Invincible Teacher Chapter 105

106 Chapter 105
Ha Gojun and Chun Haekwang soon entered the Assistant's Office in the house while Ha Goyun went to buy cloth with Byuk Aerin. Kang Hyuk, Shim Gu, and Ji Myung were the only ones left in the house yard.

Kang Hyuk looked at Ji Myung and pointed at the table, saying, "Sit down."

Feeling that something was off, Ji Myung immediately followed Kang Hyuk's words.

"Ji Myung, why did you come to Nakyang?"


"Don't you hate Nakyang?"

"Well, that's true."

"Then, why did you come?"

"Well, you know..."

"If you're going to answer because of brothels and alcohol, think twice and answer truthfully."

At the question, Ji Myung rolled his eyes and opened his mouth.

"I mean, big brother. You do know that I am teaching some kind of martial arts to Goyun, right?"


"You know Big Brother, I'm not that educated, right? So..."

"Not much? You aren't educated at all!"

As Shim Gu spoke from the side, Ji Myung glared at Shim Gu in response.

"And so? What is it?"

Nevertheless, he had no choice but to continue because of Kang Hyuk's urging.

"I'm trying to get Goyun into Hwachun Academy."

"Goyun is still 12 years old. The academy only accepts those fifteen years of age or older."

"I know that, but I'm thinking of giving her an academic education before that."

"Hmm? I think Goyun's brother has learned quite a bit. Why don't we leave it up to Gojun?"

"I'd rather let her learn from a proper teacher though."

"Isn't there a proper teacher near where you are?"

At Kang Hyuk's response, Ji Myung became nervous and broke into a cold sweat.

Ji Myung was a simple man, hence he didn't lie. After a little questioning, his body soon turned down.

"Do you want some beatings before you tell the truth?"

When Kang Hyuk raised his fist and asked, Ji Myung quickly shook his hand and said, "I'll tell you the truth!"

When Kang Hyuk lowered his hand, Ji Myung said in a small voice, "...When I met you in Hakyung Town, I became jealous of that Blackie and Aerin."

"Jealous? Why?"

"Because they're beside you, Big Bro."

Ji Myung continued, "Actually, I was very sad when you retired and decided to go in hiding because I couldn't be with you anymore."

"Why? I always beat you up."

"You didn't do that out of hate. You always were beside me... Anyways, when I heard that Big Bro was in Nakyang, I ran down here."

"Because you want to be with me?"


"What if I told you to go back to Soong Mountain?"

"Then I'll just die! I lived a long life already. I don't plan to live in solitude anymore. I don't want to be alone anymore..."

Kang Hyuk knew that.

Perhaps the fear of being alone lingered in him because of the memories of him being taken to the gladiator ring as a child.

As such, Ji Myung always liked to stay with others, and would rather sleep outside at night than sleep alone. It seemed to be the same even if he was an old man.

Not only that, he always meant what he said. And that's why, because of his character of doing what he says, he might really die.

"You're not responsible for leaving Goyun behind!"


Perhaps being caught off guard by something unthinkable, Ji Myung took a breath of surprise.

"Well- Uh! That's"

Embarrassed, Ji Myung stammered.

"Talking about Goyun. I thought about what you said yesterday."

"Thought? Never knew you were into those things."

Shim Gu, who was next to him, looked surprised.

"You blackie bastard! Shut up and listen if a man is serious!"


With Kang Hyuk's cough, Ji Myung quickly spoke, "I think Nakyang would be good for Goyun rather than the mountains. I'm also afraid that she'll look like me if I keep her."

Kang Hyuk then put his hand on Ji Myung's shoulder.

"Ji Myung."


"You said you thought about it, and you must have thought about it. Quite a commendable thought. By the way."


"If you get into an accident while you're in Nakyang, you'll get twice as many beat ups. Will that be all right?"

At Kang Hyuk's question, Ji Myung flinched but soon nodded.

"It's okay. I always get beat up anyway."

"That's true."

Kang Hyuk then continued to converse with Shim Gu and Ji Myung.

Not long after...

"What?!! Are you even human?"

Chun Haekwang's scream soon came from the Assistant's Office.

'What is it?'

In response, Kang Hyuk then stepped into the Assistant Office.

Chun Hakwang was always cool-headed under the influence of the Ice Art he trained. Something extraordinary would have definitely happened if he screamed.

"What's going on?"

Kang Hyuk asked as he opened the doors of the Assistant's Office as Chun Haekwang looked dumbfounded.

"Oh, Teacher! It's a..."

About an hour ago.

Chun Haekwang returned to the House with a huge pile of papers.

He almost dropped the papers on the way, but managed to escape the crisis with the help of a young man there.

The young man helped and arrived safely at the Assistant's Office, with Haekwang learning who this man was.

Ha Gojun, a young man who was living with Ji Myung, nineteen years of age.

'So, Demon Destroying Monk came to the restaurant and begged for a drink. He said that he'd teach the students how to drink but...'

That was that. He had to deal with the papers quickly.

The documents from above did not go to Kang Hyuk from the beginning. It was because he had to do the basic work as an assistant. The problem was that Chun Haekwang had too much work to do. The document wasn't just what he brought today. The documents that he received yesterday and the day before yesterday were still piled up in the office and he was asked to finish it as soon as possible. There was also work to be done at Yeonkyo Garden.

Chun Haekwang soon picked up one of the papers and began to scratch his head hard.

He had a prestigious education since he was young. Since he was born into the Martial Artist family, he understood the meaning of the writing, but he did not have deep knowledge.

He was also particularly weak with numbers.