Invincible Teacher Chapter 114

115 Chapter 114
After class, Kang Hyuk waited for Tang Euna at his residence. It was because of the promise he made with her in the morning. He heard a cheerful sound of someone running over, and Kang Hyuk looked over the fence. Tang Euna was running over.

"Oh! Sorry, I'm late! Class ended later than I thought!"

At her apology, Kang Hyuk responded with a smile.

"It's alright. I've just come to my residence."

"I'm glad. But you're not lying, are you?"

"You got me."

"Oh my!"

"Let's go then."


"But didn't you bring someone else to carry the drink?"

Tang Euna pointed to herself at the question.


"Are you going to take it?"

"Yes, why not?"

Kang Hyuk stroked his jaw at her imposing question.

"Then, I'll look like a bad guy."

Only then did Tang Euna, who realized what the problem was, turned red.

"Oh! I see. Well, let's get someone..."

"It's alright."

And Kang Hyuk shouted at Baek Kap, who was watering the morning glory of the flower bed.

"Baek Kap! Let's go!"

"Ah! Yes!"

On their way, they stopped by a store to buy a nice jug of liquor, which Baek Kap carried. Tang Euna was slightly surprised at the sight of Baek Kap lifting a fairly heavy liquor jug. The average person couldn't lift a bottle so easily.

'Is that Baek Kap a Martial Artist?'

Although she had that thought in mind, she didn't show her curiosity as she headed uptown with Kang Hyuk.

"Are you there?"

They stood in front of the gate of a mansion in Uptown, and as Kang Hyuk shouted inward, there was a man's voice inside.

"Yes! Coming out!"

The man who opened the door was a man in the uniform of a Hwachun Clan warrior. Following Ha Goyun's kidnapping, a warrior was dispatched from Hwachun Clan for their safety.

"Who are you?"

Kang Hyuk and Tang Euna identified themselves at his question.

"We are the Teachers of the Hwachun Academy. We'd like to see the Demon Destroying Monk."

The warrior nodded his head at the remark.

"Come in."

A man identified them with blue robes worn by Kang Hyuk and Tang Euna, and he brought them into Chewsung Manor. As they went inside, Ji Myung, who was sitting on the couch in the living room, jumped up.

"B-big br..."


Kang Hyuk sent a telepathic message to Ji Myung.

- I don't need to hide my identity, but it will become chaotic when they find out. So don't call me Big Brother.

- Oh, okay!

Kang Hyuk then spoke out loud to Ji Myung.

"Good evening, Demon Destroying Monk."

"Good evening, Bhante. I am Hwachun Academy Teacher, Tang Euna."

"Hmph. What brings you here?"

At Ji Myung's question, Tang Euna carefully picked her words.

"I'm sorry."

"What are you apologizing for?"

"...because it was my Assistant Teacher who kidnapped a child named Ha Goyun, who lives with you, Bhante. It was my responsibility to keep my eyes on my assistant..."

Even before Tang Yuna's words were over, as Kang Hyuk expected, a terrifying spirit sprang from Ji Myung's body. Tang Euna's face became pale.

"What? She was your Assistant Teacher? I wanted to kill that damn bitch..."

It was then...

"We brought you some liquor."

On behalf of the startled Tang Euna, Kang Hyuk quickly put a liquor jug on the ground in front of Ji Myung.


Ji Myung's aura disappeared in an instant. Kang Hyuk winked at Tang Euna, then she spoke quickly.

"Oh, y-yes. I brought you a drink as an apology. It's my heartfelt intent. Please take it."

"You are very sincere. Amidabuddha. Hahaha!"

With the momentum that had been completely changed over a barrel of liquor, Tang Euna felt that she had done well to ask Kang Hyuk for advice. If it wasn't for himthe mere thought of it was terrible.

"I apologize once again..."

"Okay. It's not your fault. Why are you so hellbent on thinking it was your fault? If you've said everything you want to say, it's time for you to go."

"Oh, yes. I'll be going now."

Kang Hyuk and Tang Euna soon came out of Chewsung Manor after. On the other hand, Ji Myung was so preoccupied with the liquor that he didn't even care about them.


As soon as they got out of Chewsung Manor, Tang Euna swept down her startled chest.

"Well, I'm alive, right?"

Kang Hyuk nodded at her question.

"You're alive."

"Thank you very much. If it weren't for you today, I would've been in trouble."

"Don't mention it. Isn't it humane to help each other?"

"Thank you very much for saying that. You are a good person."

"That's embarrassing. I'm not that good of a person."

"No. You are a good man. Are you going back to your residence?"

"No, I've got someone to meet. I have to part ways here."

"I'll see you tomorrow then."

She bowed to Kang Hyuk and went back to Academy.

'A good man...'

Kang Hyuk stroked his chin.

'Am I a good person?'

It was something that he couldn't figure out for himself. Even if he thought he was a bad guy, if others thought he's good, maybe it was so.

However, being good or bad was all but subjective.

'I'm not a good person, no matter how much I think about it.'

He looked at Chewsung Manor.

There was someone there he should meet.

"Baek Kap."

"Yes, Teacher."

"You go back to the residence as well."

"But I have to accompany you..."


Baek Kap quickly bowed his head.

"Okay, okay. I'm going!"