Invincible Teacher Chapter 80

81 Chapter 80
"Right, you can go ahead and start climbing."

Kang-hyuk realized that he needed to re-ignite the students' drive once more.

"You can only evade your expulsion if you successfully complete this last task."

The students' gazes had changed in an instant.

They had withstood the training thus far in order for them to avoid expulsion. Expulsion was the same as death to them.

They were already somewhat prepared for death when they first started using the rotting powder, but there were different ways in which one could die.

Facing death as a result of expulsion from the use of the rotting powder would be a painful death for someone not just physically, but also mentally.

The students looked at the precipice once again. It was their last training.

'Let's finish this training!'

'I can avoid a dishonourable death from expulsion!'

'I need to be tough!'

'If only I could go back to the times before I started to use the rotting powder!'

They approached the precipice, and then began to climb.

It was difficult as they already had little strength in their bodies remaining, but as they began their ascent, their eyes shone with resolve.

Meanwhile, Shim-gu looked confused at the situation.

He knew that this type of training was usually conducted only when the team members had sufficient stamina, but currently, the students' stamina was at an all-time low.

Therefore, he sent Kang-hyuk a telepathic message.

Kang-hyuk promptly responded.

-That was quite an important question.


-So, you want to know why I'm doing this training? I'm trying to maximise their experience of hanging on the threshold between life and death.


-Think about it. Those five fellows are fellows who have consumed the rotting powder. If even one out of the five lets something slip, all of the other fellows will be under investigation as well.


-I've already told you about my promise that no one will be expelled from the academy due to this matter. I also don't want to let those students go so easily either. If I want these two conditions to be fulfilled, this matter needs to be buried forever after the students have been cured.

-So is this to strengthen the bonds between the five students, to ensure that none of them speak of this experience and endanger them all?

-Yes. Also, there's nothing else that will connect people better than being on the brink of death together.

Shim-gu scratched his head.

-I do have a problem though. Is it really okay to teach them like this so early?

-What do you mean?

-Hyung-nim, you are a teacher right? I think you should teach them to live their life straightforwardly and honestly. I think that it's a bit much, hiding the truth like this. If you've done something wrong, you should accept the punishment for it

Kang-hyuk sighed.

-Let's talk frankly. Do people who insist on living truthfully have a long lifespan in Moorim? Or do people who live in moderation, not insisting on being completely open, have a longer lifespan?

-It-it would be the latter.

-Exactly. And as I said before, punishment isn't everything.

- ....

Those who weren't skilled at hiding certain things usually had an early death in Moorim.

-Well, although they aren't being expelled, they are experiencing enough punishment. They won't even be able to say the first character that spells rotting powder after this.

Shim-gu nodded.

'That's not all. They'll be having nightmares on top of that.'

Kang-hyuk continued.

-Well, it's not bad for them to be experiencing life and death with like-minded people. All's well that ends well right? Hahaha!

Shim-gu then cautiously spoke up.


-What is it?

-This wasn't your plan from the very beginning, was it?

-Is that what you think?


Shim-gu continued.

-It wasn't your original plan, but isn't it because you thought that fellow Eun Myeong-myeong would notice that you lied? The students are under the same impression as him, are they not?

Kang-hyuk grinned at Shim-gu's conclusion.

-Well to tell you the truth, what we're doing here is a public service.

-Public service?


-Soit's okay if you exceed beyond the three days that Eun Myeong-myeong was initially made aware of? Because we're already past the third day.

Kang-hyuk responded.

-Tsk tsk, all plans have a certain extra clause attached to them.

-What clause?

-That the plan described may change according to circumstances.

-What about your classes?

-Why do you think I have a teaching assistant?

Shim-gu blinked.

- ....

-A teaching assistant is there for situations like these anyway.

Shim-gu couldn't refute Kang-hyuk's words. Whilst one reason for this was because of Kang-hyuk's stubbornness, the other reason was because, in one way or another, it did make sense.


The wind was blowing hardly.


The second-year student Pyeong Hae-hae unwittingly spat out curses.

The wind was particularly strong, and he had almost lost his balance as a result.

Even if he had fallen, he knew that at the very least he wouldn't have died, owing to the rope that connected all of the students.

But in his mind, he didn't want to add extra strain to the other students as a result of his actions.

He had felt the burden of having to hold onto extra weight when his junior, Eon Ga-min had slipped earlier.



However, despite his best efforts, Pyeong Hae-hae had unfortunately slipped.


He could hear the groans of the other students.

"I-I'm sorry!"

Pyeong Hae-hae immediately cried out as he had fallen. He really was sorry.

"It's okay! Quickly get up!"

He heard the voice of the third-year student So Gyeong-bu.

"Cheer up!"

"Seonbaenim! We can do it!"

"Please don't give up!"

Boosted by the encouragement of the other students, Pyeong Hae-hae gathered his strength and held onto the precipice once more.

His hands were bloody and in pain, but he couldn't ignore the encouraging words of his fellow students.

The prize of not being expelled wasn't important to the students any more.

They were more concerned about their fellow students who they were collectively climbing the precipice with.

They were hungry, as well as thirsty.

But they knew that if they gave up, their burden would be borne by the others in the group.

Therefore, they couldn't quit.

Hours went by as they rose up the precipice, one step after another.

