Invincible Teacher Chapter 123

124 Chapter 123
"I don't know why."


Kang Hyuk hit Huangbo Songbek on the shoulder with the Attendance Book.


It was a slight tap, but it hurt a lot.

"The crime of leaving the camp without permission at night! Second!"


"Crime of destroying the Spiritual Herbs of Yeonkyo Garden!"

"D-damaging the Spiritual Herbs of Yeonkyo Garden?! I've never done that!"

The second offense was unjust. He picked the flower, but thy were all gone. In the words Kang Hyuk pointed to the fence with the Attendance Book.


Under the fence were plants that were beginning to bloom yellow. But the plant was in a mess.

And there was a sign in front of it.

Silvery Flower.

Don't touch.

Flowers can attack and injure you.

It was the tallest fence among the fences, so Kang Hyuk didn't expect anyone to cross it. As such, the place was taken out of Cell Trap's range, and Songbek had fell right into the flowerbed.

"And those tooth marks on your body!"

Only then did Huangbo Songbek know the identity of the cat's tooth marks that bit his legs.

"Are you still going to back out?"


Kang Hyuk said while looking at the Second Year Student.

"Then decide. Would you like to be handed over to the camp manager and get a penalty point? Or will you finish with volunteer work at Yeonkyo Garden?"

The Student's choice was of course the latter. No matter how foolish they were, they couldn't help being afraid of penalty points. In addition, the penalty was considerable punishment.

"Just in case. If you do something immature again tomorrow, it won't end like this."

The Students were disgusted by the words.

The Cell Trap's effect was that good. Especially, I didn't want to see the last scene in Cell Trap again.

"Then let's do volunteer work from tomorrow's end of the day until bedtime."

Kang Hyuk, who sent Student's students to the camp, kicked his tongue.

"Enough with them now what is this guy?"

In front of him was a man lying on the floor of Yeonkyo Garden with a sprawl.

"Do you know?"

Kang Hyuk asked Shim Ku next to him. He tilted his head.

"I've never seen a face like that before. I know all the people in Academy."


Then the man moved and soon opened his eyes.

"Where the hell is this place? Damn it... What-!"

Raising his head, he flinched at sight of Kang Hyuk and Shim Gu and Byuk Aerin looking at him.

"Who are you?"

At Kang Hyuk's question, the man instinctively ran away, but he couldn't take a few steps. It was because Kang Hyuk's Attendance Book flew off and hit him in the back of the head. Kang Hyuk kicked his tongue at the man.

"Well, from the look of his energy, he's not from the Light's Way. He's one of the people from dark's way."

Byuk Aerin, who was with him, asked back.

"What? The dark's way?"

"Yes, and judging by the edge of his energy, he should be an assassin. I don't know what he came here for, but he was unlucky. Getting caught in the Cell Trap set up to admonish those students!"

"But Big Brother."

Shim Gu tilted his head.

"The conditions for my Cell Trap to launch were to pluck the flowers on the flowerbed."

"It means he picked the flower."

"So this guy's purpose was Spiritual Herbs?"

"I don't know that."

Byuk Aerin smiled coldly at Kang Hyuk's words.

"That's my job to find out!"

Then Ji Chulmook appeared, and said quickly.

"There's something I haven't told you before, Big Brother."

"What you didn't tell me?"

"I was afraid I'll get scolded, hahaha.

"What is it?"

To Kang Hyuk's question, Ji Chulmook said, pointing to the horticulture tool warehouse.

"Actually, there's a prison cell in the basement of that warehouse."

"Prison cell?"

"Yes, it's a perfectly sound proof place, so it would be a good place to use it for questioning."

The man opened his eyes. He was in a strange place.

"Uh, where am I again?"

He didn't know the place, but he knew what he was in. His arms were hanging from the wall.

'I'm screwed! Oh, man....'

He forgot his name. During the training, his name was No Name, and he was only called by that name. He was one of the elite who had been trained in assassination and espionage. So, although he was trained to endure torture, the best thing was to commit suicide before the torture began. But now that was not possible. The poison ball he had hidden in his mouth had long since disappeared, and the paralyzing blood seal had been suppressed and gagged so that he couldn't bite his tongue.

'How did I end up like this? I, the elitist of all, in this mess?'

He then went back to four days back in his memories.

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