Invincible Teacher Chapter 75

76 Chapter 75
Kang-hyuk took his attendance book out of his sleeve, and spoke whilst rolling the book around; "Dangerous goods aren't allowed to be sold at the academy. Despite knowing this, why are you selling them? Or are you really unaware of this rule?"

The employees looked around, slowly backing away whilst still holding onto Baek Mun-ji and Dang So-mun.

Kang-hyuk spoke once more, "First off, why don't you let the kids go?"

"Wh-why should we let go of these kids?"

"We are also aware of the importance of hostages."

"You're a foolish teacher, aren't you?!"

"You're a liberal arts teacher that doesn't even know martial arts, don't you have any fear?"

One of the employees rushed towards Kang-hyuk. In his hand was a sharp dagger.

"There's nothing else that can be done now that things have reached this point! Die!"



A ghastly shriek rang out. The origin of the shriek was obviously not Kang-hyuk.


The employee fell down onto his back, trembling whilst clutching his crotch.

Kang-hyuk had actually lifted his foot, and kicked his crotch.

"These bastards sound like horses, don't they?"

Kang-hyuk grasped his attendance book once more and threw it, aiming for the employee that was holding onto Dang So-mun.



Retrieving his book, Kang-hyuk then addressed the employees, "You should know very well that I can't control my anger when people try to harm my students."



Kang-hyuk threw his attendance book again, hitting the man he had beaten up earlier.

Indeed, Kang-hyuk's specialty was repeated beating.

"So? Are you going to keep holding onto the students?"

The employees began to shake at the murderous energy now emanating from Kang-hyuk.

"If you don't want to let go, I have no choice."

Kang-hyuk spoke after he had loosened his shoulders by stretching his arms out. "I'm not someone who'll let bastards like you mess with my students."


"I hope you're prepared."

The employees that held onto Baek Mun-ji and Dang So-mun hurriedly let go of them at Kang-hyuk's threat.

They had already been beaten twice, and they didn't want to experience being beaten again.

Unfortunately, Kang-hyuk was a man that tended to beat more than two times.



After having given the employees two more consecutive beatings, they fell to the floor.

"Are you okay?"

Baek Mun-ji and Dang So-mun nodded in response to Kang-hyuk's concern.


"We're okay."

They then bowed their heads in shame.

"We're sorry."

"We're really sorry about this."

Kang-hyuk spoke firmly, after releasing the ropes the employees had used to bind them, "I'll scold you later. First, I need to take care of those bastards."

He turned his gaze towards the three employees.

"How dare you sell forbidden items at the academy?"

Dang So-mun spoke, raising his hand slightly, "Er, Seonsaengnim."

"They weren't selling forbidden items. They were selling forbidden drugs."

Kang-hyuk grinned.

"Whether its forbidden items or forbidden drugs, it doesn't matter, the problem is that they were selling them. Don't worry about the small details."


Kang-hyuk turned his right shoulder.

"Right, we should get the truth out right now. There's no way you guys, who don't even have any martial skills, could have done this on your own. There must be someone behind you."

"That's not the case! We just wanted to sell good medicine to the students at a low price! We just felt good seeing them happyargh!"

The man couldn't finish his sentence. Kang-hyuk's attendance book was lodged in his forehead.

"Damn it! You would have received less of a beating if you had shut up."

All of a sudden, a woman's voice could be heard from behind them.

"Seonsaengnim! Please suppress yourself a little here!"

It was Byeok Ae-rin.

Baek-gap had accompanied her as well.

There wasn't usually a lot of reasons for Kang-hyuk's energy to be felt strongly around the academy.

But if it was felt, that meant that something had happened. With that, Byeok Ae-rin had rushed to the site, dragging Baek-gap, who had been eating his evening meal along with her.

"Huh! Seonsaengnim? Who are these guys?"

Kang-hyuk replied, "Forbidden goodsthey are bastards dealing forbidden drugs. On top of that, they tried to feed these two students here a drug that would make them into idiots to get off scot-free."

