Invincible Teacher Chapter 47

48 Chapter 47
Kang-hyuk pointed at himself in response to So-hun's words.


"I saw how you treated Namgoong Min earlier with the Three Seals of Fire Grass."


"That grass isn't a grass that can easily be crushed with one's bare hands. Its leaves are as sharp as a knife blade, emitting a powerful fire energy after being crushed. Therefore, it can only usually be crushed with the aid of a tool."

It was just as So-hun had said.

The Three Seals of Fire Grass was relatively easy to find, and because of that, it was occasionally used by warriors when needing a fire energy related treatment method for an injury. Therefore, a man like So-hun who had a transcended level of cultivation was well aware of its qualities.

"Even after having crushed the grass with your bare hands, they seem to be completely fine! Who on earth are you really, Kang Seonsaeng?"

Kang-hyuk was in an impasse at his questioning.

He had crushed sacred herbs with his bare hands for as long as could remember.

As he had usually used the herbs in situations where his life was at stake, in those moments, utilizing his bare hands for crushing the herbs was irrelevant.

As his level of cultivation had increased over the years, he had begun to use an energy technique to protect his hands from harm.

He hadn't imagined that his crushing of the herbs, which was almost habitual to him, would arouse So-hun's suspicion.

"If your Qi level is advanced to a point where you can protect your hands from the effects of the Three Seals of Fire Grass, your cultivation must be, at a bare minimum, peak level!"


The reason as to why Kang-hyuk had become a Horticulture teacher was really only because it was the only teaching position that had been available at the time.

But, at this moment in time, he was glad to have secured his teaching position as a Horticulture teacher. It suited his interests more than he could have initially imagined.

He then replied with a smile, "It's because I enjoy gardening."

So-hun looked a little awkward from Kang-hyuk's joyous expression.

"I-is that so?"

"Are you under the impression that teachers of Liberal Arts subjects either have no martial skill, or, if they do, have a weaker cultivation?"


"That's prejudiced thinking."

So-hun nodded his head.

"It's just as you say Kang Seonsaeng! To think that I, as an educator of the future generation, have such prejudiced thinking! I'm ashamed!"

So-hun seemed to have accepted Kang-hyuk's explanation.

Suddenly, Chun-hak then cried out from afar.

"Seonsaengnim! Why aren't you following? Is there any problem?"

So-hun yelled back in response.

"No! We're coming!"

He then looked back at Kang-hyuk.

"We should get going."

As So-hun took the lead in front of him, Kang-hyuk looked up at sky and sighed.

He felt as though things had gotten a little complicated.

'Even when I do things which aren't particularly amazing, they seem to be special in their eyes.'

Living a somewhat normal life seemed to be difficult for Kang-hyuk.


At the sound of a cry, Kang-hyuk looked down at Deuk, who had obediently been standing beside him.

*Howl!* *Howl!*

Kang-hyuk felt as though Deuk was trying to console him. This was, in truth, Deuk's intention.

A spiritual wolf had excellent abilities in being able to correctly identify the true feelings of its master.

"Thanks for comforting me."


"Yes, we should get going as well."

*Woof woof!*


It was beginning to get dark.

*Sound of a beating drum!*

The sound of a beating drum rang out, indicating the end of the day's task.

The groups began to gather in front of the cave at the sound of the drum.

"Is everyone here? Attention please."

Ok Hae-mi stood in front of a large boulder, with all of their eyes focused on her.

"Today's task has come to an end. Please place the collected ribbons here. I'm saying this just in case, but the ribbons you will need to find tomorrow will differ in colour. Therefore, please don't hide the ribbons in an attempt to use them for tomorrow's points."

A few students looked disappointed upon hearing her words.

"The ground has now dried up, so we can begin to light fires outdoors, and prepare for the evening meal. If there are any students that have yet to arrive, please relay this information to them. You are now dismissed!"

The students disbanded, heading towards the places that had been allocated to them the day before. As Kang-hyuk was heading towards his group's allocated spot, he noticed Chun-hak, who looked restless.

"What's the matter?"

"Ah! Seonsaengnim!"

