Invincible Teacher Chapter 14

14 Chapter 14
The martial arts teachers were not concerned about the martial cultivation level of the newly hired liberal arts teachers. This, in itself, was the cause of quite a few issues.

Most newly-hired liberal arts teachers left the school, unable to withstand the malice of the martial arts teachers.

The principal had warned the martial arts teachers about their behaviour, however, they soon found another method of testing out the new liberal arts teachers which wasn't as obvious as their previous methods.

That newer method was the Wolsoru banquet which up until now had proved extremely effective.

It was a method that clearly showed the liberal arts teachers their hierarchical status below the martial arts teachers in the school. It was also softer and less obvious than their previous methods so that the teacher wouldn't hand in their resignation.

There were a few martial teachers who felt that there wasn't a need for this type of bullying, but they were a small minority and therefore their opposition was left unheard.

Another reason as to why the practice had been going on thus far was the lack of attention from the principal and the Clan Leader.

They, however, had a change in this pattern with Kang-hyuk, who not only failed to fall into their trap but entrapped them instead!

In addition, when they had attempted to steal the debt contract back to destroy it, a 'ghost' showed up, and the ruckus caused by the teachers from the fear of it had drawn further attention to them.

Whilst they had decided to let it be in the meantime, they still had unfinished business with Kang-hyuk.

This was why they tried to pass on the burden of guiding the new students to Kang-hyuk. But as it happened, Oh-Tae himself was given the job.

As Oh-Tae was going crazy with fury inside, the meeting had progressed and was reaching its final stages.

"So, before the meeting finishes, does anyone have any further concerns that they would like to bring up?"

A hand went up. It was Kang-hyuk.

"Yes, what is it?"

Kang-hyuk answered bluntly, "We need a practice plot for the Horticulture lessons."

"A practicing plot?"

"Yes. When one is learning a musical instrument, you only need the instrument itself to practice and when one is learning calligraphy, you require ink, brushes and paper. Likewise, to learn horticulture, one requires a plot of land on which to practice and learn."

Kang-hyuk had realized the importance of practice whilst he was creating the garden in his own residence.

"Er I guess you're right."

Eun Myeong-myeong could see the validity in Kang-hyuk's request.

"But regretfully, there aren't any unused plots of land in the Academy."

"There isn't even the tiniest amount of land available?"

Eun Myeong-myeong couldn't understand why, but he could feel a cold sweat breaking out from Kang-hyuk's question.

It was unusual that a man who was clearly younger than him in age and in experience could make him feel intimidated.

However, there really was no land available.

".No, there isn't."

"I've heard that there's some land at that place called 'Forbidden Ground'."


Eun Myeong-myeong and the other teachers in the room stared at Kang-hyuk, agape at his remark.

There were several places within Jungwon that were forbidden, the most famous being the White Sun Valley, but there was another location which had been banned that was within the Hwacheon Academy grounds.

"You want to use that place as a practice plot? Do-doesn't it have quite a rough terrain..."

The principal was at a loss of words at Kang-hyuk's suggestion.

"It's fine. Even if it's rough terrain, the land within the terrain is useable, and we could still use it for gardening practice."

"That...well, what I'm trying to say is."

Eun Myeong-myeong's lips were trembling.

The reason wasn't simply due to the forbidden land having rough terrain. In order to protect the Academy's honour, the true reason was a hidden secret that only the teachers were aware of.

Therefore, some of the liberal arts teachers attempted to stop Kang-hyuk's inquisition into acquiring the land.

"It sounds okay, there shouldn't be a problem with it, right?"

An unexpected support for Kang-hyuk came from Oh-Tae.

"Oh Seonsaeng?"

Oh-Tae responded to Eun Myeong-myeong's bewilderment.

"It's not as though the space is being used for martial arts training, it's a gardening practice plot, and as Kang Seonsaeng said, only a small plot is needed and the innermost part of the land isn't dangerous. Hahaha."

The other martial arts teachers murmured in agreement upon receiving an eye-signal from Oh-Tae.

As the atmosphere had changed in agreement to the idea, Eun Myeong-myeong was unable to oppose it as he couldn't reveal his true reasons.

"What if the students get into danger whilst they are there."

"I will take responsibility for them."

"Well if that's the case then I have no more to say. Go ahead."

Kang-hyuk smiled brightly at his acquisition of the land whilst Oh-Tae and the other martial arts teachers looked at him and smirked.

It was because they were well aware of the circumstances behind the land.

'There's no way an accident can't occur at the forbidden land!'

'Does he really think the land is forbidden due to its poor terrain? What a fool!'

'He'll be writing a letter of resignation after an accident happens there.'

'If Kang Seonsaeng is walking towards his own death, it's good luck for us!'


Whilst the martial arts teachers were celebrating, the liberal arts teachers were only able to gaze at Kang-hyuk in concern.

Kang-hyuk then decided to take it a step further.

"In that case, could you write an official permit? If I work hard on making the place suitable for practice, it would be unfortunate if I was stopped midway due to the lack of a permit."

He recalled the words of a trusted aide from when he was the Clan Leader.

"Leader, keep in mind to never trust a verbal promise and to take contracts and promises in writing. You never know when the person will retract their words, but a piece of writing will provide you with solid assurance."

The aide was the leader of the Jimilgak, and was known for his competence.

He asked Eun Myeong-myeong for an official written permit with the aide's advice in mind.

"I would like you to state my right to use the land as a practice plot clearly in the permit."

"That's fine."

