Invincible Teacher Chapter 2

2 Chapter 2
Five hundred years ago, Hwacheon Academy, when it was first established, was the only establishment of its kind.

Sensing the urgency of this situation, and despite the opposition of many, over half of the students who graduated from Hwacheon's junior school took up the application to attend the new Hwacheon Academy.

This proved to be an effective resolution and 500 years later, Hwacheon Academy, rather than being an institute simply for educational purposes, became a gateway to success.

'But there were also other reasons why one would choose to attend Hwacheon Academy.'

This reason was networking.

Not only did children of prestigious families attend it, but disciples of great masters could also be encountered whilst attending the school and therefore, important connections could be made for a student.

However, Kang-Hyuk could tell that this was not the reason as to why Dang So-Mun wished to attend Hwacheon Academy.

In hindsight, he had already heard some rumours about Dang So-Mun.

Although he had resigned from the position of clan leader, many men who were faithful to him still remained.

Although Kang-Hyuk would have preferred if they didn't, every once or twice a year, these men would come to his cottage and tell him of the general happenings in the world.

'Is this lad the same lad that is rumoured to be the shame of the Dang Family?'

It was only then that he realized why the behaviour of Dang So-Mun and the Warriors seemed a bit odd.

But then again, the rumours of Moorim weren't always too credible.

'As someone who has also made up rumours on myself and spread them, I should know better.'

Kang-Hyuk didn't believe in something until he had verified it himself in person. This was something he had learned whilst being a leader for 50 years.

Although, if the rumours were really true, the reason as to why Dang So-Mun wanted to be admitted could surely be for his family's honour.

It would be disgraceful for a warrior family to have a child that failed their admission to Hwacheon Academy.

Scratching his head, Dang So-Mun spoke: "I'm only fifteen so it's okay to speak to me informally."

Hearing this, Kang-Hyuk shook his head.

"It's okay, speaking formally is no issue for me."

Without a doubt, Kang-Hyuk had now become used to speaking respectfully to others.

If this hadn't been so, his usual way of speaking to everyone informally would have caused issues.

'Whilst I was in the position of the leader, I heard so much rubbish from various mad men that I can no longer deal with any more crap.'

"Well.. I.. You said you were going to Nakyang, didn't you?"

Kang-Hyeok quickly answered Dang So-Mun's question.

"That's right."

"Then how about we go together? It would be a difficult road to travel alone"

"Thank you for your kind offer."

Dang So-Mun's offer brought a fierce glint in Warrior Yeom's eyes, but Kang-Hyuk just ignored it.

Kang-Hyuk's impression of Dang So-Mun thus far was that he was a nice and kind lad.

'Kind-hearted people don't really last long in Moorim. It would be my guess that this trait of his has led to his reputation as the shame of the Dang family.'

Kang-Hyuk appreciated the kindness that Dang So-Mun had shown to him. Having a pure-hearted child like him as his travel companion didn't seem like a bad idea. Therefore, he happily accepted his offer of travelling together.


The next day, in the early morning.

Kang-Hyeok and Dang So-Mun were practising Qigong together.

To be honest, Kang-Hyuk no longer needed Qi-gong practice after his enlightenment experience. However, due to the presence of others, he simply went along with it.

Last night, Kang-Hyuk was able to see the stage of cultivation Dang So-mun and the warriors had achieved.

Usually, to measure someone's stage of cultivation, a person of higher cultivation than the one being measured would have to transfer their energy into the other's body via touch, and then carefully examine their reaction to this energy flow.

But now, it was pretty simple. All he had to do was place his attention on the person's energy field and their level of cultivation would be seen quite clearly to him.

Kang-Hyuk's appreciation of this incredible occurrence was pretty simple. 'How convenient' was the extent of his thought.

Anyhow, the current Qi carrying capacity of Dang So-Mun was that of a 2nd class warrior.

And of the warriors, the leader of the warriors- Warrior Yeom, was at a peak level, whilst the other warriors were either at a first or second class stage.

Kang-Hyuk found the fact that Dang So-Mun's cultivation was higher than the rumours a little suspicious.

The children of a place known as Muga were usually given various kinds of elixirs in order to accelerate their Qi cultivation.

