Invincible Teacher Chapter 58

59 Chapter 58
"Th-that's not true! That's not what happened! I would never do that!"

Shi Gong-bak shouted out at the man's denial.

"Don't lie! What about the gold that was discovered in your home?"

"I myself had no awareness of the gold even being there!"

Mu-jin spoke up.

"If he was simply a cleaner in the library, how could he be aware of such secrets? Amongst the information that he was meant to have leaked, there was information that the man couldn't have had access to."

Shi Gong-bak then responded.

"He used the 'Ten Ears' artefact behind his ear to discover the information."

The 'Ten Ears' artefact was one that could be used by ordinary people that didn't have martial skills. It enabled the person to hear anything within a five kilometre radius.

With the artefact, it would be possible to hear all sounds in the Academy within the specified radius.

However, it was impossible to hear sounds within the Academy from outside, owing to a special device being embedded within the walls of the buildings.

This was why spies had to enter the Clan and the Hwacheon Academy in disguise.

This was why Woo Cheon-baek, having the artefact placed behind his ear, was definite evidence that he was working for Dark Cultivators and had betrayed the Clan.

"But, I-I wasn't aware that it was the Ten Ears Artefact! I bought it when I was at the market because the merchant offered it to me for a cheap price."

"Do you even know how much the Ten Ears Artefact is worth? What kind of idiotic merchant would sell it cheaply?! Immediately get this bastard to confess!"


At Eun Myeong-myeong's cry of instruction, the torture expert who was on standby, stretched his hand out in preparation for pressing Woo Cheon-baek's pressure points.

The art of pressing a pressure point for the Split Bone Technique was a delicate art, and if it was even slightly off, it could cause the death of the person being tortured. Therefore, the most common unofficial method of torture was to stab the person's legs and arms with something.

However, this place was an Academy of the Hwacheon Clan.

The technicians administrating the torture method were not rookies in any way, and therefore, it was almost impossible that the person under interrogation would experience death.

"Hahaha, I'll show you what hell feels like!"

Woo Cheon-baek closed his eyes tightly at the words of the torture technician.


The eyes of everyone in the room diverted to Mu-jin at the sound of his cry.

"What's wrong?"

Mu-jin coughed at Eun Myeong-myeong's response, and then spoke.

"I have something I need to ask that Woo Cheon-baek fellow."

"We could always ask after the torture."

"It wouldn't be too late to administer the torture after I ask my question either."

Mu-jin looked at Woo Cheon-baek.

"I have something to ask you, but I hope you'll answer me with honesty and sincerity."

"Wh-what do you want to ask."

"First, show me how you utilized the Ten Ear Artefact."



"But my arms need to be released if I am to."

Mu-jin looked over at the torture technician, who then released Woo Cheon-baek.

The unbound Woo Cheon-baek then picked up the Ten Ear Artefact, which Shi Gong-bak had thrown onto the floor, then, with trembling hands, placed the artefact above his ear.

Mu-jin sighed at the sight.

"It seems as though there has been a misunderstanding, he's not the right man. I apologize."

The other persons present in the room stared at Mu-jin, taken aback, whilst Woo Cheon-baek's tears were uncontrollably flowing down from his eyes.

He immediately knelt down.

"Cl-clan leader, how could you say such words to me?"

"If a wrong action had occurred, no matter who it is, or what position they hold, it is just the right thing to apologize."

Mu-jin glared at So Woo-jae.

"That bastard from the Secret Blood Scented Rat group has lied."

The look in So Woo-jae's eyes instantly changed at Mu-jin's words.

He cried out, "No, no that isn't the case! That guy doubltlessly.."

"Shut up! Did you really think that just giving a man the Ten Ear Artefact that doesn't even know how to utilize it would be enough to fool us?"

"What? Who doesn't know how to utilize it? What do you mean?"

Mu-jin sighed once more at Eun Myeong-myeong's words.

"Principal. How do you use the Ten Ear artefact?"

"Th-that, isn't it by putting it on your ear?"

"Yes, but exactly how do you put it onto your ear?"

"By putting a small hole into your earlobe.Oh!"

