Invincible Teacher Chapter 90

91 Chapter 90
Yeom Jung's eyes widened from the shock.

"You asshole! You destroyed the entire family just for that stupid vase?!"

Yeom Jung turned furious at Kang Hyuk's blaming.

"How dare you lock me here and threaten me!? Do you think THEY will let this slide if they find out?!"

"They? Who are you talking about?"

"I mean"

"Do you mean your sponsors? I guess they're from equal or from more powerful families than the Munyun Ha Family since they protected you from destroying that family. But you know what?"

Kang Hyuk's smile curled into a smirk.

"Eradicating gladiator rings is a direct order from the Emperor himself. Running the ring despite the Emperor's order can only mean one thing. It is considered treason against the Empire."

Yeom Jung's face instantly paled.

Treason against the Empire.

This was the worst crime one can do in the Empire ruled by a single Emperor. It was enough to result in one's entire family being executed.

"Think one more time. Do you think your sponsors will back you up when it is revealed to the public that you are a gladiator ring mogul?"

The answer was quite obvious. Yeom Jung had been paying them a hefty sum, but to them, Yeom Jung was just one of many who were sending bribes. They had no obligation or reason to protect Yeom Jung.

"They will pay their price eventually. And so will you."

Kang Hyuk then kicked Yeom Jung, sending him flying towards the back. Kang Hyuk then waved his hand.

His storage was a space that he can move at his will. The white space received Kang Hyuk's will, tying Yeom Jung down, making sure that he cannot move.

"Ugh! Let me go! Untie me!!!"

Kang Hyuk then created a solid wall around him, but the shape was very weird. It was as if a dome was put up around Yeom Jung. Kang Hyuk then waved his hand one more time. This time, a huge amount of gold and treasures began pouring down over the dome.


Yeom Jung screamed in shock, but he wasn't buried by the treasures since the dome protected him. But maybe, it was better if he was killed with one swift move.

"I usually give at least one chance to people, but you are not even worth such a chance. I will fulfill your wish and let you be buried in treasures."

With that, Kang Hyuk disappeared from the room, leaving Yeom Jung lying down, tied on the ground. Yeom Jung could not help but look around in fear. And that's when a gold coin dropped from the sky.

"Huh? I-it's a gold coin!"

Yeom Jung instinctively turned to look at the gold. About a minute later, another gold coin dropped.

"Gold again!"

A minute after that, another gold coin dropped. Soon, gold coins began piling up. It was when the gold coins filled the entire floor of the dome area that Yeom Jung was in that he realized.

'What's going to happen when the gold fills this entire space?'

This gold coin wasn't as light as a thin sheet of paper. It was a hard metal known for its high density. Yeom Jung had starved for an entire day already so he had no energy to even try and free himself. Soon, a gold coin dropped again. It now began to hurt where the coin had hit him. He was being tied down on the ground, so there was no way for him to avoid getting hit by the coin.

Soon, Yeom Jung began fearing the gold coin. He realized that when the coins fill the entire dome, he was surely going to die, buried by these gold coins.

'I I am going to die from being buried alive by these gold coins!'

It was more horrible to know how one was going to die than dying without knowing what happened. It was more tragic since Yeom Jung was going to die from what he had loved so much. He did wish that he would earn so much money that it would almost bury him, but he never wanted to truly be buried by money.

And just like that, Yeom Jung's mind started to go haywire.

"S-Stop No I don't want to die like this NO!!!!"

The gold coins, however, still dropped. Yeom Jung cried out in agony.

"NOOO! Don't do this! Please let me live! I will never do it again! PLEASE!!!"

So many gladiator slaves had begged him for their lives, but Yeom Jung ignored their wish and sought out their death as it had brought him money.

But now, it was he who was begging for his life.

And it was all for nothing.

Morning came early the next day.


Su Suntae was not aware of last night's commotion, so he woke up fresh and energetic from his bed. He then did some light stretching.

'Shall I meditate then?'

Su Suntae then sat down and began meditating. He felt that it was quite different from before. It was more refreshing, with his body feeling lighter than ever.

'Why? Is it because I'm off the drug?'

When he was done with meditating, he heard Baek Kap's voice from outside.

"Cadet Su, come down and eat breakfast!"

"Yes, sir!"

Su Suntae immediately answered.

As he came down to the first-floor dining area, he was greeted by a few other students.

"Good morning!"

Su Suntae greeted the third-year student Sou Kyungbu and second-year student Pyung Haehae.

"Good morning."

Two other students then came down to the dining area, followed by Kang Hyuk and Shim Gu. All students immediately rose from their seats to greet Kang Hyuk and Shim Gu before continuing with their breakfast.

Kang Hyuk then spoke to the students.

"We will depart for the Academy after breakfast. Be prepared."

"Yes, teacher."

Kang Hyuk watched the students with a satisfied look. All of the students now had pure energy emanating from them, with no sense of taint. It was definite proof that the foul remains of the Rotting Powder were all gone. Kang Hyuk's purpose had been accomplished. They needed to return home.

'I have other students to attend to.'

Ha Gojun had left with Ji Myung for the temple early morning. Kang Hyuk was relieved as Ha Gojun seemed to have changed his mind about the future. There was no need to worry about Ha Gojun taking his own life.

'Rebuilding his family will have to wait for now.'