Invincible Teacher Chapter 89

90 Chapter 89
Kang Hyuk grinned after hearing all of that.

"I see."

"That's so good to hear! I'm so relieved, sir!"

Ha Gojun could not help but cry. He had been prepared for the worst as it was not very likely that she was safe, or even alive for that matter. Hearing that she was alive and well made Ha Gojun relieved unlike ever before.

Kang Hyuk was also glad to hear this. It was especially good news since he didn't need to do anything, while still being able to keep his promise with Ha Gojun's grandfather.

'Well, I already have gone out of my way to help him.'

Ji Myung then spoke to Ha Gojun.

"You there. You comin' with me to the temple?"

Ha Gojun quickly nodded at the offer.

"Please, Bhante. I need to see my sister."

"Go ahead with the Demon Destroying Monk then."

Kang Hyuk spoke to Ha Gojun.

"Let's all leave tomorrow morning after a good night's rest."

"Thank you, sir."

"Good night."

Kang Hyuk then sent Ji Myung a telepathic message.

-You, follow me out.

-Yes, big bro.

Yeom Jung was lying down on the cold prison cell floor. He was being imprisoned at the underground prison of Hwachun Clan's Hanam Region Base. He was taken straight to this prison after he was arrested at the gladiator ring.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Beside him was Ok Bae, the head of the district, cursing out as hard as he could.

"Hey. Shut up, will you?"

Ok Bae became furious at Yeom Jung's words.

"You piece of shit! I'm still alive! I'm still the head of the district! How dare you try and order me around?!"

"Ugh, that fucking bastard."

"YOU!! Come out! Right now! I'll knock you down myself!"

The two began to argue and made the prison guard bang on the wall and shout.

"QUIET! Quiet down, you fools!"

Both of them then shouted back at the guard immediately.

"You dare call your boss a FOOL?!"

"Hey, head of the district. Why don't you teach your guard a lesson?"

"Tsk, tsk. You dumb fools never learn."

A voice suddenly cut in, to which Ok Bae and Yeom Jung instantly had grim expressions on their faces as they shivered in fear. The prison guard immediately bowed and greeted the man who spoke.


It was Ji Myung who had appeared at the prison cell. Ji Myung opened the cell door where Yeom Jung was being locked in and entered.

"For a dumbass, I'm sure you know that running a gladiator ring can get you executed on the spot."


"No hard feelings, man."

At that, Ji Myung's fist hit Yeom Jung's stomach and made him faint. Ji Myung then carried Yeom Jung over his shoulder before turning to look at Ok Bae.

"I'm gonna hang you upside down if you keep blabberin'. Shut up if you don't want peppers rammed up all the holes in your body."

Ok Bae quickly closed his mouth and kneeled. He couldn't use any of his internal energy right now as Ji Myung himself had sealed his blood circulation to lock down his internal energy. There was no way for him to escape, so it was better for him to just stay quiet than resist and meet a painful demise. It was very likely that Ji Myung would not hesitate to hang him upside down.

'He will undoubtedly ram peppers in all of the holes in my body for sure.'

He did not want to experience that, ever. He remembered that reason why Ji Myung was titled a 'monk' was not because he was a devout Buddhist with a benign character, but because of his achievement of killing a lot of cultists.

Ji Myung then carried Yeom Jung, arriving at a certain empty lot nearby.

"Did you bring him?"

"Yeah, big bro."

Kang Hyuk was waiting for him on the empty lot. Ji Myung had brought Yeom Jung, as ordered by Kang Hyuk.

"So, why did ya want him here?"

"Letting him be decapitated is too merciful for him, don't you think?"

"Oh? So how are ya gonna do it then? You tellin' me to do it?"

Kang Hyuk shook his head at the question.

"No. You're a monk. Stop dirtying your hand with the blood of others."

"Big bro. I already decided to go to hell when I decided to kill those cultists and those other scumbags."

"Even if you say that, you should at least try not to."

Kang Hyuk then reached into his pocket and pulled out his key to the storage and opened it. He then threw Yeom Jung into the storage and waved at Ji Myung.

"You're dismissed."

Kang Hyuk entered into the storage after that.


Yeom Jung found himself in an unfamiliar place when he woke up. Everywhere he looked was pure white, so it was almost nauseous to him. This was Kang Hyuk's fifth storage room, which had nothing but emptiness.

"Are you awake?"

Yeom Jung raised his head. There was a young man in a blue scholar robe standing in front of him.

"W-who are you?!"

"I am Kang Hyuk, the Horticulture Teacher of Hwachun Academy."

"What? H-Horticulture Teacher? Why are you here? And where am I?"

Kang Hyuk scoffed at the question.

"You don't need to know where you are. I brought you here because I wanted to fulfill your wish before you die. I heard that you love money?"

"F-fulfill my wish?"

"I heard that your wish is to be buried in piles of money, wasn't it?"

Yeom Jung nodded. He wanted to gain so much money that he would even be buried in it because of its abundance.

"Before that, I have a question to ask. If you tell me the truth, I will fulfill your wish."

Yeom Jung then instinctively asked back to reply at Kang Hyuk's question.

"What do you want to know?"

"Do you remember the Munyun Ha Family?"

Yeom Jung could not help but flinch at the question. There was no way he would forget the family as it was he who had destroyed the entire family.

"Is it you...who destroyed that family?"


Yeom Jung did not answer but did not deny either.

"I will consider that as a yes. Then...was it because of the white porcelain vase?"