Invincible Teacher Chapter 106

107 Chapter 106
If one thought about it, perhaps most warriors were weak in numbers.

Of course, the Jegal Family was an exception since war tactics and strategies couldn't be done without numbers.

Chun Haekwang felt a hundred times more comfortable working out in the garden rather than calculating numbers. He was groaning for a long time as he heard something next to him.

Turning to the side, Ha Gojun was jotting down something on the paper with a brush.

Haekwang became startled. It was because he thought Gojun was making a mess on documents he had to report.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Oh? I'm sorry. I thought that the calculations on this document were wrong, so I re-calculated them in my unique way."

The document in front of Ha Gojun was the one that Chun Haekwang had finished processing. It was also a very important document to be posted directly to the Principal.

Chun Haekwang suddenly fluttered before his eyes when he heard that the document had been miscalculated.

"T-the calculation of the document was wrong?"


"Gi-give it to me!"

Chun Hakwang re-calculated the document and soon found out that he was indeed wrong. Ha Gojun was right to calculate.

"You said you were nineteen, but how did you find this error?"

Ha Gojun answered the question with a shy look.

"Since I was young, I liked numbers."

Chun Haekwang took the documents he was handling and handed them to Ha Gojun.

"Try this."

Ha Gojun, who saw it, easily scribbled a few letters on a blank piece of paper and soon calculated the answer.

It was much faster than he was.

Without rolling the calculator, Ha Gojun calculated what Chun Haekwang had been struggling so far in a short time and gave the answer.

It wasn't just that. Ha Gojun began to process documents that he couldn't do even if he had hours in just minutes.

"Are you even human?"

Eventually, he screamed in surprise.

Kang Hyuk heard the whole story and noticed Ha Gojun.


"Yes, Teacher."

"Do you like working with papers?"

Ha Gojun answered the question immediately.

"Yes, teacher. I like them."

The callus on his hands was still firm.

It was evident that he survived desperately by fighting and killing in the gladiator ring over the years. How he survived such a long time, Kang Hyuk finally seemed to know why.

He had a brain that others did not have, even based on physical strength and tenacity. His judgment and quick calculation of the situation were his weapons.

It was an ability that would be of great help if he became a warrior.

"Do you like fighting?"


Ha Gojun was adamant. Kang Hyuk didn't have to recommend the path if he didn't want it.

Kang Hyuk sat in the yard and saw Ji Myung looking his way. Now that Ji Myung decided to stay in Nakyang, a good idea came to Kang Hyuk.

'This could make me speak proudly to Ha Dukyung if he comes out in my dreams! I wanted to yell at him one day, but right now, it's only possible in my dreams.'

He then looked at Ha Gojun.


"Yes. Teacher?"

"Why don't you become my assistant?"

"An assistant...?"

"I need an assistant in charge of the paperwork."

Chun Haekwang then said, holding Ha Gojun's hands.

"I need you too!"

He seemed to be tired of numbers.

"But Bhante and Goyun..."

Kang Hyuk laughed at Ha Gojun's hesitation.

"You don't have to worry about it. Demon Destroying Monk is staying in Nakyang."

"Is that true?"

"Yes. You would need to find work here in Nakyang anyway, don't you?"

"You are right. If I'm going to stay in Nakyang, I have to do what I can."

Ha Gojun then bowed at Kang Hyuk.

"I look forward to working with you! Teacher! And Assistant Chun!"

And just like that, Kang Hyuk got a new assistant.

Shim Gu was pleased to hear that Ha Gojun became Kang Hyuk's assistant, while Ji Myung almost got beat up by Kang Hyuk as he ranted that he wanted to be an assistant himself.

Chun Haekwang was staying at Kang Hyuk's house for now, but he planned to get a house and live there while commuting his way here.

He only had two months to live in the house, so he had to find a house during that time.

As for Ha Gojun, he already had a place to stay in Nakyang, so he decided to commute from there.

"But Goyun is late."

Ha Gojun tilted his head, gauging the time with the sun in the sky.

Shim Gu laughed at the remark.

"They're having a good time together. Then again, what are you worried about when you have Aerin?"

Ji Myung smiled and said, "Well, whatever happens, Goyun will be fine. I gave Goyun what I got from the pipe guy before."

The pipe guy was supposed to be Ji Chulmook.

"What did you get from him?"

When Kang Hyuk asked, Ji Myung replied, rubbing his bald head.

"What was the name? It was called Screaming Ball?"

"Screaming Ball!?"

Shim Gu opened his mouth in surprise at the name.

"My, you crazy bastard! You gave her that dangerous thing?"

Screaming Ball. It was a bracelet meant to make one scream in agony, and it was a kind of self-defense weapon.

"Are you trying to make a man sterile?"

When asked by Shim Gu, Ji Myung replied with a smile.

"Hahaha! Don't worry Blackie. I told her to use it only when she's threatened with life or kidnapped."

Kang Hyuk nodded at the remark.

"Goyun is an intelligent child. She understands Ji Myung's nonsense like no one else. If Goyun used the Screaming Ball, its victim will have no defense to claim against being used."

Chun Haekwang and Ha Gojun tilted their heads at the conversation.

What the hell does the Screaming Ball do?

It was then.


A sharp flute was heard in the ears of Kang Hyuk, Shim Gu, and Ji Myung. It was a tone that no one else could hear, and only a dozen people who were members of the Quickstorms could hear. And the signal meant

"This is Aerin's signal!"

"It's an emergency!"

Kang Hyuk nodded at their words.

"It seems so."

Ha Goyun was excited to see the bazaar after a long time.

It was more exciting to see the bazaar than to buy the fabric to make her clothes.

That was especially because she was with a sweet and pretty woman like Byuk Aerin.

"Aerin! What is that?"

Ha Goyun pointed to what a street vendor was selling. It was grilled on a skewer.

"That's a meat skewer. Do you want to eat some?"

Ha Goyun, at the question, was wary of Byuk Aerin, and there was no way that she didn't know the meaning of it.

"You can answer without worrying about it. I'm a nice person."

"I-I want to eat."

In response, Byuk Aerin bought two skewers from a street vendor. They grilled lamb and put on special soy sauce, and it was very delicious.

"Is it good?"

"Yes! It's delicious!"

They then continued to eat lamb skewers and walked around the bazaar before entering a store.