"What happened to cause you to be in such a state?"

"The second group has yet to return. So I was waiting."

Chun-hak was referring to the second group that had been created after he had split the group into four groups once more.

"They haven't returned yet?"

Kang-hyuk looked around. He couldn't see the second group anywhere.

"After asking around, I heard that they haven't been seen since around 4 p.m."

'They haven't been seen after 4 p.m.?'

Kang-hyuk immediately closed his eyes, expanding his energy to feel whether the second group was in the area.

'Weren't the teachers in charge of following the second group Oh-Tae Seonsaeng and Dang Eun-ah Seonsaeng?'

Dang Eun-ah was a female teacher from the Dang Family that taught the Am-gi weapon, and was a master with a transcended level of cultivation.

She was a renowned beauty, who had rejected the proposals of many men to fully pursue the path of martial arts.

Kang-hyuk then opened his eyes.

He had been unable to sense the presence of Oh-Tae and Dang Eun-ah, feeling as though something had most definitely gone wrong.

He hurriedly strode towards his group's outdoor camp. Standing there was Byeok Ae-rin, engaged in cooking the evening meal.


Byeok Ae-rin immediately raised her head at his telepathic message, and then replied.

-Yes! You called me?

-Have you began the plan for Oh-Tae by any chance?

-I haven't. It's scheduled for tomorrow. Why are you asking?

Byeok Ae-rin could tell that something was amiss from Kang-hyuk's expression.

-Oh Seonsaeng, along with Dang Seonsaeng and the rest of their group, have gone missing.


She was astonished.

-I couldn't feel their energetic traces in the nearest surroundings at all.

Byeok Ae-rin's face became serious.

Kang-hyuk's energetic detecting ability was flawless.

Therefore, if he was unable to sense their presence, it meant that a concerning situation was at bay.

-Seeing as many students have already passed through the area, it'll be difficult to pick up on their specific energy.

-That's why it's more worrying.

Byeok Ae-rin quickly spoke up, as though she had a flash of sudden inspiration.

-Why don't we ask Deuk for some help?

Kang-hyuk then looked down at Deuk.

Deuk's eyes were sparkling.

Kang-hyuk felt that it was of key importance to let the other teachers know. Therefore, he immediately sought So-hun out, making him aware of the issue. They then, accompanied by Chun-hak, set out to find Eun Myeong-myeong, and then explained the matter to him.


Eun Myeong-myeong's forehead was furrowed as he asked.

"What you do think would be the best action for us to take, So Seonsaeng?"

So-hun promptly responded.

"We'll go out to find them."

"But aren't you aware of what actually happened?"

"That's why we can't let the students find out what happened, which will cause them to panic. So my suggestion is that Kang Seonsaeng and I can secretly leave to find them from here."

Eun Myeong-myeong nodded.

"As you say, it would be a problem if the students panicked. I understand. I'll assign Yun Seonsaeng and a few warriors to go with you."

Yun Ha-seong, who had been standing beside Eun Myeong-myeong, stepped out.

"Will four warriors be sufficient?"

"That will be fine. You can also take a teacher from each group that the missing students were originally part of. But, Kang Seonsaeng is going as well? What will happen to his group? Why don't you just send another teacher instead?"

His suggestion had validity.

However, Kang-hyuk had made his mind up to go. He felt that if he was unable to even feel their energetic traces, it was a sure sign that there was greater trouble.

It either meant that they were located so far away that he couldn't sense them, or that something was blocking their energetic traces.

If not that, then it was that they were already dead.

Whatever the reason was, it was most definitely a dangerous situation.

His worry wasn't for Oh-Tae or Dang Eun-ah, but for the students that he was meant to protect and watch over.

For such a mishap to occur at the school he was working at was totally unacceptable for him.

At that moment, Ok Hae-mi addressed Eun Myeong-myeong.

"Regarding Kang Seonsaeng's group, isn't there his assistant that can look over them whilst he's gone? Or if that's not acceptable, I could always watch over them for a while."

"You could?"

Ok Hae-mi nodded.


"So what you are really trying to say is that Kang Seonsaeng assistance in searching for the students is of utmost importance. Why do you feel so?"

