Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Do You Wish to Make Him Suffer?

Shen Jing picked up a glass of red wine and took a sip dully. Her gaze travelled to Lin Qing's direction from time to time, as she did not have a good feeling about Zhu Chengdong.

"Ms. Shen Jing, do you want to make that person suffer?"

Mo Wen laughed. Looking at Shen Jing's appearance, the annoyance and hate she harbored towards the "promising youth" was not normal.

"Of course I want to. And how do I go about doing that?"

Shen Jing's eyeballs rolled and she looked at Mo Wen with some interest.

"Come with me."

Mo Wen picked up the glass of red wine and got up to walk over to Lin Qing's side.

Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen, feeling perplexed, but followed him without really knowing what was going on.

"Aiya, Sister Lin, long time no see. It's such a surprise to be able to see you at this banquet."

Mo Wen walked in front of Lin Qing directly. He made it seem as though they knew each other very well, as he sat on a chair beside Lin Qing with an unusual friendliness.

"Hello there."

Although Lin Qing was a little confused that a complete stranger came up to her and said hello so passionately without any rhyme or reason, she remained polite as she smiled. This person was someone she did not know, but somehow, he appeared a little familiar.

She could be sure that it was another young man who had come to her to strike up a conversation. But hhe was too young for her, right? He looked only 18 years old. A kid his age should still be studying in school, so what was his motive in coming over to strike a conversation with her?

"Sister Lin."

Shen Jing smiled bitterly and walked over as well. Mo Wen really did what he said he would do. Still, she couldn't think of what he was trying to do.

Seeing as Shen Jing had walked over, Lin Qing finally recalled who Mo Wen was. No wonder he looked a little familiar. Wasn't he the one who had followed Shen Jing to the father's house to visit that one student?

"Xiaojing, did the two of you come together?"

After finding out their relationship, it was easy to link that Mo Wen had probably followed Shen Jing over to take part in the conference.

Mo Wen looked at the youth in a suit, Zhu Chengdong, with a very curious expression.

"Sister Lin, who is that?"

Mo Wen suddenly cut in so that Lin Qing could not figure out Mo Wen's motive. Could it be that he wanted to use her as a bridge and form relations with Zhu Chengdong?

"He is the general manager of a big western medicine company and the son of the chairman Zhu Zhangchen."

Zhu Chengdong squinted his eyes slightly and examined him. His eyebrows subconsciously knitted tgoether. What did this exotic person wearing a T-shirt and shorts at a banquet have to do with Lin Qing?

"Turns out you're a big boss. It's a privilege to meet."

Listening to that, Mo Wen stood up in shock and casually picked up a glass of red wine from the table before saying, "Big boss, come, let me offer you a glass, cheers"

He took the initiative in picking up the glass. He touched it to the wine glass of Zhu Chengdong before laughing and saying, "A first cheers as a form of respect."

With a rumble, a glass of red wine had gone down his stomach and reached the bottom in a second.

The corner of Lin Qing's mouth twitched involuntarily. She felt a little like she could not bear to look him straight in the eye, as she directed her gaze to one side. Where did this hotheaded youth pop out from?

Shen Jing hit her head a little, weighed down by grief, and felt as though she had nowhere else to hide her face. What is this young man thinking of doing?

Zhu Chengdong looked at this ground beetle and simply was at a loss for words. However, the reference of him being a big boss made his heart very comfortable.

"Young man, work hard, and there will be a chance for sure."

Zhu Chengdong used the tone of a leader giving a speech and said this without much feeling. Then, he picked up the wine glass and took a sip. He would not be like this ground beetle and drink red wine like Erguotou.

A voice travelled over from the door. There was an unspeakable tenderness and charm in it.

"Little brother, does your sister know about you wearing such informal clothing when attending the banquet?"

Mo Wen subconsciously looked over in that direction, only to find a lanky girl slowly walking over.

The girl had exquisite cheeks, and her features were beautiful. She wore a long black skirt which thoroughly accentuated her figure; there was a faint attractive mature charm about her. She wore a pair of silver stilettos, and a velvet sweater was draped over her shoulders. There was a high-class aura all around her. She was elegant, yet attractive.

Her face, however, was a little cold, but elegant. It was not because of her personality, though.

"The Wick?" Mo Wen asked in shock. He had not expected that The Wick would have such an image. It was simply incomprehensible to him. How could the appearance and personality have such a huge difference?

"What do you mean by The Wick? You have no manners. Do you not know how to greet a sister?"

The Wick side-glanced at Mo Wen.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes and did not bother with her.

"Ms Gu, why would you" Zhu Chengdong immediately stood up from his seat upon seeing The Wick.

"You are?"

Gu Jingman curiously looked at Zhu Chengdong but did not recognize the person in front of her.

"I'm called Zhu Chengdong, the general manager of a big western medicine company. We've met before have you forgotten?"

Zhu Chengdong hurriedly introduced himself. His attitude became much humbler, very unlike his previous overbearing attitude.


Gu Jingman gave an "oh", as if he was below her. Even though Zhu Chengdong had introduced himself, she still could not remember such a person.

"Ms Gu, have a seat, have a seat!"

Zhu Chengdong took care of her attentively. His face had a faint excited appearance. If he could form relations with Gu Jingman, it would be great for his business.

But as they were talking, Zhu Chengdong's expression changed suddenly. Suddenly, dull sounds rang out constantly. Then, it was as if it could not be suppressed any longer, as loud sounds exploded like firecrackers continuously, one after the other.

At the same time, an odd stench gradually spread out.

The surrounding crowd fixed their gazes onto Zhu Chengdong. He had actually farted at the banquet; and so indiscriminately as well.

"I came to look for my little brother today, so I won't have a seat."

Gu Jingman furrowed her brows and walked aside, putting quite a bit of distance between her and Zhu Chengdong.

As for Shen Jing and Lin Qing, they sat on their seats awkwardly and tried their hardest to hold their breaths. If they got up and left at that point in time, it would have clearly been a gesture of disrespect. They were not like Zhu Chengdong, who would not give a care, even in a crowded hall. Even if he really had to do that, he could have settled it by going to the toilet. He really did not even have a bit of civic mindedness.

Zhu Chengdong's face turned a purplish red. He wanted to dive into any hole he could find. It was not easy for him to meet Gu Jingman, and yet he did such an uncouth thing. He wanted to slap himself.

"I'll I'll make a trip to the toilet first"

Zhu Chengdong's entire face had turned red from suppressing himself. He could only feel his stomach flipping constantly. His body was like a pump that continuously wanted to release air outside. It was unbearable and uncontrollable.

At that point in time, he did not care if he took off, so he did. As he ran, he let out farts. There was a continuous stream of dull rings along the way.

The people who were eating in the restaurant put down their utensils one after the other and looked at Zhu Chengdong with contempt. How could they still be in the mood to eat?

Naturally, Gu Jingman did not want to idle in the restaurant any longer, so she called Mo Wen over.

"Little brother, let's find a place to talk properly," she said, before walking outside first.

Lin Qing and Shen Jing also got up quickly and walked out of the restaurant.

"What happened to that Zhu Chengdong? He is really too"

Lin Qing did not even know how to describe Zhu Chengdong anymore. Even though she knew that it was the call of nature, she could not help feeling disgusted.

"I'm afraid that Zhu Chengdong will be famous," Shen Jing said, gratified at his misfortune.

That Mo Wen was also too mean. At this point, she finally understood Mo Wen's method of making Zhu Chengdong suffer. As a doctor, he naturally knew what medicinal materials could make a person's physiology out of control. However, she did not know how Mo Wen had managed to execute it.