However, no matter how much elixir they ate to speed up their cultivation and increase their talent, could there really be such a genius that one could be a second-class warrior by the age of fifteen?

It was also quite incredible by general standards that Warrior Yeom, who looked as though he was in his fifties, was at a peak level of warrior cultivation.

Kang-Hyuk felt that Dang So-Mun should actually be famed for his genius rather than have a reputation of being his family's shame.

'Something isn't right.'


A few days after Kang-hyuk had joined Dang So-mun in his travel.

Without realizing it, it had become dark and night had already fallen. With no inn in sight, it seemed as though they would have to set up camp again.

"I'll go and make a fire."

Dang So-Mun's servant, who was responsible for taking care of him and attending to his needs, quickly made a fire and started to prepare dinner.

Kang-Hyuk and Dang So-Mun were both sitting beside the fire. If you were a guest, acting like a guest was the most poilte thing to do.


It was then that...

'I can feel a dark energy. Could there be bandits approaching?'

Whatever it was, they had to be prepared.

He looked at the man known as Warrior Yeom. He was leaning on a tree with his eyes closed.

'Could this be something that he has yet to attain? The ability of perceiving energies?'

He may be unable to perceive this at the cultivation of a peak warrior. However, Kang-Hyuk at his level could clearly sense the energy of their foes and it wasn't something to be taken lightly.

But Kang-Hyuk just remained still. He figured that in any case, if anything did happen, he could always spur into action.

'It's not a good thing to attract too much attention' he reasoned.

It seemed only a moment had passed in this manner.

Warrior Yeom abruptly opened his eyes and said whilst holding his weapon, "It's an enemy. Get into your positions!"

Upon hearing these words, the warriors, who were eating their evening meal, immediately abandoned their meal and moved in a perfect manner.

Dang So-Mun stood facing his back towards the carriage. Beside him, his servant stood, wielding a sword.

Warrior Yeom rushed to Dang So-Mun's side and said to Kang-Hyuk, "My foremost priority is to protect the young master. I hope that you will be able to protect yourself."

"I wouldn't have any expectations of you to protect me, a mere fellow traveller, anyway," Kang-Hyuk replied.

A rustling sound could be heard as five men could be seen pushing through the thickets.

Their naked upper bodies had scars all over them and they had a completely chaotic energy about them.

"Oooh, what kind of bounty have we stumbled upon here?"

"We haven't have a good bounty in a while."

Warrior Yeom was enraged by their words.

"Retreat! We are warriors of the Sacheon's Dang family!"

Upon hearing this, one of the bandit's face turned pale.

"Da...Dang family? Let's run.."


His fellow bandit wasn't too pleased with his comrade's cowardice and threw a rock at the back of his head.

"Fuck, so what if you are from the Dang family? Who even are they?"

"The defensive party of the Dang Family is rather basic, don't you think? There's only around ten of you right?"

"Hahaha, that pretty looking fellow is mine, don't touch him!" Another bandit smirked.

"Kill them all!"

Kang-Hyuk moved pretty rapidly with a bandit already slung over his back. Kang-hyuk stuck his tongue out at him.

"You idiotic men!"

It seemed as though they had only recently started their business as bandits. Or perhaps...they were just really stupid!

Otherwise, they wouldn't dare attack the members of the Dang family whilst being in their territory.

Generally bandits remained clear of attacking members of famed warrior families.

To touch them would only cause an attack on their own kind from the powerful families.

"Moreover, the family of attack is known for having venom, you bastards!"

Those with dark cultivation would obviously avoid them, but even Magi would look the other way to avoid a confrontation if it was with the Dang family.

This is due to their family tradition of repaying a gratitude ten-fold and a grudge one hundred fold.\t

There was a famous saying that if you become foes with the Dang family, then you would most likely die of a nervous breakdown first!

Moreover, their famed venom was actually as powerful as rumoured.

'The thought of being poisoned by the venom of the Dang family makes me feel uncomfortable. Although, seeing as I'm pretty infallible at this point, it wouldn't really make a difference to me. Anyway, I would predict that the big bodied bandit is going to throw blood up first.'

Kang-Hyuk's prediction came to fruition.