Eun Myeong-myeong wrote the written permit without any protestations, and handed it over to Kang-hyuk.

"Does anyone else have something they'd like to bring up?"

The teacher collectively shook their heads at his question. Eun Myeong-myeong then looked over at Ok Hae-mi, who nodded.

"With that, the meeting is now finished."

One-byone, the teachers began to leave the conference room.

Kang-hyuk heard a sound in his head.

-I heard about a debt contract at Wolsoru.

The sound was the voice of Eun Myeong-myeong.

-Is there really a debt contract? If there is, could you nod your head?

-There is.

Eun Myeong-myeong was taken aback from hearing Kang-hyuk's voice transmission, and looked up at him with wide eyes. Kang-hyuk sent another telepathic transmission upon seeing his reaction.

-Why are you so surprised? I have learned martial cultivation.


Eun Myeong-myeong gave Kang-hyuk a hollow smile.

He had never seen Kang-hyuk use his martial cultivation, so he had been taken by surprise.

Whilst he was only a liberal arts teacher, he was a talented man that had been recommended by the Clan Leader, and was his disciple. It meant that Kang-hyuk was by no means a weak person.

Eun Myeong-myeong hadn't disclosed Kang-hyuk's background and recommendation from the Clan leader to the other teachers as he felt that it would cause unnecessary confusion and conflict.

-I apologize, but did you really have to go that far?

-They instigated me.

-.So, what are your intentions?

-I am in control of the repayment date, but I haven't decided on any particular date yet.

Eun Myeong-myeong clearly understood what Kang-hyuk's true intentions were.

It meant that if they tried to mess with him again, that day would be the day he claimed the money.

Whilst blackmailing with money was a dirty trick, it was also a rather effective method.

It was a blackmailing trick that the Clan Leader used sometimes in certain situations.

However, there was a condition that needed to be met for the debt contract to be implemented. That condition was something which was in Kang-hyuk's own hands. It was his ability to keep hold of the contract.

Eun Myeong-myeong's curiosity about the Debt Contract had been satiated, but he still had remaining concerns about Kang-hyuk's usage of the forbidden land.

-About the forbidden land. You'll have to be extremely careful. Make sure to never go too deep within it!

-I understand.

With his eyes, Eun Myeong-myeong conveyed to Kang-hyuk that he could leave. He then sat down and sighed resignedly.

'Strangely, I feel as though I've seen that face many times before'


The day for the newly admitted students of the academy had finally arrived.

"New students, could you please be quiet!"

A male teacher could be seen standing inside Hwacheon Academy's training hall, shouting at the newly admitted students.

"So my brother was telling about this."

"Where are those silk cloths from? They're so pretty!"

"Let's finish yesterday's bet!"

The new students primarily came from noble, renowed families and were already acquainted with one another. Therefore, there was a great amount of excitement and conversation flowing.

They were also extremely immature, and under the illusion that the power their families held extended to them, and so they completely ignored the teacher.

"New students, could you all please be quiet for a moment."

The teacher who had been assigned to guide, Oh-Tae, sighed with irritation rising up within him.

'Why is it always like this every admission day? These little punks never listen to anything!

The students had been wrapped in cotton wool for their whole lives and were unaware of what was ahead of them in their life at the Academy and needed to be taught what kind of place it was.

Oh-Tae lifted his energy, and was ready to unleash his frustrations. A few sensitive students that were able to pick up on his change in mood recoiled in fear.

He began to scream at the students.

"You bastards! Do you think this place is the courtyard of your house?"


Oh-Tae's sudden outburst stilled the chaos and noise of the students.

"Now shut up and listen! This is Hwacheon Academy, not your personal playground. The Academy is in control of your life here, so if anyone acts out of line, you will be out of here!"

The students simply glared at him silently.

Oh-Tae had no reaction to their glares, instead he began to laugh.

"By the way, I am going to be your guide, and my name is Oh-Tae. I will be your Swordsmanship teacher for your first year here. Maybe you've heard of my nickname. The Grim Reaper, that is."

The students' faces suddenly became pale.

It was because they had heard of that infamous nickname from their brothers, sisters and even acquaintances at one point or another.

It was rumoured that if he was displeased, the entire class would fill up a ward at the infirmary and this was just the beginning.

There were countless horror stories circulating about him, some too horrific to recount.

"If you all keep misbehaving, I'll have to let you know why my nickname is the Grim Reaper. So, are you all going to keep on talking?"

"No, no we won't!"

The students had become frozen with fear, and Oh-Tae's job of guiding them became much easier.

He once more had to use his nickname of the Grim Reaper.

'Ah, damn it!'

Oh-Tae cursed inwardly.

The Hwacheon Academy was largely divided between its east and west sections.

The upper part of the east section of the Academy included the Principal's office, the conference room, the medical dispensary, the library, and the Cheongpungwan building.

The lower part of the east section contained classrooms in the four pavilions which had upward and downward placements.

They were named respectively: 'The Pavilion of Benevolence', 'The Pavilion of Righteousness', 'The Pavilion of Ceremony', and 'The Pavilion of Wisdom'.

The Pavilions of Benevolence and Righteousness were generally used for martial subject classes whilst the Pavilions of Ceremony and Wisdom were used for Liberal Arts subject classes.

It was clear to see the focus of the Academy by the placement of the pavilions. The Liberal Arts classes took place directly below the Pavilions of the martial subject classes.

In this way, the martial teachers were able to mock the Liberal Arts teachers from above, whilst the Liberal Arts teachers had no real way of defending themselves.