Eun Myeong-myeong had finally realized what had slipped past him. If Woo Cheon-baek had really utilized the Ten Ear Artefact, then there would be marks of his use present on his earlobe.

However, there were no scars, nor any piercings on either of his earlobes.

"Whether it's the Ten Ear Artefact or the Hundred Ear Artefact, you'd have to pierce it through the ear for it to actually work! It's only then that the artefact connects to a person's acupoint, thereby enabling the person to hear beyond their ordinary capability."

"That means."

"It means that that man, Woo Cheon-baek, was framed."

All eyes were glazed in bewilderment at the thought that an innocent man would have underwent torture if it hadn't been for Mu-jin's intervention.

"I'll leave the rest to you then."

Eun Myeong-myeong nodded at Mu-jin's instruction. He glared at So Woo-jae resolutely.

So Woo-jae swallowed his saliva.

A thought entered his mind not long after. The thought that it was very unlikely that he would die a peaceful death.


After entrusting Eun Myeong-myeong to take care of the remaining work, Mu-jin left the prison, heading over to Yeongyowon once more.

The atmosphere of Yeongyowon at night seemed to have a strange charm about it.

"Do you want a cup of tea?"

Mu-jin turned around.

There stood Kang-hyuk, holding a tray with a teapot and tea cups.

"When did you get all of this ready?"

"Do you think I'm slow like you?"

"Well, I guess you have a point."

Kang-hyuk had, in truth, been with Mu-jin from the moment he had entered the underground prison.

This was why Mu-jin had been a little taken aback.

Kang-hyuk had definitely exited the prison when he had, so it was strange how he had somehow found the time to make provisions for tea.

"Sit down."

Kang-hyuk pointed towards Yeongyowon's pavilion, and then they both sat down.

After pouring tea into their individual tea cups, they began to drink.


The silence between them had been broken by Mu-jin's sigh.

"Why are you sighing?"

"It was a sigh of relief, I'm glad that the false accusation on that man was able to be cleared thanks to you Hyung-nim."

It had actually been Kang-hyuk, not Mu-jin that had realized that Woo Cheon-baek had been falsely accused.

He had been standing behind Mu-jin the whole time, observing the situation.

Kang-hyuk found Woo Cheon-baek's lack of an ear piercing rather strange, as it was something that was completely necessary to attach the Ten Ears Artefact if one wanted to utilize it correctly. Therefore, he had communicated this to Mu-jin telepathically.

"Hyung-nim, who do you think is the real spy?"

"That's something we'll have to work on finding out. Get Hyeonmugak and Jimilgak on the job on finding people that have piercings in their earlobes. Evidence will doubtlessly emerge from looking into that area."

Mu-jin grinned.

"I bet they didn't expect their attempt to frame Woo Cheon-baek would lead to they themselves being caught by the ankles."

Kang-hyuk took a gulp of tea, finishing it all, and then spoke.

"Is it okay for me to expect findings by the time I return from the field trip?"

Drops of sweat began to drip down Mu-jin's back.

"That fellow Shim-gu put in his best efforts to catch that spy as well."

Mu-jin knew that if Kang-hyuk had gone so far as to mention Shim-gu's name, if there was no satisfactory conclusion by the time he returned

'I'll be receiving a heavy beating, won't I?'

Kang-hyuk wasn't a man that cared about his lofty position as Clan Leader, and would definitely beat him regardless.

"Anyways, if you happen to catch another innocent person again, that'll be the time when I really go mad!"

"We will never make such a mistake!"

Mu-jin spoke with a smile spreading over his face.

"But the thing is, since things have turned out this way already, wouldn't it be okay for Hyung-nim to just solve the case?"

Kang-hyuk responded.

"Why do you think so?"

"Th-that, well it's because you have more talent than me."

Kang-hyuk sighed, and then took out his attendance book from his sleeve, rolling it around.

Mu-jin looked puzzled at his unexpected, and somewhat strange behaviour.

"Erm, is-isn't that an attendance book?"

"It is indeed."

"But why have you taken it out?"

"I like the feel of striking someone with this thing. That's why I'm going to hit the back of your head with it."


Taken aback, Mu-jin immediately stepped back.

"Hyu-hyung-nim, you are joking aren't you?"

