Invincible Teacher Chapter 24

24 Chapter 24

A bottle hit a table, shattering into pieces.

"Clean it up."

A waiter cautiously edged towards the table, and began to clear up the shattered glass.

"And bring me another bottle, ASAP!"


The waiter promptly brought out another bottle. The man immediately guzzled the second bottle down. This man was none other than the first-year Swordsmanship teacher, Oh-Tae.

"Tsk tsk, why did you call me all the way here if all you were going to do was drink booze?"

A middle-aged man, that was sitting next to him, spoke up. This man was also wearing a blue teacher's uniform.

"Did you know that a new teacher's come in to teach Horticulture?"

"I know. It's funny that he has the same name as the Retired Leader Kang-hyuk. Why are you mentioning him anyway?"

"I want to expel him."

"You want to expel him?"

Oh-Tae nodded his head.

To expel a teacher out usually implied forcing a teacher that had caused problems to leave the school.

The fate of a teacher that had been expelled wasn't that bright. This was also why there were strict conditions that had to be met to enact it.

"You must know already that in order to expel a teacher, you need the agreement of at least five of the eight Elders, and three-fifths of the teachers."

"I know. Won't you persuade the teachers for me?"

The man smiled awkwardly at Oh-Tae's request.

His name was Yun Ha-seong.

He was the Swordsmanship teacher for the third-year students of the Academy.

He was affiliated with the Wu-dang Sect, so no teacher could refute his request.

This was also why Oh-Tae had called him.

"Anyways, what's your reason for wanting to expel him?"

Oh-Tae proceeded to explain all of the events that had passed involving Kang-hyuk, with great over-exaggeration and a bit of fabrication.

"I see. So he has not only ignored the ranking between the teachers, but he's manufacturing dangerous drugs and distributing them amongst the students."


"I understand. In that case, I'll reflect on the matter."

"Thank you."

"I'll be off, it's training time around now."

"I hope you have a safe journey."

As soon as Yun Ha-seong left the bar, Oh-Tae resumed his drinking.

"Ah, alcohol is my only solace! Now that I've left it to the famously nicknamed Cheong-eun Sword Immortal, Yun Seonsaengnim, you won't be able to escape expulsion! Did you really think you'd be safe after wounding my pride?!"


Yun Ha-seong sighed as he left the bar.

"Oh my. What a half-wit! I can't believe he's actually a teacher."

He shook his head in disapproval.

"Even if you thought that I had no interest in the affairs of the school, did you really think I don't know about this..."

Kang-hyuk's actions had attracted the attention of more teachers than Oh-Tae had known. Thus, Yun Ha-seong was already aware that Oh-Tae's version of the events were a great fabrication.

Within the Academy, it was the responsibility of the first and second year teachers to prevent the Liberal Arts subject teachers from quitting.

This was due to their somewhat obscure position, with their cultivation ranging between second-class to peak level. There were many warriors who had this standard of cultivation and so, to protect their positions, they had no choice but to comply with the Academy's request.

However, the situation for the third and fourth year teachers were different.

Their level of cultivation had nearly reached mastery, and some were even at a level that transcended mastery. They taught students that had almost finished their studies.

This was the reason as to why the Academy almost never requested anything extra from the third and fourth year teachers, and therefore their only duty was to teach their students, and cultivate their own martial training even further.

This level of comfort however, did not extend to the third and fourth year liberal arts subject teachers.


Yun Ha-seong had heard that Kang-hyuk had been born into a wealthy family.

The fact that he had paid the large Wolsuru bill in one sitting, and fed his students the precious and expensive Baby Ginseng root confirmed the rumour for him.

He had drawn the attention of the teachers of the Academy in many ways.

However, unlike most of the teachers, Yun Ha-seong was aware of several truths about Kang-hyuk.

One of the truths he was aware of was that Kang-hyuk was of the same martial sect as the Clan Leader, and had received a personal recommendation from him. Not only that, but he had also passed the test to enter the academy with flying colours!

A burning query suddenly arose within Yun Ha-seong. He recalled that many high-level masters had emerged from the Clan Leader's martial sect and went on to become highly regarded within Moorim.

'If Kang-hyuk is from the Clan Leader's Sect, he must have the cultivation of a master, so why did he choose to become a Horticulture teacher?'

He then had a sudden realization.

'It can't he letting Oh-Tae and the other first-year martial teachers off?'

He had guessed correctly, most probably due to his transcended level of cultivation, his intuitive skills were strong.

At that moment, he had made a decision.

He had no desire to get involved with something that made his head hurt even while thinking about it, and neither did he wish to invoke the Clan Leader's wrath.

He had heard of the Clan Leader's nickname of 'Mad Snake', and thought that it was best that that side of him wasn't triggered. The 'Mad Snake' aspect of the Clan Leader was something that even the Leader of the Wu-dang sect feared.

'Ah, I don't know. You guys can sort it out amongst yourselves, I'm not getting involved in this.'


Around that time, there was a person secretly moving along the streets of Jungcheon.

He had been serving at the bar that Oh-Tae and Yun Ha-seong had met in.

As he went into a cottage, within a few moments, a messenger bird, that was perched on a tall building opposite the bar, flew off.

The bird's destination was the Hwacheon Clan, or more precisely, Jimilgak.


"Enjoy your meal."

Byeok Ae-rin placed some breakfast in front of Kang-hyuk.

"It's been a while since I've eaten your food."

"You should know that it's an honour."

"Yes, it is an honour."

He picked up his chopsticks and had a bite of the food.

"Oh! It's as delicious as I thought it would be! Your skills haven't faded."

"That's a relief. I was pounding my back because my joints were aching. I couldn't adjust the fire that quick enough."

"Your joints were aching? You like to joke around, don't you!"

