Invincible Teacher Chapter 126

127 Chapter 126
Anonymous then headed for his first destination, the warehouse. However, no matter how many times he went, the warehouse did not get close.

'Wait a minute is it really Cell Trap?'

He regretted it, but it was too late. It was because the fire broke out in the flower beds everywhere, and the fire came upon the im.

"Oh, my God!"

It was a Cell Trap powerful enough to be shocked.


Anonymous hanging from the wall trembled. The Cell Trap that he experienced afterwards was really terrifying. Tried to destroy the Cell Trap, but could not find it at the center of the Cell Trap. During Counter Cell Trap training was only one case he couldn't break.

'Cell Trap made by a leader of Jegal Family!'

Especially at the end of the trap, the situation showed to him was so terrible that he couldn't be sure if it was real or not. Then the door opened, and someone came in.

It was a beautiful woman with red hair and red clothes, and unlike her smile, the Anonymous felt his hair rising all over. It was an instinctive reaction, and he realized that the beautiful beauty in front of him was no ordinary person. She said, releasing the gag.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Byuk Aerin and I'm going to ask you some questions from now on."

"I, I will not give any answers."

Byuk Aerin grinned at the answer.

"Your answer just revealed that you are a very suspicious person."


She continued.

"Innocent people don't talk like you."

No Name gnawed its teeth. He never thought of such a progress. Byuk Aerin tested him from the moment she saw him.

"And you mean you can endure any pain, so I assume you understand even if it hurts a lot?"


A moment later the shriek of No Name rang out in the space where he was, but only two people in the space could hear the scream.

The small classroom of the Academy. There was an empty group of students gathered there because there was no class. They were T.Y.C.

Usually, it was not allowed to use an empty classroom without classes, but because they had a collaborator, they were able to have a meeting in this empty classroom. Of course, there's a someone looking outside, so the others didn't know T.Y.C's meeting was taking place.

"I don't know how to take this situation."

At the words of the T.Y.C. President, the members could not say anything. They were dumbfounded. This was especially true for senior members, including the President and vice president. This entrance exam was a very simple task of stealing Spirit Herbs from Yeonkyo Garden next to the campsite and hanging them on a tree. Nevertheless, none of them succeeded in the job.

To make matters worse, everyone who applied was caught and was put on volunteer work as punishment.

"At this rate, there could be a situation where we have a year with no new members."

Members nodded at the president's words.

"That's a real tragedy. The opportunity for them to enjoy their true youth is gone."

But Third Year Student thought differently. It was because if the new recruits didn't come in, they had to be the youngest in the group again for a year.

'I can't do another year's work for you Fourth Year seniors.'

Now they wanted to reign as a senior members.

T.Y.C. has been Club for 60 years. They have been keeping the Club so far, even though they have continued their repression in Academy. It was also a measure to protect the Club that they received only Second Year Student members. It was because the Club could have disappeared if it encouraged students to join the club in the first year of the year who knew nothing or the Fourth Year students who felt sorry for their scores.

And the Spring Camp at the beginning of the year was also a time when they could relax.

It was the most chaotic period, and the discipline was lacking.

"We must have some students who somehow succeed in the entrance examination tonight."

"I think we need to analyze the failure of this test in order to attract successful new members."

The president nodded at someone's remarks.

"That's right. Then what is the cause of the failure?"

"I think we thought Kang Hyuk Teacher too easy. It seems he wasn't just a Horticulture Teacher."

"Not a simple Horticulture Teacher?"

"Yes, according to the horticulture class students, they said Teacher Kang seems to be quite skilled."

"And none of the horticulture students took the test."

"Two of our members also strongly opposed the entrance exam, and eventually withdrew, saying they didn't want to mess with Kang Hyuk Teacher."

"Then do you mean we have to change the entrance examination?"

Members nodded at the chairman's words.

"I picked Horticulture Teacher to pick the easy Teacher, but turns out he wasn't the easy Teacher after all."

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