"Th-that...well, it's because Kang Seonsaeng is a teacher of Horticulture. As this place is the Clan Leader's private property, and no one has been allowed in for such a while, we may encounter various plants and trees that we have never heard of before. Therefore bringing Kang Seonsaeng would be like a kind of safety net against these plants."

"Hm...I see. The Yeonyeomok also grows here, which can be a challenge."

Ok Hae-mi looked over at Kang-hyuk.

Her intuition was telling her that it was imperative for Kang-hyuk to go along in the search for the missing group.

This was why she had insisted so to Eun Myeong-myeong.

Yun Ha-seong then spoke up.

"Well, I too agree with Ok Seonsaeng's opinion."

Eun Myeong-myeong looked at So-hun due to Yun Ha-seong's vocal support for Kang-hyuk.

"What are your thoughts?"

"I feel the same way."

"I see. In that case, I'll leave it to you Kang Seonsaeng."

"Of course."

Suddenly, a person, who had quietly been standing in the background, spoke up.

"I too will come!"

It was Chun-hak.

"They are members of my group. How could I remain in inaction if my group goes missing?"

Eun Myeong-myeong then responded.

"It could be a dangerous situation."

"If that's the case, there's even more reason for me to go! If I don't do anything when the members of my group have fallen into danger, what kind of leader would I be?"

"I can understand your sentiment, but seeing as you are still a student, we have the responsibility to protect you. I apologize, but you'll have to stay put."


"If you won't accept my orders, we will have to forcefully detain you!"

"..I understand, I'll stay."

After leaving the upset Chun-hak behind, they immediately entered the forest, and then began searching in two split groups.

The first group consisted of So-hun, accompanied by a teacher named Chu Ji-gang, and two warriors. The second group consisted of Kang-hyuk, Yun Ha-seong, and two warriors.

Kang-hyuk then addressed Yun Ha-seong.

"I don't know if it'll work or not, but how about we use Deuk to try and sniff the missing group out?"

"Let's give it a try. There's nothing to lose."

Kang-hyuk looked at Deuk, who was standing at his feet.

"Do you remember Oh-Tae's smell? We need to find him."

Deuk nodded his head.


After letting out a short howl, he looked around, and began running towards a certain location.

Kang-hyuk and Yun Ha-seong followed his lead, and soon enough, they reached a certain spot within the forest.

*Woof Woof!*

Deuk stopped there, with a perplexed expression on his face. Observing this, Kang-hyuk then spoke.

"Let's search this area!"

They then began searching the surroundings, and soon enough, the cry of a warrior was heard.


Yun Ha-seong and Kang-hyuk headed over to the warrior. The warrior's finding was within fifty steps of where Deuk had initially stopped.

As they arrived and observed the scene, their expressions became serious.

All that had been left there were bloodstains, an Am-gi weapon lodged into the tree, and the mark of sword slashes on the tree bark.

"This Am-gi weapon must be Dang Seonsaeng's!"

"I'm sure these sword slash marks came from Oh-Tae Seonsaeng! It looks like they were facing a life or death situation!"

They looked around and realized that they had gone quite deep into the forest.

Kang-hyuk sighed.

'We're far from the safety zone of the Goseon Mountain. Didn't they see the sign marked safety zone?'

Before they had set off on the field-trip, Eun Myeong-myeong had most definitely mentioned that it was dangerous beyond the point that had been marked as a safety zone, being told not to go beyond it.

Seeing as there were two teachers that had been present to enforce the restrictions, it was impossible that they would have silently watched the students going beyond the safety zone.

Not to mention the remnants of bloodstains and weapons that had been left at the scene.

Yun Ha-seong spoke up.

"It's strange! If there's this much blood, there should be a trail of blood leading to where they went afterwards!"

However, there was no trail.

Furthermore, there was no smell of their presence in that particular area. Kang-hyuk could only faintly feel their energetic traces having been in the location.

This was why Deuk had simply stopped without having found them.

Their attackers must have used some sort of special method for this to be so. However, Kang-hyuk was beyond any special method.