Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 96

Chapter 96: iPhone 6

Charm City, the economic center of Hua Xia Country, and the city with the biggest flow of people in the country.

After getting off the plane, the people from the organizer of the specialized conference picked them up and sent them to a five-star hotel.

The specialized conference was held in the same hotel and seemed to have reserved the whole floor of this hotel.

After getting the room card and confirming it, Mo Wen laid down on his bed and went to sleep. Because of the concoction of the Blood, Vitality & Qi transmuting powder, he didn't sleep for three days, consecutively. Even with his amazing willpower, he was still on the verge of breaking down.

That night, someone knocked on the door. Shen Jing's voice came from outside the door.

"Mo Wen, the banquet is starting. Wake up quickly."

There was a banquet that night. The attendees were all experienced, well-known experts from the medical field and also some businessmen from the pharmaceutical industry.

It wasn't unusual to have businessmen present in a specialized conference. It was actually very normal. Conference of such large scale actually had nothing to do with conferencing it was plainly a top-notch gathering of the industry.

Many pharmaceutical companies would send their representatives to become acquaintances to the capable experts in the medical field in order to find out their latest research achievements.

In fact, many of the research achievements would eventually end up in the hands of these private companies instead of the country. This was because private companies were able to invest money into them. Sometimes, it might even have generous profit sharing.

After a while, Mo Wen opened the door lazily to see Shen Jing standing outside the door with both hands on her waist, staring at him.

He only answered the door idly after such a long knock at the door, what an attitude.

That night, Shen Jing was specially groomed. She adorned herself in a royal blue off-shoulder dress, which was luxurious, yet elegant, making her look extremely noble, like a socialite.

She wore a pair of studded high heeled shoes, which made her slender figure to be even more vividly prominent, without giving others the feeling of being too thin. She looked so balanced and well-proportionate, that she was equivalent, or better, when compared to any of the top models.

"You didn't change your clothes?" Shen Jing furrowed her brows slightly.

"What clothes?" Mo Wen asked while yawning.

"A suit, of course. You're not going to the banquet like this, right?"

Shen Jing was completely speechless when she looked at Mo Wen.

T-shirt, shorts, flip-flops That was Mo Wen's current image.

You would be insane to attend a banquet in this attire, especially when it was the most sophisticated banquet in the medical field.

"Suit?" Mo Wen blinked his eyes and said, "No suit. It's quite good like this. I'll just make do with it."

He scanned himself up and down, but didn't find anything wrong.

Shen Jing was already at the verge of pulling her hair out. When it was about Mo Wen, she was totally helpless.How could he could still feel good about himself with that outfit?

She should have known. Since Mo Wen couldn't afford a phone, how could he afford a suit? However, it was already too late to buy one now.

Shen Jing looked to the left and right to ensure that there wasn't anyone around before she said helplessly, "We'll go now. Keep a low-profile at the banquet later, and don't seek the limelight."

She felt very pressured walking next to Mo Wen. From the encounter in the hospital, Shen Jing realized that Mo Wen was not someone who knew his place.

"Low-profile, low profile"

Mo Wen nodded, as he thought that he had always kept a low-profile as he didn't stir up any trouble and avoided unduly performance.

Still wearing his flip-flops, he followed Shen Jing towards the gathering hall on the thirtieth floor.

The enormous hall it was already filled with people. There were many who sashayed through the hall with wine glasses in their hands, trying to strike conversations with another.

Once Shen Jing entered the hall, she became the focal point of many people in no time. Then the focal point shifted from her to Mo Wen. Many eyes were filled with some peculiarity.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. Focusing on a beauty was alright, but it would be crazy to focus on him!

He didn't feel nervous, even with all eyes on him. He folded his hands and walked calmly beside Shen Jing with his eyes fixed ahead, having a sense of loftiness.

"Mo Wen, after you have your food and drinks, it would be good to be able to meet a few well-known people in the medical field, as it would be helpful to your future development," Shen Jing muttered to Mo Wen.

Mo Wen nodded and swept his eyes across the hall. There were a lot of food.He had not eaten his dinner yet.

"I will not be accompanying you then.

After saying that, Shen Jing went into the crowd as she had other matters to attend to.

The gathering hall was huge with three sections: the dining hall, the ballroom, and the meeting hall.

There were very few people in the dining hall just a handful. After all, those who could attend this gathering were definitely not here for the food.

Mo Wen sat in the corner of the dining hall to have some food and drinks, totally relaxed.

There were not many people in the dining hall, so naturally, no one paid attention to him or tried to strike a conversation with him. The most some would do was look at him weirdly.

After enough eating and drinking, he was so bored that he whipped out the phone Shen Jing bought for him.It was called the iPhone 6 and seemed to be quite high-end. But no matter how high-end it was, it would succumb to Mo Wen's great intelligence.

After meddling with it for a while, he finally learned to unlock it.Although Shen Jing taught him on their way here, it was only a verbal instruction, which was totally different from an actual operation.

Mo Wen considered himself to be talented, as he managed to handle it in only ten minutes.

After fiddling with the phone for a while, he didn't discover anything that piqued his interest.

Log in to QQ [1] then. It seemed to be a long time since he had last logged in.

He saw the penguin icon and tapped on it to get in.

Then, he spent a lot effort and time trying to remember the password for his QQ before he finally managed to log in.

As he went online, a ceaseless beeping sound resonated for about half a minute.

Mo Wen was shocked, as he didn't have many friends in his QQ, so no one would initiate a chat with him. It had not been that long since he had not logged in. It had been perhaps half a year, so how could there be so many messages suddenly?

He browsed through and realized that there were only two notifications, one indicated that there were thirteen messages.

The other horrifying one had 186 messages. Even if one was talking to oneself, it wouldn't be like that. How lonely, empty, and cold would one must be to have continuously texted him 180 messages.

However, Mo Wen soon realized that they were not messages, but the reminders of a friend's verification!

Mo Wen was unable to make a head or tail of it, only to tap it. Instantly, half the screen was being occupied. The only thing that came to sight was, "Brother Mo, I hate you. You didn't keep your promise."


[1]QQ is an instant messaging software service developed by the Chinese company Tencent Holding Limited.QQ also offers online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, movie and group and voice chat software.The logo of the software is a penguin wearing a red scarf. (Source: Wikipedia)