Invincible Teacher Chapter 116

117 Chapter 116
It was too difficult for Ji Myung to understand.

"Ji Myung."


"Do young people want to hear old stories?"

"I suppose not?"

"Then, do you really need to step up?"


"And in the past, I've been so busy that I can't eat or sleep properly. Would you do that again if I told you we'll do it like we used to?"

"Big Brother, I don't like jokes!"

"I don't like it either. That's why I'm a teacher and I'm taking care of the children who are my grandchildren's age. Are you getting it now?"

"I think so."

"Well, I don't know if Murim might need me in the future, but I don't want to dive into bothersome work myself."

And that's when Ha Gojun came out, coming home after work. Looking at the boisterous Chewshung Manor, Kang Hyuk smiled.

'This is like a family.'

Although there was no blood ties between them, Ji Myung, Ha Gojun, and Ha Goyun were in itself more tightly connected than a family.

'A family...'

Kang Hyuk also wanted to have a family, but when he was a captain of the Quickstorm Regiment, he was everywhere, so he didn't even think about getting married. After becoming a Clan Leader, he thought about meeting a woman, but after finding out how dangerous it was to be a Clan Leader's woman, he gave up entirely.

"I don't want to get caught up in a terrible thing like assassination again. So let's end our relationship here."

"I'll protect you! You don't have to worry!"

"No, you can't. How can I be so greedy when I know how busy the Clan Leader is?"

"You are not being greedy! You deserve that!"

"I met a man from Habuk Feng Family yesterday."


"He wants to marry me. So I agreed and decided to get married next month."

"Why- so soon?"

"I asked him to do it as soon as possible."


"I'm sorry. Please be well."

Kang Hyuk suddenly remembered the last good bye of his lover in the past.

'Be well...'

It was cruel of her to end the relationship with such a sudden notice of parting. She married the second son of the Feng Family and gave birth to three sons and two daughters. She passed away three years before Kang Hyuk retired from the Clan Leader position.

'Am I living too long?'

He smiled bitterly, but soon shook his head to shake off the idea.

When Kang Hyuk returned to his residence, Byuk Aerin was preparing dinner while Baek Kap was cleaning up the residence.

"Are you here, sir?"

"There's a fish with good flavor coming in today and we're preparing it as of the moment. Just wait a bit and we'll have a delicious dinner."

"Yes, thank you as always."

Chun Haekwang was just washing up and came out of the bathroom to only see Kang Hyuk, greeting him not long after. Kang Hyuk smiled at them.

'Well, to me, they're a family.'

"Woof! Woof!"

Deuk barked at Kang Hyuk, and he stroked Deuk soon after.

"Yes, you're family too."

"Deuk is always full of energy."

Chun Haekwang approached and said, Kang Hyuk nodded.

"It's strange if he's not full of energy."

Kang Hyuk has yet to tell Chun Haekwang who Deuk is, although Baek Kap seemed to have an idea.

"Did you have a good trip to the Demon Destroying Monk?"


"How's Teacher Tang?"

"What? What do you mean?"

"It's famous among Asistant Teachers. The rumor about the Demon Destroying Monk. Men, women, and all ages, they'll be beat up if they've done people around me are very worried."


"Well, she's one of the Five Flowers."

Kang Hyuk has also heard of Five Flowers.

"You don't have to worry. We bought a jug of liquor, and it made the monk feel better right away."


"She didn't get beat up at all."

"What a relief! Frosty Crescent Flower is safe."

"Frosty Crescent Flower?"

Kang Hyuk asked back, and Chun Haekwang scratched his head.

"Oh, it's Teacher Tang Euna's nickname among us Assistant Teachers."

But something was wrong. It was nickname that meant she was cold. Kang Hyuk couldn't understand the nickname at all.

"That's strange. In my opinion, she is a kind woman who is polite and knows manners and morality. But...a Frosty Crescent Flower...?"


Chun Haekwang was surprised to hear that.

"You mean Teacher Tang Euna is warm and kind?"


"You can't even imagine how cold she is! Many men were turned down coldly at her rejection already!"

Chun Haekwang recalled Tang Euna, who had previously visited the residence.

'But then'

That was exactly what he was wondering. Unlike the nickname Frosty Crescent Flower, Tang Euna's expression was soft. But Kang Hyuk and Chun Haekwang was not aware of the difference of why Tang Euna was acting so differently to them.

'Anyway, I'm so lucky to talk to two Teachers of the Five Flowers!'

At that moment, he recalled something he had forgotten.

"Oh! I almost forgot."

Chun Hakwang slapped his knee and said, "Teacher Ok came to the Yeonkyo Garden today and asked you to come to the conference room about half an hour earlier than usual at the morning meeting tomorrow."

"Is that so? Did you hear why?"

"I don't know, but she said she had something to discuss."


Kang Hyuk nodded. He then asked Byuk Aerin, sitting at the table.

"Ah! Come to think of it, the trial was today, right? Did it go well?"