Byeok Ae-rin glared at the employees.

"Oh my! We can't let these bastards be!"

"That's right!"

"But you might draw attention herelet's move to your residence."

"That's a good idea."

Byeok Ae-rin and Baek-gap immediately lifted the employees onto their shoulders. After looking around, Baek-gap then headed towards a building.

The building contained a secret Jimilgak constructed passageway.

Like this, Byeok Ae-rin and Baek-gap soon disappeared with the employees, leaving Kang-hyuk, Dang So-mun and Baek Mun-ji remaining.

Kang-hyuk addressed them, "You still have some time before the night roll call, don't you?"

"Y-yes, we do."

"Thenfollow me."


They obediently followed him, soon reaching Kang-hyuk's residence.

The area around his residence only had a few people around.

Furthermore, due to the rumours floating around that there were ghosts near the area, most people avoided this place.


Baek Mun-ji and Dang So-mun had a look of astonishment on their faces.

They were surprised to see that the three employees that Byeok Ae-rin and Baek-gap had moved were in Kang-hyuk's courtyard.

They were lying on the floor, while Deuk was digging around them with his front paws.

Kang-hyuk sat on a wooden bench in the courtyard and looked at Dang So-mun and Baek Mun-ji. "So, shall we hear the full account from you two?"

"So, the thing is, what happened was"

But then.

One of the barely conscious employees spoke up, "Fuck! Is being a teacher everything?"

"What have we done wrong? If we inform the academy authorities about this, you'll be kicked out! Kicked out!"

"Honestly! Do you even have any evidence that we were selling forbidden drugs? Hm? How can you hold us as you can see that we're innocent?"

The employees began to scream at Kang-hyuk.

It was because they had realized that Kang-hyuk had no evidence against them.

Even if he gathered the students that they had sold to, the employees felt that it was unlikely they would speak, with the fear of expulsion for purchasing the drug.

But alas, they picked the wrong opponent.

They were dealing with the man who was known as the Dragon Lord. He couldn't be threatened by small pawns like them.

"Evidence? Why do you think I need something like that?"

Kang-hyuk stood up, and took his attendance book out, rolling it in his hands.

"I'll just make all of you confess."

"D-do you really think we'll confess so easily?"

"I was going easy on you earlier, since I was afraid my students would get hurt. I guess you weren't aware of that. Tsk tsk."

Kang-hyuk hurled his attendance book towards one of the employees' face.


Dang So-mun and Baek Mun-ji's mouths turned agape.

They weren't aware of Kang-hyuk's excellent martial skills.



It was only then that the three employees realized that things weren't going to end well for them.

The pain they were currently feeling totally differed from the pain they experienced earlier.

With a single strike from Kang-hyuk, they saw their lives flashing before their eyes.

They immediately began to plea.

"Argh! I've done wrong!"

"We won't play around again!"


"Please spare us!"

"Don't worry, I don't plan to kill you just yet."


"We'll tell you everything! We'll confess all of it!"

"You can say that after I've finished beating you three."


"It'd be better if you just killed us!"

"Damn it! Can't you be quiet while I beat you?"


Kang-hyuk's beatings continued on for quite a while.

Sometime later.

Kang-hyuk rolled his attendance book around, and placed it back into his sleeve.

The three employees were on their knees in his courtyard, their eyes and noses streaming with fluids.

Kang-hyuk then looked at Dang So-mun and Baek Mun-ji. "Right, let's continue with what you were saying before."

Dang So-mun and Baek Mun-ji gulped. They looked nervous.

It was because Kang-hyuk suddenly felt scary to them.

Of course, they knew they couldn't speak hastily. They were well aware that the lives of many hung on their words.

'Seon-tae won't be safe anyway if those employees confess the full account of their dealingsbut still.'

Kang-hyuk had an awareness as to why Baek Mun-ji and Dang So-mun were a little hesitant.

