Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 97

Chapter 97: The Wick

Staring at the hundred over verification messages on screen, Mo Wen's lips twitched.

He scrolled through the messages. All of them were:

"Brother Mo, I am Yun Xiaoman.", "Brother Mo, I am Yun Xiaoman, please add me.", "Brother Mo, are you not around?", "Brother Mo, where are you? It's been eight days.", "Brother Mo, please add me. Pretty, pretty please."

Towards the end, the messages had turned into:

"Brother Mo, I hate you.", "Bastard, you didn't keep your promise.", "Woo woo, I am begging you. Please add me."

Mo Wen's lips twitched. It had only been a little over a month. Logically the poison in her grandfather's body should not have relapsed yet. Why was she looking for him so urgently?

If there was no accident, Yun Xiaoman's grandfather wouldn't have another episode again in such a short time. He was quite confident about it.

After adding Yun Xiaoman, Mo Wen clicked on another message box.

The Wick: Little brother, it has been a while since you have come to pay your respects to me.

The Wick: Where have you been?

The Wick: Have you, by chance, reincarnated?


The Wick: Your elder sister is dying. If you don't show yourself, you might not be able to meet me for the last time.

The Wick: Such an unfilial kid. I was expecting you to burn me some joss paper when I die. Now it seems like I will need to burn some joss paper for you.

Mo Wen's lips twitched. This Wick. What else could he expect from a hog but a grunt?

He replied right away: I didn't reincarnate, but I was reborn.

The Wick was a friend that he knew from the Internet two years ago. For Mo Wen who was seldom online, she was his only friend from the Internet.

One day, the Wick asked him how old he was. He was sixteen at that time, but he pretended to be older and said he was 35 years old.

In the end the Wick replied instantly: You are only 35. I am 53 already. From now on, you can call me Big Sister."

After that, she started referring to herself as his big sister

The Wick: The corpse has come alive!

It had only been two minutes before the reply message came in.

The Wick: Little Brother, have you been reading too many time travel novels? Perform your reborn skill in front of me.

Two messages came in almost instantaneously.

Mo Wen: Why are you not dead yet? Didn't you say you are dying?

Mo Wen never needed to hold back when faced with the Wick's scurrilous remarks.

The Wick: Such a disloyal and unfilial brat. Are you wishing for your Big Sister's death? If I die, I will make sure I bring you along as my servant to the Netherworld.

The Wick: Huh? You are in Charm City?

Mo Wen: How do you know?

Mo Wen was surprised. How did the Wick know that he was in Charm City? Was it even possible that she had clairvoyance?

The Wick: Don't you know that QQ has the function of detecting people nearby? Your IQ is surely not high enough, little brother.

People nearby? What does that mean? Mo Wen was puzzled for a long while and still couldn't figure out the meaning of such a profound term.

The Wick: Oh my! You are in Golden Age Hotel!

Mo Wen: How did you know?

He had goosebumps. How did the Wick know his exact location? Was it possible that she knew his whereabouts since the beginning? Was it possible that the Wick was someone he knew all along and she knew he was attending the party.

The Wick: It's hard for me to speak to an illiterate like you. Can you please improve on your general knowledge?

Mo Wen:

The Wick: Such a coincidence. I am also in Golden Age Hotel. You stay there. I will go to you now.

The Wick: Could you have kidnapped some girl to have sex in your room?

Mo Wen: I'm in the convention hall on the 30th floor.

Mo Wen was tired of dwelling in aimless conversation with the Wick. One could not expect her to say anything nice. But he was curious as to exactly how did the Wick, the lady who was his self-proclaimed Big Sister, look like.

Speaking of this, it was a little embarrassing: that time Mo Wen was innocent. The Wick easily convinced him to send her his picture; she even probed him to tell her all about his single-parent family background and his high school. But Mo Wen didn't even know her name.

He only knew that the Wick was a local born and bred Shanghainese. Aside from that he knew nothing about her. Of course, regarding her saying that she was the boss of a mafia gang, a successful businesswoman, super beauty

Mo Wen just took it as she was fibbing. He would be a fool to believe her.

While waiting for the Wick to arrive, he sat at his table enjoying his delicious meal.

Just as he put down his phone, Mo Wen saw Shen Jing entering the restaurant, followed by two other people behind her. He knew one of them as they had met at Professor Pan's house, the prim and proper Lin Qing.

According to Shen Jing, Lin Qing was a successful businesswoman. Due to working arrangements, she spent most of her time in Charm City. For her to show up at the cocktail party was a surprise.

As for the other person, he was a young man around his thirties. He was tall and big, dressed in a suit with shoes, and his hair was meticulously groomed with mousse. He looked like a successful person.

"Mo Wen, why are you always sitting in the restaurant?" From afar, Shen Jing spotted Mo Wen in an instant. With his attire, it was impossible for him not to be conspicuous.

Today's gathering was originally for people in the same field to make friends and expand their networks. Mo Wen kept sitting in the restaurant, how could he make any friends in this manner? The venue was full of opportunities, but he actually did not know how to seize them.

Shen Jing walked up next to Mo Wen. She did not walk together with Lin Qing. As for Lin Qing, she sat down in a corner along with the young man. They seemed to be discussing something.

"That person is Zhu Chengdong. He is the General Manager of the Great Western Pharmaceutical Company. He wants to talk business with Sister Lin," Shen Jing explained to Mo Wen in a low voice, "That person is profit driven. Plus his motive is not pure. I don't really like him."

For today's medical field personnel gathering, Lin Qing was attending as the CEO of Pu Yuan Pharmaceuticals.

Due to Pan Aiguo's status and connection, Lin Qing's development in the pharmaceutical field had been a smooth sailing journey. The scale of her company was expanding. Now she owned a pharmaceutical company that had a market value worth of around three billion. It was not a large corporate, but it was a company of decent size.

She started with nothing. Now, before she was thirty she had already had such achievements. She was truly a successful businesswoman.

However, her main purpose for being present today was not to discuss business or network, but to meet Elder Pan and her girlfriend Shen Jing.

However, that Zhu Chengdong was pestering her to discuss business. Due to the influence of the Great Western Pharmaceutical Company in the field of medicine, Lin Qing could not just refuse him.

"Zhu Chengdong is obviously not aiming to discuss business with Big Sister Lin. I reckon that he is plotting something evil,"Shen Jing clearly showed contempt for Zhu Chengdong, coldly staring at their corner.

She knew very well that Zhu Chengdong had always been interested in Big Sister Lin. In the past, he had been pestering her using many excuses and she was sick of him. However, Pu Yuan Pharmaceuticals had a lot of business connection with Great Western Pharmaceutical Company, so Sister Lin was not in the position to reject him.