Invincible Teacher Chapter 97

98 Chapter 97

At that moment, two men came out from the bushes in Yeonkyo Garden. It was Kang Hyuk and Shim Gu.

"He didn't steal anything."

Shim Gu said, at which Kang Hyuk nodded.

"Yeah. That Ji Chulmook created something extraordinary."

Shim Gu nodded understandingly.

"But why was that guy crying? Do you think it was because the traps that Chulmook made was too terrifying?"

"I'm not sure, but he seemed apologetic to me."

"The Unwanted Guest, apologetic?"

Shim Gu was the former Chief of the Black Turtles, an intelligence operative department. There was no way Shim Gu would not recognize such a man. That's why he informed Kang Hyuk of this and decided to watch it from there.

"This is really something. Does he really regret what he has done? He's a type to fight back, not regret and give up."

Kang Hyuk caressed his chin at the statement and answered.

"Well, you know, sometimes, being at the brink of death changes a person."

"Yeah, I suppose that's true."

Kang Hyuk then gave the key to the storage building to Shim Gu.

"Why are you giving this to me?"

"What- are you going to make people shocked from the attempted burglary tomorrow morning? Go clean the place up and return the key after before you go."

"W-why me? There are others you can tell to clean"

"The others are all busy."

Kang Hyuk then headed for the main academy building. As he walked and walked, he could not help but turn his head towards a sudden aggressive aura coming from somewhere. It was from the yard, and someone was there, with a sword.


It was quite late at night. Even if the training prolonged until late at night, it was a bit too late to consider it normal.

'Who is it? Who is using the sword in such a manner that it looks like nothing else is left?'

Kang Hyuk directed a bit of his power to his eyes and watched the warrior training under the moonlight. It was Ok Haemi.

'Teacher Ok! But isn't she a whip teacher? What is she doing with a sword?'

Kang Hyuk stood there and watched her training. She looked beautiful as she swayed her swords under the moonlight.


Kang Hyuk was astonished by her swordsmanship. He had never seen her whipping skills, yet her sword skill was quite amazing. It was fitting for her super master stage.

'Is it possible that she is training late at night so she can hide her true stage?'

After watching her for a bit, Kang Hyuk was able to realize one more thing. Her stance was that of a warrior who had trained in sword skills for a long time. This meant that her true weapon of choice was the sword, not the whip that she teaches. Not only that, this sword was not an ordinary longsword, but a shorter, broad sword.

'Short swordit seems my assumption was correct. She is from THAT Ok family.'

It was then that a pinkish light aura emanated from her shortsword. Kang Hyuk could not help but be truly astonished by this. This pinkish aura was called 'Flowery Energy'. This aura proved the worthiness of a person to become the head of the Ok Family.

'This means that she has the right and has even proved her worth to become the head of her familybut why is she staying as a first-year teacher at the Academy? All the while hiding her true power?'

There was something that she was hiding, but it was not right to dig into another person's private matters. It was going to hurt the person if they tried.

And it was then when Kang Hyuk and Ok Haemi met their eyes. Ok Haemi became shocked and quickly hid her shortsword behind her, but the sight looked very to cute to Kang Hyuk.

'She looked beautiful a while ago, but now she looks kind of cute. Hmm...the moonlight is a mysterious thing sometimes.'

Kang Hyuk thought as Ok Haemi approached him.

"Are you training so late? You might catch a cold."

Kang Hyuk asked her, to which Ok Haemi replied sharply.

"Why are you peeking on another person's training? It's not the right thing to do."

"But does it matter?"


"No one is stronger than me, whether I watch it or not."

"That's quite some arrogance."

Ok Haemi sighed. She wanted to consider it as arrogance, but she couldn't actually consider it as such.

"Don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing."

"And that's why I'm worried."

She could not help but be surprised at Kang Hyuk's answer. It was not something she expected to hear from him.

"W-why are you worried again?"

"Do you need an explanation for someone worrying about you?"


"That shortsword. It fits you well."


Ok Haemi could not help but blush, but she soon found her calm and asked Kang Hyuk, "Can you keep it a secret that I actually use the shortsword? Please."

"Of course. I'm not the type to spread rumors."

"I will explain later why I"

"I don't need to know that."


Ok Haemi became bewildered as her eyes grew large.

"Do you want to tell me your story?"

"N-no, not exactly, but"

"Then what's the point of telling me that when you don't want to? I'm not that curious about your story, so you can tell me only when you're willing to do so."


Ok Haemi suddenly burst into laughter. Kang Hyuk could not help but have a confused expression on his face.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Be-because I don't know, to be honest. Why am I laughing? Maybe it's because you're unique?"

"Am I?"

"Yeah. Most people are very curious about others and always want to dig up others' stories even if they can't help with what's going on. But you're saying that you don't want to know"

Kang Hyuk smiled at Ok Haemi's words. He then looked up at the moon, then back to her.

"To be honest, I am a bit curious about your story. Why are you training at such a late time? Why are you a teacher of the whip, instead of the short sword that you're so good with? Why is the heir of the Ok Family staying at this academy?"


Ok Haemi bit on her lips at Kang Hyuk's words. All these questions were hard for her to answer.

"Then again, what's the point of asking all that? It will only hurt your feelings. I don't like hurting others' feelings. That's why I suppress my curiosity even if I am curious."

"You are"

She smiled.

"You are kind and good-hearted."

Kang Hyuk shook his head.

"No. I'm cold-hearted. That's all."

"That coldness sometimes comes off as kind."

Ok Haemi smiled, and that smile made Kang Hyuk feel tingly.

"So, are you done with your training?"

"Yeah. I should get back now."

"Then let's go. I'll take you back to your place. It's better to be careful even if we're inside the academy."

"Be careful of men?"

"Be careful about everything."

Ok Haemi laughed.

"What about you? Should I not be careful about you?"

"That is a trick question."

Kang Hyuk gave some thought and answered.

"Well, you don't need to be careful around me."

"What! You're funny."

"Oh, I heard from Haekwang that you visited my place before."

"Yeah, that. I came to return the handkerchief you lent me back then."

"You did?"

"Is it too late to return it?"

"No, you can return it anytime. You can also have it if you want."

"Then I'll have it."

Ok Haemi then quickly added, as if she was making an excuse.

"I mean, the handkerchief is very high quality."