The first person to reach the top of the precipice was the third-year student, So Gyeong-bu. It could have been due to his seniority, but he was unable to forget the training he had endured over the past few days.

As soon as So Gyeong-bu had reached the peak, the other students after him were able to arrive with a little more ease.

"Phew. Phew."

"I-I nearly died."


"Mother. Your son is alive."

"My god! Am I really still alive?"

They lied down and gasped for breath.

"You've worked hard."

Shim-gu sincerely praised their efforts. He too had experienced this particular training, and was aware of its strains.

'I've climbed hundreds of precipices like theseah. I'm feeling dizzy now.'

Kang-hyuk approached the students.

"Now, all of the training is complete. As I promised, I will cover up your mistakes. Never take the rotting powder."


"Go! Go away now!"

"I hate the rotting powder!"

"We committed a great sin! We'll never do such a thing again!"


Kang-hyuk looked very satisfied with their reactions to the mention of the rotting powder.

The training they had endured thus far had been challenging, especially for this particular purpose.

"Ahem. Ahem ahem. You will have two hours of break time. After that, we can move to an inn."

This meant that they could eat food, sleep comfortably, and even wash with warm water!

The students were elated.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn't cry out in joy since they had no energy remaining to do so.

Two hours later.

Kang-hyuk and the students were trekking down the mountain, travelling to a nearby village.

They soon arrived at the entrance of a village.

A large stone was inscribed with the name of the village- Hwagyeong Village.

"Hwagyeong VillageI guess the view of the sunset from here must be beautiful [1]."

As Kang-hyuk commented out loud, a man from inside the village came running out.

"Seonsaengnim! I've found an inn!"

The man was Kang-hyuk's servant, Baek-gap.

Kang-hyuk had sent him down to the village in advance, so that he could find them an inn.

"I've secured a room at the Hwagyeong Inn over there. I've ordered dinner as well."

"You've done well. Let's go."


The students cheerfully replied in response.

The students were already salivating as they had heard the word 'dinner'. Byeok Ae-rin grinned as she observed them.

'It's understandable, seeing as they've only had Byeokgokdan for the past few days.'

Byeokgokdan was a foodstuff that was easily stored, and could be eaten without prior preparation, so it was often consumed during intense martial training.

Its only drawback was that it was completely tasteless.

"It's food! Food! We're finally eating!"

"Hahaha! Meat! Meat!"

"I-I want to eat dumplings!"

Energised by the mere thought of food, the students flew towards the inn Baek-gap had pointed towards.

Kang-hyuk shouted out at them, "These rascals! Eat after washing up!"

Su Seon-tae had finally entered his room.


He put his luggage down.

"I'll quickly wash up so I can eat."

His stomach rumbled intensely as the scent of food wafted into his room.

But at this moment in time, he looked like a beggar. He couldn't go ahead and eat in such a state.

"Oh, oh, it's a bed!"

His eyes widened as he spotted a bed. His priorities changed as he recalled how he had spent the last three nights.

"I-I want to sleep."

Kang-hyuk's past words suddenly interrupted his stream of thought.

"I've ordered delicious food for you all, as all of you have worked hard. So, even if you're tired, sleep after you eat. You have something important to do tomorrow, so you'll need to wake up early. It would be good for your bodies if you eat right now for the sake of that task at the very least. I'll explain more about that task over dinner."

Su Seon-tae realized that he had to go and eat dinner.

"I'll have to hurry and wash, then go for dinner."

They had been allocated individual rooms as a reward for their intense suffering over the past three days.

Thanks to this, Su Seon-tae didn't have to worry about anyone seeing his rotting feet, and could bathe with ease.

When he opened the door to the bathroom that was attached to his room, he saw a large tub filled with warm water.

He lifted up his leg to enter the tub.

'Look-looking at it.'

He realized that something was a little strange.

Su Seon-tae pondered over what was different about his form, and finally realized after a while. It was his feet.

A few days earlier, when they were leaving the school, his foot was still rotting.

But at present, his feet were completely fine. More than fine, they seemed to be growing fresh skin.

'Huh? H-how can this be?'

In truth, Su Seon-tae had been a little concerned about his wound for a while.

He knew that he wouldn't be able to conceal his rotting foot forever.

But in stark contrast, all traces of rotting flesh had completely disappeared.

He felt so happy that he wanted to dance with joy.

'I'll never look at the rotting powderargh!'

Su Seon-tae grabbed his head at the mere recollection of the powder.

Even the name of the rotting powder had now become a complete taboo for him.

Su Seon-tae hurriedly rushed down to the inn's restaraunt after washing himself.


Su Seon-tae walked over to Baek-gap as he called him.

A fellow first year student, Eon Ga-min was already seated at the table.

"Where are the seniors?"

Baek-gap answered Su Seon-tae's query.

"They'll be coming soon."

As he had spoken, one by one, the other senior students came down to the restaurant.


Su Seon-tae immediately felt that something was different about them.

When they had all left the academy together, he smelled a strong fragrance exuding from all of them.

He now knew that they had most likely over used the fragrance oil to conceal the smell of their rotting flesh.

But as of present, the other students were odorless. Su Seon-tae had another realization.

'Could it be? The other students' rotting flesh has also disappeared?'

[1] Hwagyeong means sunset boundary