Invincible Teacher Chapter 6

6 Chapter 6
Walking into the interview room, the first thing Kang-hyuk saw was a chair. He then came face to face with people sitting at a table opposite him.

Kang-hyuk already knew who they were.

Mu-jin had informed him of who would be judging his interview.

The man sitting next to him was the principal of Hwacheon Academy. His name was Eun Myeong-myeong. He was a past acquaintance of his.

'So he's now become the principal.'

Kang-hyuk turned his head slightly. He could see eight elderly people sitting next to the principal. They were known as the Gyoro Elders, and they were involved in the facilitation of the school.

The principal, Eun Myeong-myeong spoke first.

"What is your name?"

"My name is Kang-hyuk."

"Sit down."

Kang-hyuk sat down, and the questioning began immediately. He didn't find their questions challenging at the very least. On the contrary, he found that he had to repress his urge to laugh.

"When was Hwacheon Academy established?"

"What do you think makes you suitable to work at the Academy?"

They went on to ask him useless questions like these and such.

Kang-hyuk had served as the leader of the clan for fifty years.

Within his leadership position, he also held the ownership of Hwacheon Academy, and as a result, each year, he had to make a speech at a party held in the grand hall of the Academy.

In his annual speech, things like the date of the establishment of the Academy were repeated continuously so Kang-hyuk could give the answers to their questions off his tongue.

"Could you let us know what three things you would wish to impart to your students?"

He was finally asked this question after a barrage of formal questions. Kang-hyuk looked at the man who had asked him.

The man who had asked him was part of the Gyoro Elders, who had a long white beard reaching up to his chest. Kang-hyuk smiled upon seeing the man's face.


He was a Taoist from the Hwasanpa sect, and Kang-hyuk acknowledged him as a true and genuine educator.

Kang-hyuk thought about the question for some time before answering, "Firstly, I would encourage my students to build up their strength. I would not wish to see my students die a dog's death on the streets of Moorim. Secondly, I feel that it's important for the teacher and students to be one in heart. If the teacher and student have this level of closeness, an innate trust will be present, and the student will feel that they can rely on their teacher. Lastly, even if the students are strong, and are able to rely on me, I feel that it is most crucial for them to be noble in their character."

Eun-san nodded in satisfaction upon hearing his answer. Another person amongst the Gyoro elders then spoke, "It seems that the person who recommended you is Our Clan leader. "



These words caused all eyes in the room to widen.

"What kind of connection do you two have?"

Mu-jin saw Kang-hyuk's expression at being asked such a question, and quickly spoke, "He is my Sect junior."

"Your junior?"

Mu-jin nodded his head.

"He is my dearest junior."


They had no questions for him after that, and the first part of the exam was thus completed.

As Kang-hyuk was leaving the interview room, he heard the sound of someone screaming.


The noise was due to the fact that the woman who had guided him to the interview room, Ok Hae-mi, was strangling a man with a whip.

"What did you say to me? To have a drink together after your interview finishes? And then you have the gall to try to sneakily touch my chest? You pervert! After doing that, do you even think you can go for your appointment interview? Get out of here you son of a bitch!"

Kang-hyuk got a brief idea of what had happened.

'Wherever you go, there are always guys like that. Truly embarrassments to men that can't even be compared to dogs ...this is the reason we all get given a bad name because of guys like this. Tut-tut.'

In the end, after being completely beaten up by Ok Hae-mi, the man was dragged away by the guards.

Ok Hae-mi didn't even have to utilize any special martial abilities, as the man's level of martial skill was limited to basic self-defence.

'Those to be approached with great consideration in the land of Moorim are children, women and the elderly. The fact that he was unaware of the basic knowledge and even dared to enter Hwacheon Academy meant that the man was a total novice.'

"Cough. Cough Cough."

Ok Hae-mi noticed Kang-hyuk at the sound of his coughing, straightened out her clothes, and smiled.

Kang-Hyuk found himself impressed by her rapid change in expression.

