Invincible Teacher Chapter 113

114 Chapter 113
"Yes, I did. I put it on your finger because your energy was exhausted."

"I lived because of you. I'd like to return this Grey Energy Ring. I'm ashamed that I'm returning it too late."

What Kang Hyuk gave to Ok Haemi was a normal handkerchief, but what he gave to Tang Euna was the Grey Energy Ring, a treasure. Because he didn't want Tang Euna to be harmed by anyone who might attack her for such a valuable item, Kang Hyuk received the Grey Energy Ring back.

"I'm glad it helped."

"Then, when shall we go?"

"When does your class end today?"

"The last class ends around noon."

"Then come to my residence around that time."

"Yes, I understand. I'll see you at the morning meeting then."

Tang Euna soon headed back while Kang Hyuk headed to Blue Wind Hall for the morning meeting. Teachers there welcomed him as he entered the Blue Wind Hall's conference room. They did not reject Kang Hyuk anymore because he was recognized by the teachers for his performance during a recent field trip. Behind Kang Hyuk, a dozen Teachers came in, and finally, Ok Haemi came in.

"The superintendent is coming in."

At her words, the Teachers quickly stood in front of their seats, and soon, the Superintendent came in.

"Good morning, Superintendent!"

The Teachers shouted, and Eun Myungmyung soon said.

"Sit down."

The Teachers then sat in their respective seats. It was the beginning of a full-fledged meeting. What needed to be discussed today at the morning session was about the Spring Camp, which was to begin tomorrow. If the field trips were strictly outdoors, then the Spring Camp was strictly inside the campus. The camp was held once in each season. There are classes on camping in the Academy's classes, and the purpose of regular campings was to familiarize the students with camps.

There wasn't much danger in the Academy, but this was Murim, which you can never know when or what was going to happen. Therefore, they were able to get used to the camp so that they could prepare for unexpected situations.

"Before dinner tomorrow, students shall make room for the camp. To this end, please help the Teachers in charge of each area."

The Teachers nodded to Eun Myung-myung.


"And let the Camp Director tell the students what to be familiar with in advance."


Nothing was left to do for Kang Hyuk at Camp. All he had to do was to study hard in class. The meeting has since ended after several issues have been discussed.

Kang Hyuk then headed to class. With Ha Gojun becoming an Assistant Teacher in charge of paperwork, Chun Haekwang seemed to have an easier time when working. Thanks to them, Kang Hyuk had less stuff to worry about.

'My Assistant Teachers are worth ten workers.'

Ha Gojun, who came to work early in the morning, was eagerly looking into the documents in the residence's Assistant Teacher room. He looked really happy in front of the papers.

'What a strange thing to like documents.'

Kang Hyuk got fed up with the paperwork. The time to sleep was too short when he was dealing with a mountain of papers all day. The side was noisy when he arrived at Yeonkyo Garden. Kang Hyuk looked next to him. It was a campground arranged across the river.

"Ah! You're here?"

Chun Haekwang was taking out gardening tools and seeds from the warehouse. It was because he finally decided to plant the Hundred Miles Scent Flower today.

"Isn't the camp starting tomorrow? It seems they're busy renovating the place."

"That looks like it. Which class was it today?"

"Yes. Today is the class of the second-year students."

"Good. Please prepare the materials for the lab."

"You're going to have a class on woodworking like last time? I'll have it prepared."

Kang Hyuk then started looking at Yeonkyo Garden's plants before class.

'And then...'

While he was a Clan Leader, he remembered the report he had seen. The content was that the students who were camping were punished for defiant behavior. The owner of the Hwachun Academy was the Clan Leader, so everything that happened that day was reported to the Clan Leader.

'An act of defiance...'

The defiance that took place at that time was a drinking party. In fact, the students were at an age when they were not sanctioned for drinking. However, there was no good effect on education, so it was frowned upon. The students were punished at the time not because of alcohol, but because they moved without permission at night.

'Don't tell me the students aren't coming over here at night, are they?'

Kang Hyuk saw the plants planted on the side of Yeonkyo Garden's fence. The plants were not just any ordinary plants.

Silvery Flower.

These were aggressive Spiritual Herbs. As such, it was planted on the side of a fence where people could not get close to. It was a calm plant as long as it wasn't handled roughly or stepped on it, but Kang Hyuk had a warning sign installed just in case. Nevertheless, the reason why the Silvery Flower was planted was that it was able to get good flower juice to keep insects away. Kang Hyuk planned to make bug repellent drugs out of the flower juice and distribute them to people. It was almost time for the bugs to go wild.

Kang Hyuk knew the potential danger of bugs and what would come, but the regular students didn't seem to get it yet. The students were bound to get bitten by bugs in the summer.

'Will any reckless Student be coming in over the fence? Well, there won't be. There aren't any barbed wires or anything on it but who's gonna come over this fence? There are two big doors back and forth!'