"Kang Seonsaengnim, I'm already eighty so"

"Do you want me to give you a couple of elixirs?"

"If you do, I'll consume them with gratitude."

Kang-hyuk looked over at Baek-gap, who was standing beside him. He had noticed for a while that his face looked pale and frightened.

Kang-hyuk could guess what had happened from the faint trace of Hong-man's energy he could feel in his residence.

"Anyway, Ae-rin-ah (1)"

"Yes, Seonsaengnim."

"What on earth happened here that this lad Baek-gap is in such a state? Did you beat him?"

Byeok Ae-rin promptly replied, "No. He just became like that after he found out that I was an Elder."

Kang-hyuk was able to understand Baek-gap's plight.

In the past, most people couldn't even continue talking after they found out Kang-hyuk's identity.

He felt relieved that at least, Baek-gap didn't foam at the mouth and pass out.

"I understand that you don't have any classes today. Do you have any plans of going somewhere?"

"I'm thinking of going to Jungcheon."

Byeok Ae-rin tilted her head.

"Jungcheon? Weren't you in Jungcheon yesterday as well? Are you looking for something in particular? Whatever it is, just let me know and I'll try to be of assistance."

A smile crept onto Kang-hyuk's face without him realizing. Her behaviour was exactly the same when he was the Clan Leader.

"Whatever it is, just let me know."

He remembered that her skills were tailored that whatever he had assigned her to do, regardless of its difficulty, it was executed with perfect precision. She was a perfect aide of his and was renowned as the Head of Jimilgak. This was also why he felt apologetic for preventing her from following him and asking her to watch over Mu-jin for a year.

"I have a bit of a problem."

"What do you mean you have a problem?"

"I need to find some orchids."

After Kang-hyuk explained in detail his reasons for wanting to obtain orchids, Byeok Ae-rin nodded.

"I see. You want the orchids for the students to practice growing, but you don't want poor quality orchids."


"In that case, why don't you just dig them up yourself? I know that there are orchids of a good-quality that can be found in abundance around the Mudang Mountain."

Kang-hyuk slapped the table in exclamation at her suggestion.

"Oh! As expected from Ae-rin! That's an excellent method!"

"You should go there with Baek So-yi, and all will be resolved."

Baek-gap recoiled hearing her address him as 'Baek So-yi', however, she said it with complete normality.

"Yes. I will go there, but Ae-rin-ah"

"Yes, Seonsaengnim?"

"What happened last night?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mentioned this to you before, when you're making plans to beat someone, your left eyebrow starts twitching."

Byeok Ae-rin touched her eyebrow and grinned.

"Nothing much. I just heard something that put me in a bad mood, and I can't tolerate it."

Baek-gap could not help but stiffen up. He was under the impression that the person who had put her in a bad mood was him.

Byeok Ae-rin noticed Baek-gap's nervousness and addressed him.

"Don't worry, Baek So-yi. I'm not referring to you."


"It's just that I had a tip-off about someone conspiring to expel Seonsaengnim, so I was a little annoyed."

Baek-gap spoke, his voice trembling as though he was about to burst into tears.

"Well, i-if that's the case it's a relief."

"It's a relief?"


Within a moment, a ferocious energy emanated from Byeok Ae-rin's body.

"How dare you! You think that it's a relief that people are conspiring to expel Kang Seonsaeng?!"

"Aigoo! I-I-I made a mistake!"

Baek-gap quickly got down on his knees.

Kang-hyuk placed his chopsticks on the table.

"Ae-rin-ah. Your energy's so intense, it's hard for me to eat."

"Ah, sorry about that."

As quickly as her energy had flared up, similarly, within moments, it had disappeared. Baek-gap internally let out a sigh of relief.

'If things continue like this, I don't know if I'll live long enough for me to even be able to fulfill my mission.'

After a few minutes, Kang-hyuk had finished his meal, and Byeok Ae-rin brought out tea as an aftermeal.

"Oh? It looks like a batch of some pretty exquisite tea!"

Byeok Ae-rin responded.

"I managed to obtain some Guan-yin tea (2) of the best quality."

"Anyways, what are you intending on doing? You aren't someone who would usually stay still after finding out that there are people conspiring to expel me."

Byeok Ae-rin smiled. Baek-gap felt the hairs on his arms raising from the sight.

He himself couldn't fully comprehend why he felt jolts of fear running through him from such a beautiful smile.

"They should of course be killed. Anyways, as someone who usually only gives one chance, you've already given two chances, haven't you?"

"You knew that as well, eh?"

"I know almost everything about you."

Kang-hyuk smiled at the sight of Byeok Ae-rin's laughter.

"That's true. That's why you'rr such a reliable aide of mine. And that's why I'm going to leave it to you. But Ae-rin-ah. Remember, this is a school. I don't want you to do anything that will spill blood."

"Then, what do you want me to do?"

"When a student does something wrong, you rectify their mistake and cause them to see the error in their ways. That teacher seems to have a similar maturity to the first-year students, so I want to correct him in the manner I would correct them. This is a school, remember. This doesn't really suit this situation, but you know the phrase 'Teach and learn' right?"

An expression of pride adorned Byeok Ae-rin's face.

"Seonsaengnim, you have such a good heart. I understand. I'll make him realize his mistake so that he'll thoroughly repent and rectify his ways."

"I'll get going then."

Kang-hyuk rose from his seat, and in a flash, Baek-gap stood before the door, carrying an A-frame on his back. He had moved into action as soon as he heard a sound from Byeok Ae-rin.

"Let's go."

"Yes, Seonsaengnim."

Upon seeing Baek-gap's resigned expression, the morning-glory vines in the courtyard swayed in consolation.

(1) Adding ah/-yah suffix to the end of a name is a sign of a close/endearing relationship of an equal or lesser status in ranking.