"Oh my! You're already finished? If you would go and wait in that room next door, the principal will announce the results of the interview in a few minutes."

"Okay, thank you for letting me know."

Kang-hyuk entered the room. Waiting there were five more people.

Kang-hyuk then sat down. The atmosphere in the room was completely silent owing to the fact that no one seemed to be in a conversational mood.

Some time passed, and several more people entered the room not long after.

There were now ten interviewees in the room.

The door squeaked open.

Eun Myeong-myeong, the principal, entered the room. He then called out several names.

"Unfortunately, those whose names I have just called out have failed the interview. Please leave the room."

At the principal's words, five people got up, with their expressions a mixture of anger, regret, and some with fury. They then left the room afterwards.

There were now only five people left in the room, including Kang-hyuk. Eun Myeong-myeong then spoke, "We shall now begin the final part of the test. I invite everyone to come up and take a pouch."

Eun Myeong-myeong then gave each of them a small draw-string pouch.

"Inside these pouches are flower seeds. You will pass the test if the plant grows and flowers by tomorrow morning. Whoever's flower blooms the most beautifully will obtain the most points."

Suddenly, someone asked a question.

"Where should we bloom the flowers?"

"It doesn't matter where. If you direct us to the place where you have made the flower bloom, that alone will suffice. Also, you can use whatever method you wish to cause the blooming."


"If you are unable to produce a blossoming flower by four in the morning, you will be automatically eliminated. I will see you all tomorrow morning."

The door shut behind Eun Myeong-myeong. A man within the group had a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Eh? Blossoming a flower from just a seed by tomorrow? Isn't that pretty much impossible?"

"If they didn't want to hire a horticulture teacher, why did they go to the trouble of testing us? Huh-!"

Two of the interviewees then threw their pouches on the floor, spat on them, and walked out of the room afterwards.

Kang-hyuk observed the reaction of the rest of the group. They simply looked at the seeds within the pouch, and put it away within their sleeves.

Kang-hyuk looked at the seeds within the pouch and grinned widely.

'Are those guys even aware of the kind of seeds these are?'

The seeds were about as big as the nail of a pinky finger, but if the interviewees that just left had any clue as to what kind of seeds they were, they would not have thrown them on the floor so carelessly.

They were the seeds of the Radiant Golden Lotus.

These lotus flowers emanated golden light and were quite rare and precious. It was all due to the fact that they were quite effective at repelling negative energy and evil forces.

But its beneficial qualities didn't stop just there. An elixir could be made from the flowers that restored the Qi in one's body, and if an ordinary person consumed this elixir, they would be immune from any kind of illness for twenty years.

The principal hadn't specified any particular amount of flowers one was required to make bloom.

If you caused one flower to bloom, you would pass.

This meant that regardless of whether you passed or failed the second test, the remaining ten seeds in the pouch were yours to keep as a gift for passing the first part of the test.

'The men who simply flung their valuable seeds away would most likely be in major regret after they found this out.'

Kang-hyuk was a little surprised by the nature of the final test set by Eun Myeong-myeong.

Unlike ordinary flowers, which bloomed within weeks or months, the Radiant Golden Lotus only bloomed once in a year, and it would thereafter stay as a flower for a hundred years.

Suddenly, something occurred to Kang-hyuk.

As far as he was aware, this post of a horticulture teacher wasn't one that required special skills that can only be obtained by one who has undergone martial cultivation.

They generally set tests for teachers that any ordinary citizen of Moorim would be able to take.

This was how he remembered it when he was still the Clan Leader, and he assumed that it was still like this at present. However, knowledge of the Radiant Golden Lotus wasn't common amongst normal citizens of the land, and it would most likely prove to be challenging for them to undertake a test based on it.

Furthermore, it was difficult for even those with advanced cultivation to make the Radiant Golden Lotus bloom.

'They even gave ten seeds of the Radiant Golden Lotus!'

For this test, giving one seed to bloom would have been sufficient, but there would be no real necessity to supply ten.