He witnessed them stealing the rotting powder and hiding it by burying it deep into the forest without informing the teachers.

He knew that this was most likely because they wanted to protect the student who was using the powder, and that was also the probable reason as to why they tried to settle the matter by themselves.

Kang-hyuk could not help but let out a sigh.

He recalled what he had said in his interview to become a teacher.

"Firstly, I would encourage my students to build up their strength. I would not wish to see my students die a dog's death on the streets of Moorim. Secondly, I feel that it's important for the teacher and the students to be one in heart. If the teacher and student have this level of closeness, an innate trust will be present, and the student will feel that they can rely on their teacher. Lastly, even if the students are strong, and are able to rely on me, I feel that is it most crucial for them to be noble in their character."

Kang-hyuk grinned.

He realized that this was an opportunity for him to build trust with his students.

"I can understand that you must be taking your fellow students into consideration. So, I'll promise you that no student will be expelled as a result of this issue."

Baek Mun-ji responded, clearly puzzled, "Sorry?"

This issue was an issue concerning the rotting powder. Baek Mun-ji was well aware that it was almost impossible that the matter would be settled without any expulsions taking place.

This was due to the ill-reputation of the drug.

"What I'm saying is that you can trust me and speak. I will keep my promise."

Despite Kang-hyuk's earnest request, Baek Mun-ji and Dang So-mun couldn't believe him.

There had been many instances where a teacher had sacrificed students to evade their own responsibility.

"I apologize, but we have nothing to say."

Kang-hyuk sighed at Baek Mun-ji's response, then spoke, "I'm sure you two already know that when the employees speak, the full account is going to come out anyway."


"If you're aware of this and still don't want to talk, is it really for the sake of your fellow student? Or are you both trying to evade responsibility? Or perhaps, you two are simply trying to relieve your guilt by doing this?"

Kang-hyuk's words were like sharp knives.

Baek Mun-ji and Dang So-mun's expressions darkened.

They themselves didn't know if they really felt what Kang-hyuk had just said.

'Why have we decided not to speak?'

'Are we trying to lessen our guilt like Seonsaengnim said? Or are we trying to evade responsibility?'

Kang-hyuk continued to speak, "I'll speak frankly. I've been watching over the two of you, and you've acted quite recklessly. You should have been more careful."

It was then that they realized.

That they had to speak, regardless of whether they trusted Kang-hyuk's promise or not.

The matter involved the rotting powder, a bane of Moorim.

It was obvious to them that this wasn't an issue that could be resolved with their personal efforts.

Dang So-mun decided to speak up first. "I'm sorry Seonsaengnim. We've been stubborn."

"So, what really happened was."

Baek Mun-ji continued the account of what had happened while Kang-hyuk listened silently.

The long story went on.

Finally, Dang So-mun, who finished the story, hesitated. He seemed to have a question for Kang-hyuk. "Er, Seonsaengnim."

"Do you have anything else to say?"

"Can you really ensure that no one's expelled?"

Kang-hyuk nodded.

"Of course, but you two should also remain silent regarding this issue."


"We'll keep silent."

Kang-hyuk looked up at the sky. Time had flown by, and night had fallen.

"It's nearly time for the night roll call."

As though she had been waiting for Kang-hyuk to say those very words, Byeok Ae-rin arrived, carrying a tray with two bowls.

"Have some of this before you go."

Dang So-mun and Baek Mun-ji accepted the bowls at Kang-hyuk's request.

The red liquid inside sloshed around.

"What kind of tea is this?"

Byeok Ae-rin replied to Baek Mun-ji's query, "You've still got the cultivation halting poison within your systems, haven't you? This is a tea that will detoxify the poison from your body."

They immediately drank down the red liquid.

It had a strange flavour, but it wasn't disgusting.


"My cultivation is back!"

Its effects were almost immediate. Their halted internal energies began to flow once more.