Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Very silly and very naive

Gu Jingman and Mo Wen sat next to each other near the parapet of a western restaurant with a relaxed ambience on the twenty-eighth floor of the hotel.With a glance down, one would have a view of the bustling streets.

"What should we eat?" Gu Jingman asked while holding the menu, after she had ordered the two glasses of fruit juices.

"I've just eaten. You just order something for yourself," Mo Wen slumped himself into the soft comfortable seat to take in the view of busy streets outside.Sitting at that spot, one would have a taste of the bird's eye view.

"Don't you know that it is rude to refuse someone like that when having meals with them?" Gu Jingman threw the menu aside and glared at Mo Wen as it was obvious that she had no intention of having a meal either.

"I am really worried if you would be able to get a girlfriend.You don't even pretend to be a gentleman when having a meal with a beautiful woman," Gu Jingman shook her head and sighed, looking disappointed and yet impatient with his development.

"A beautiful woman?" Mo Wen glanced around before looking at Gu Jingman and asked, "You?"

"Talk back to me again and see if I would strip you and throw you into the banquet hall?" Gu Jingman squinted her eyes while her lips curled up to a dangerous smile.

The corner of Mo Wen's mouth twitched as this woman might really do it.However, he didn't think that Gu Jingman had the ability to strip and throw him out.

"Don't dare, right?Keep a low profile when you are interacting with me in the future.You are not showing any courtesy and respect at all.Still talking back to a girl at such age, even I am grieving for you," Seeing that Mo Wen went silent, Gu Jingman's lips curled into a satisfied smile.

"How long are you going to stay in Charm City?If I am in a good mood, I would be able to bring you around for two days and show you the world," Gu Jingman stirred the fruit juice with a spoon.

She found this brother whom she knew from the internet relatively amusing.She thought that he was simple in the past, but after meeting for a few times, she found him to be not only simple but also very silly, always a little dull. Why else was he surprised after meeting her?No curiosity, no flattery, seemed like a fool instead.

If Mo Wen knew that Gu Jingman had evaluated him to be very simple, very silly and foolish, his expressions would definitely be very interesting.

"What's your name?"

Mo Wen basically had no interest in allowing a sister, who had felt so good about herself, to bring him around to see the whatever world.

"Before asking for someone's name, aren't you supposed to introduce yourself first?I still don't know your name yet," Gu Jingman looked askance at Mo Wen. She still didn't know Mo Wen's name, she only knew his internet nickname as Mo Wen.

"I told you before Mo Wen."

Mo Wen furrowed his brows.Could such a beautiful girl have some problem with her intelligence? He had already told her that his name was Mo Wen in the past and yet she was asking again.

"You are really called Mo Wen?"

Gu Jingman widened her eyes and stared at Mo Wen curiously.

She used to think in the past that Mo Wen was telling her not to ask, obviously she had misunderstood him.

Mo Wen's lips twitched a little and just kept his mouth shut, reluctant to comment further.

"I'm Gu Jingman.You will call me Sister Gu, understand?" Gu Jingman said with a wide smile.

Suddenly, a ringing tone resounded.Mo Wen touched his pocket seemingly out of conditioned reflex.After all, today was different from the past; he had a phone in his pocket.

"It's mine," Gu Jingman glared at Mo Wen amusingly.

This brother was really too eccentric, he couldn't even identify his own ringtone.

How would she know that Mo Wen basically didn't know how his ringtone was like.Since he had the phone, nobody had called him yet.

Gu Jingman answered the call.After a minute, her face turned gloomy and seemed to look troubled, "Brother, I still have something to attend to today so I will ask you out another day. Give me your phone number."

After answering the call, Gu Jingman apologized while taking a glimpse at Mo Wen, "You go ahead."

Mo Wen didn't remember his own phone number, so he could only take the phone out from his pocket.After checking it for a long while, he finally found his phone number.

"Brother, are you kept as a gigolo by a rich woman? How did you afford an iPhone 6?" Looking at the iPhone 6 in Mo Wen's hand, something weird flashed across Gu Jingman's eyes.Although she had not used this kind of phone, she knew that it was the new product of Apple Inc. which was suitable for the petit bourgeois.

She had some understanding of Mo Wen's situation that he had to save up on food even during normal school days, not to speak of affording such an expensive phone.

"Someone gave it to me," Mo Wen was too lazy to explain further.

Why was Gu Jingman so inquisitive?

"Are you really a gigolo?" Gu Jingman widened her eyes and scrutinized Mo Wen a little.

He did have some potentials: good build with tall stature, delicate features and full of masculinity of a young man.

"Don't be gigolo anymore.You are still young, it is bad for your physical and mental health," Gu Jingman curled her lips into a laugh and walked out of the restaurant elegantly in her high heel shoes.

"Crazy," Mo Wen was totally baffled while gazing at Gu Jingman's receding back.Then he finished the drink in a gulp.

When he returned to the gathering hall on the thirtieth floor, the gathering was already halfway through so those who were supposed to be there were already there.The enormous hall was packed with well-dressed people which in turn made Mo Wen looked especially odd and prominent

"Mo Wen, how did you know Gu Jingman?" From afar, Shen Jing saw Mo Wen so she took a glass of red wine and walked towards him.On the way, she met a few young men who tried to strike a conversation with her whom she handled with perfunctory courtesy.

"I know her from the internet," Mo Wen answered indifferently.He actually felt quite bored attending such gathering, but he couldn't just leave.

"Internet? That works?" Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen in disbelief, seemingly trying to decipher if he was telling the truth. "Do you know who she is? She asked weirdly.

"Who is she?" Mo Wen asked curiously.

Gu Jingman's ostentation was quite grand so she should be someone of some special status.

"Gu Jingman's background is complicated, it was said" Shen Jing looked around, "It was said that she was the female mafia leader of the underground mafia gang in Hua Dong region, who was in good terms with those in the mafia gangs and those in the law enforcement and many people in the political and business world were afraid of her as she has lots of crafty tricks up her sleeve."

"Puff!" Mo Wen nearly spurted out the mouthful of wine.When Gu Jingman told him that she was the female mafia leader before, he simply thought that she was just talking nonsense but never thought that it would turn out to be true.

"Afraid? You better not mixed with such people in the future. Don't be badly influenced by her," Shen Jing asked worriedly.

She didn't really know Gu Jingman well in the past, it was Lin Qing who told her these. Gu Jingman had a great reputation and was able to pull the wool over the eyes of the people in Hua Dong region.

"Afraid," Mo Wen moved his lips to put on a rigid smile and nodded to agree.

He actually met a female robbers leader that made him exclaimed that this world was indeed too miraculous.

He still vaguely remembered that he had been the nemesis of the robbers and bandits in his past lifetime.Those thirty-six gangs and seventy-two strongholds were even afraid of hearing his name without meeting him. In that lifetime, an unexpected incident had led him to have an abhorrence of evil-doers such that he destroyed the vicious power of thirty-eight gangs with massive killings.The people in the gangs called him Mo King of Hell.