be able to achieve the later stage of the peak of the Soothing Pulse realm.

After undergoing Mo Wen's treatment, Qin Xiaoyou's mother's illness had evidently improved. The functions of her body's internal organs had slowly regained normality and with the nursing by the hospital for a period of time, she would be able to be discharged from the hospital.

In the next two days, Mo Wen remained in the dormitory to train. After being reborn, his body had regained his initial best state and was equivalent to a new person. He suddenly had the feeling like he had a whole table full of delicacies of every kind. The speed of training increasing by ten times naturally made Mo Wen cherish the opportunity and train insanely.

On the morning two days later, a knock on the door rang from outside. It shocked the Mo Wen who was in the midst of training and he looked at the hanging wall clock only to realize that it was already eight in the morning.

He briefly prepared and got up to open the door. It was a little odd as it was so early in the morning so who would look for him. Although he shared the dormitory with five other people, they did not come into contact often and normally said very few words. Usually, they would not drop in to one another's room.

After opening the door, Shen Jing was standing outside quietly. Today, she was dressed in a professional working outfit as usual and it was as if she had put in effort into dressing up. The serious outfit could not hide her beauty as usual.

"Ms Shen Jing, what have you come looking for me for?" Mo Wen asked curiously.

"You're still asking me. Today, the representative team is all ready to set off. Beforehand, I had looked for you for so long but I could not find you. You didn't even leave any mode of contact, it's really annoying," Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen pointedly. Two days before, she had already started looking for Mo Wen to inform him about the set off that was happening today. However, she was unable to find him. With no other choice, she had to personally make a trip down to Mo Wen's dormitory. However, it was fortunate that there were no others in his dormitory so she had dared to enter.

Mo Wen smiled awkwardly and he suddenly remembered about the specialist conference at Charm City. This time, the team from Hua Xia University was led by Professor Pan Aiguo and there were two professors with four students following. Him and Shen Jing were amongst them.

"You skip lessons every day, how would I not be angry?" Shen Jing's face was stiff. Mo Wen had not gone for lessons for two consecutive days and there were no signs of him even so nobody knew where he had run off to. In her class, there was only one student as stubborn as Mo Wen, which was Mo Wen himself.

"Ms Shen Jing, must we set off today? I haven't packed my luggage," Mo Wen said while a little stunned. Seeing as Shen Jing had a reprimanding look, he hurriedly changed the topic.

"There is still an hour till we set off, hurry and pack," Shen Jing was also very rushed in her actions. Previously, she had already told Mo Wen about this and in the end, he had not even prepared himself. She really did not know what was going on in his brain all day.

"Then I'll go and pack now. Ms Shen Jing, you can take a seat in the living hall first," Mo Wen quickly continued and with that, he wanted to retreat back into his room.

"That Are the others in your dormitory around?"

Shen Jing's small face tensed up and she asked carefully. She did not forget that this was a freak dormitory. If those few people came back, she did not dare to sit in the living hall. Thinking about the last time when she had crossed paths with that cold man full of killing spirit still left her with a lingering fear.

But if she was not in the living hall, she could not go into Mo Wen's room either. It would definitely be a little unsuitable for a girl and a guy to be alone in a room.

"Relax, they all have not returned to the dormitory," Mo Wen smiled and said.

"I'm just casually asking," Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. He made it sound as though she was very scared. She did not want to appear weak in front of her students. As she said that, she elegantly walked over to the sofa and sat down, and she put on a relaxed look, as if she was in her own home.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and did not care about her as he returned to his room and started to pack. Actually, he did not have much to pack as he did not have many things to begin with, However, he had to properly pack up the things that he had brought back from the Ming Clan's historical abode. Those things were rare and precious, and he valued them a lot.

"Are you done packing?" It had only been a while but Shen Jing's uncomfortable voice had rung out from the living hall. From her voice, it was clear that she was not as calm and composed.

"I'm done packing," Mo Wen rolled his eyes and carried a cloth bag while walking out of the room.

"Then let's get going quickly," As she said this, Shen Jing pulled Mo Wen and went out, as if she did not want to stay even for a minute longer.

"Mo Wen, why don't you get a phone? It is already such a new age and there are still people who don't use phones," Shen Jing said on the way with a little complaint. If Mo Wen had a phone, she would not have to come all this way into the forest to look for him.

"I can't afford a handphone," Mo Wen said the truth.

"Are you really so poor?" Nowadays, phones could be as cheap as a hundred to two hundred dollars. How could there be anyone who could not afford a phone.

"Very poor," Mo Wen nodded his head.

"Forget it, I will help you get one," Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. It was very inconvenient without a phone and she did not want to make a trip everyday just to find Mo Wen.

"Just take it that I owe you," Mo Wen looked at Shen Jing and did not simply accept it as it was not his character to simply accept benefits from anyone for no reason.

"Sure, remember to compensate me in future," Shen Jing looked over at Mo Wen. She understood the fragile pride of men.

The representative team would set off in an hour. In order to get a phone for Mo Wen, Shen Jing contacted Professor Pan Aiguo and told him that they would not set off together from the school but gather directly at the airport.

Afterwards, Shen Jing drove Mo Wen out of the school. She had to get Mo Wen a phone before they got to Charm City. If not, the moment they arrived at Charm City and if Mo Wen separated from her, she was afraid that they would never be able to find him.

Although the two of them would largely be together during the period of the conference, Shen Jing understood Mo Wen and knew that he was not well-behaved. It was hard to say but he could disappear from her sight at any time.

Shen Jing was very efficient in doing things. She drove directly to the shopping mall and chose a phone model, before getting Mo Wen a SIM card and adding a lot of value into it in order to be able to contact Mo Wen.

With Shen Jing's status, she naturally would not mind such a small gesture. However, Mo Wen kept it in mind and would return her the money when he had the chance.

After leaving the mall, the two of them went to the airport directly. It was estimated that the representative team of Hua Xia University was also on the way there at the time.

At the departure hall of the airport, the two of them finally reunited with Professor Pan Aiguo and the other three people. This time, the two professors going on the trip could each bring two students. Naturally, Pan Aiguo's students were Shen Jing and Mo Wen. There was another old professor called Zhang Youxin who also brought young students.