"It's not a joke. It's because it seems as though you haven't properly understood what I said to you earlier. So, I'm going to start with your beating!"

"I have confidence that I'll be able to fully comprehend what you want me to understand without any beatings!"

Kang-hyuk responded after massaging his shoulders with the book.

"Are you the Clan leader, or am I?"

"I-I am."

"So is the Moorim of the present day your Moorim, or my Moorim?"


Mu-jin had no response.

"It's your Moorim. My Moorim has already passed."

"Hyu-hyung-nim! That."

"Shut up and listen."


Mu-jin automatically became silent at the powerful energy of Kang-hyuk's communication.

"The Moorim of today is under your control, and therefore, you must take the leading role in solving issues such as this one. As you said, I do have talent, but for me to take the leading role and intervene in the matter, if I am to be blunt, is just silly."

"What do you mean?"

Mu-jin looked surprised at Kang-hyuk's words.

"That's not the case at"

"Didn't I tell you to shut up and listen? Or should I begin to beat you with the attendance book?"

"No, please don't."

"As your senior, I can provide you with a little help, like in the case of the kidnapping incident, you are aware of that incident, right?"

"Yes, I am aware."

"For this, you will receive one blow. You aren't managing your private property well, are you?"

"Ah! I apologize!"

Kang-hyuk smiled as Mu-jin became startled at his observation.

"Well, you can do better from now on."

"Yes, Hyung-nim."

"Anyway I'm not going to interfere from now on. I'm quite aware of how ridiculous this whole situation is. You aren't going to stigmatize me because of this, are you?"

Mu-jin sighed.

"I'm sorry for my lack of consideration."

"So are you going to be doing your job or am I?"

"I am going to be doing my job."

Kang-hyuk stood up, and after gazing around Yeongyowon, spoke once more.

"Now, the only work for me is to be of help to the students of the Academy, and to help in affairs that they are unable to handle. Maybe this was the reason behind why the heavens chose to give me the gift of age reversal- so that I could be of service to the future of Moorim."

Kang-hyuk looked up at the sky to estimate the time.

"I'll have to go now. Take care of that man, Woo Cheon-baek, so that he isn't disadvantaged by this occurrence in any way."


"Ah, the Black Snake Sect bastard we caught is high up in the group's rankings, isn't he?"

"Yes- the one named Hae-sak, right?"

"When you interrogate him, try to find out the location of their headquarters, then let me know. I would have let them be if they hadn't overstepped the linetsk tsk. Seeing as they've gone too far now, there's no other choice."

"Yes, of course."

"Then, I'll see you later."

"Yes. Have a safe journey."

Mu-jin lowered his head and bowed. As he raised his head once more, he saw that Kang-hyuk, along with the tea cups, teapot and tray, had all disappeared.

Mu-jin slumped down into his seat, then sighed.


It was part of human nature to want to hold onto power, but Kang-hyuk had transcended beyond this attribute.

"I'm still lacking. What should I do, Hyung-nim?"


That evening.

Woo Cheon-baek had lost all of the strength in his legs, and flopped down onto his seat.

"This, this house! Hahaha.."

When he had been imprisoned for a reason he had no awareness of, he had been startled, and was incredibly fearful.

He had no idea as to why a pile of gold was in his house, or about the accusation that had fallen upon him of using the cheap earring he had bought in the market as a tool for eavesdropping and spying. He had no idea what the 'Ten Ear Artefact' they were referring to was.

Therefore, he could only come up with one conclusion.

That he had been framed.

However, he seemed to have a lot of evidence against him to prove otherwise.

This was why he had almost given up all hope until..

"Show me how you utilized the Ten Ear Artefact."

As the Clan Leader had instructed him so, he had put the earring onto his ear.

As he didn't want to pierce his ears, he hung the earring above his ears as he usually did with his other earrings.

As he had done so, the Clan leader then said, "It seems as though there has been a misunderstanding, he's not the right man. I apologize."

Woo Cheon-baek felt as though tears were coming at the mere recollection of his words.

To think that a man like the Clan Leader would apologize to a lowly man like himself- it was a more shocking occurrence to him than being released from prison!