It was no ordinary seed, it was a rare and sought-after seed, and an elixir at that!

Kang-hyuk found all of this rather strange.

Kang-hyuk left the building after placing the pouch within his sleeve. Suddenly, something flew towards him.

It was flying at such a speed that it could hardly be seen, but Kang-hyuk caught it effortlessly.

It was a small folded note. Kang-hyuk opened it.

'I will see you at the Northern Mountains by the waterfall.'

Even though the message was only a sentence long, and had no name of the sender, Kang-hyuk instantly knew who it was from.

'He should have just told me in person.'


The gushing sound of abundant water echoed throughout the landscape. The sight of the cool, flowing water was picturesque.


The person standing in front of Kang-hyuk was none other than the present Clan Leader, Mu-jin. It was he who had sent the flying note.

Mu-jin smiled brightly upon seeing Kang-hyuk.

"What are you snickering about? Can't you look at me straight in the eye?"


"You better explain what happened today, and with complete truth, okay?"

"Of course."

"Go on then."

As Kang-hyuk found a seat on a rock beside the waterfall, Mu-jin took a deep breath, and then spoke.

"The reason I didn't tell you that the new course we're establishing was a horticulture course was because."

"Because you see me as someone who would be narrow-minded and prejudiced about taking such a position?"

"..Of course that's not the case!"

"I was a little taken aback initially as you hadn't said anything about horticulture, but I wasn't dissatisfied with the position. Whether it's a martial arts teacher, or a liberal arts teacher, in the end, I just wanted to be some kind of teacher. However!"

Mu-jin's eyes went round at Kang-hyuk's words. But Kang-hyuk found his change in expression so cute that he had the urge to pet him.

He found Mu-jin's face cute even though it was the face of an old man.

'If other people saw this scene, they would think I was being disrespectful to my elder, and would most likely scold me'

Kang-hyuk cleared his throat.

"My dearest junior? What were you thinking calling me your disciple in front of all those people?"


"Weren't you the one that said I would be a normal teacher? How can I be treated as a normal teacher if people think I'm your close junior?"

Slapping his palm with his fist, Mu-jin suddenly realized his mistake.


"If you've realized what you've done wrong, reflect on it!"


"Also, were you the one who set the last test?"

"The principal, the Gyoro Elders, and I collectively decided on the last test. Do you think it's too challenging?"

Kang-hyuk laughed heartily at Mu-jin's words.

"How can you lie so blatantly to me..are you asking for a good beating?"

"That, well"

Mu-jin answered with cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

"I actually changed the last test."

"What was the original test?"

"It was to plant a specific tree and to design a garden within two days."

"By any chance, did you change the test because of me?"


Mu-jin glanced at Kang-hyuk's expression, Kang-hyuk's hand flew to the back of his head.


"Ouch! Hyu-hyung-nim!"

Mu-jin groaned, caressing the back of his head with his hands.

"No matter what, is this behaviour befitting of a clan leader? Shouldn't you be showing fairness to all?"

"That-that's why I placed ten seeds of the Radiant Golden Lotus in the pouches. And also, seeing as we've already set the test now, I can't do anything to retract it."

"I know."

Mu-jin breathed a sigh of relief as he sensed Kang-hyuk calming down.

"You didn't even explain what the significance of the Radiant Golden Lotus is to the interviewees."


"There were two interviewees that threw away their seed pouches. Take those seeds to them, and explain their value to them. That will be your repentance for this situation."

"I understand."

"Mu-jin, there's something I wanted to ask you."

Mu-jin gulped, nervous at Kang-hyuk's unusual change in tone.

"Pl-please ask away."

"There's an old man in his late seventies. The old man played a trick on me and caused me great discomfort. If I beat that old man, would I be accused of disrespect?"

"Although you underwent reverse-aging, aren't you in actuality 98?"

Kang-Hyuk smirked, then spoke.

"So in that case, I can beat him without concern, right?"

"Yes...but who are you looking to beat?"