The large man was gone. The man was shaking, clutching at his neck. Blood was flowing from his eyes, nose and mouth.


The remaining bandits' expressions had become completely pale.

"Keep your distance! If you stay away from where the poison has been spewed, you will be safe."

A sharp Am-gi knife was suddenly lodged into the bandits throat.

The Dang family had no difference in the strength of their short and long range weapons. In short-range, poison was used and in long range, the Am-gi knife was used.

Soon, the bandits were being competely showered with the Am-gi knife. At this rate, it was likely that they would die looking like hedgehogs with all the spikes puncturing them.

The bandits were waving their own weapons in an attempt to deflect the Am-gi knives.


At that moment, one of the bandits' weapons had collided with the Am-gi knife, the velocity of which had caused the Am-gi knife to fly towards none other than Dang So-Mun!

"F*ck! Young master!"

"Damn it!"

The possibility of Dang So-Mun's end had flashed through Warrior Yeom's eyes. He rapidly dashed towards Dang So-Mun, in an attempt to deflect the Am-Gi knife, but alas, he was too far away.

Warrior Yeom's distance from his young master was due to the fact that he had been busy in organising the other warrior's attack.

At that moment, Kang Hyuk made a move.

The whole time they had been travelling together, Dang So-Mun had shown him great kindness. He couldn't let him be hurt this way.


Kang Hyuk's sword decisively deflected the Am-Gi knife, ensuring the safety of Dang So-Mun.

Unsurprisingly, the bandits were completely defeated in a short time and the warriors began to dispose of their corpses.

They were smiling triumphantly, almost unbelieving that they had managed to kill all of these bandits.

Although they were warriors of the Dang family, they were still completely out-numbered and whilst they did think they could pull it off, for them to have actually emerged victorious was quite incredible.

A battle against the warriors of the Dang family wasn't something a mere group of bandits could handle.

After all of the bodies of the bandits had been disposed of, Kang-Hyuk looked up at Dang So-Mun.

Dang So-Mun had calmed down by now and was sitting peacefully. Warrior Yeom raised his hat in honour of Kang-Hyuk.

"My greatest thanks are given to you for protecting the life of my young master!"

"It's nothing at all! It was my duty as you have all kindly treated me as your guest," Kang-Hyuk humbly spoke.

"In that case, even though it's a little late, let's finish the rest of our meal."

"Okay, let's do that."

The camp fire was lit once more. Dang So-Mun's servant was preparing some hot tea for him.

Whilst it wasn't clear as to whether Dang So-Mun had encountered this kind of situation before, at present, his body was shivering.

Kang-hyuk was reminded of himself as a youth upon seeing the state of Dang So-mun.

To be precise, he was reminded of his state on the day his brother was killed.

Kang Hyuk muttered to himself, 'At that time, if there had been a Moorim person within our group, he wouldn't have met such a tragic end.'

Even though seventy years had already passed, and he had already avenged the death of his brother, there was still deep sorrow within his heart.


The group began to travel again and Kang-Hyuk could sense that Warrior Yeom, who had originally treated him coldly and with suspect, was now treating him with more warmth.

'It was mostly likely due to the events of last night,' he thought to himself.

Either way, even before the events of yesterday, he had encountered all sorts of bandits and even dark warriors.

However, the Dang family's warriors were not known for their ruthlessness for nothing. They would take the lives of their opponents without fail.

Time has passed by, and Nakyang was getting closer.

In the end, Kang-Hyuk and Dang So-Mun were due to part before he was able to discern the reason for Dang So-Mun's infamous reputation as being the shame of his family.

The reason for this was that Dang So-Mun stayed insidd the carriage and was mostly silent on the journey to Nakyang.

Kang-Hyuk was slightly disappointed.

'Ah well, there's nothing else that could be done. I guess our fate was only so much. I wonder if we shall cross roads again.'

The party had now arrived at the gates of Nakyang and the time had come to bid farewell.

Dang So-Mun spoke concernedly, "It will be difficult to find an inn at this time of night, why don't you stay at our residence?"

Kang-hyuk sighed internally.

'For how long will you remain this kind?'

Kang-hyuk however, turned down Dang So-Mun's proposal.