Invincible Teacher Chapter 99

100 Chapter 99
"Then let's go in."

They went into the building, and employee quickly ran up to them and greeted them.

"Welcome! How can I help?"

At the question the old Monk said, pointing to the boy and the girl standing beside him.

"A room, a meal, and a bath for these two."

The boy and the girl opened their eyes wide at the remark.

"Where are you going, Bhante?"

At the boy's question, old Monk pointed to Brothel in front of the building.

"I'm staying there! There's paradise close by, so how can I refuse?"

"What kind of monk stay in Brothel?!"

The old Monk grinned and said, as the girl shouted back.

"You are too young to know, but no matter how old you are, man has a grand ambition!"

"I wonder what that grand ambition is. Bhante won't you let your master know about it?"

"That's the thing...I mean, I mean...."

The old Monk, who was talking to each other, was dumbfounded.

It was because the voice he just heard was not the voice of Ha Gojun and Ha Goyun that he brought with him.

And the distinct smell.


He turned his head, and saw a young man of blue scholar robe standing.


"Greetings, Demon Destroying Monk."

It was Kang Hyuk, the eldest brother of the Demon Destroying Monk Jimyung, a man with a great ambition.

He was respectful to Jimyung because he had the eyes around, but the whole sound of Kang Hyuk in Jimyung's mind was completely different.

- You stupid idiot. If you brought the kids to Nakyang, you should stay together. But what- Leave the kids here and you go staying in Brothel?

- But you can't let kids to sleep in Brothel, can you? No matter how stupid I am, I knows that much!

- I commend you for not taking the kids to Brothel. But you shouldn't have come to this alley in the first time!

Kang Hyuk smiled outwardly and said to Jimyung,

"It's been a long time since you've been to Nakyang, and I can't let you stay in such a crowded place, so I've set up a separate residence."

"Oh, no. That's alright. I like this place...."

"Hahaha. I understand that Bhante doesn't want to bother, but you should also think about your companion next to you."

- Shut up and follow me. I have made a reservation on another inn.

At that time, Ha Gojun who was next to Jimyung said hello quickly.

"Ah! You're the teacher from the Academy from the town!"

"Yes. How did things go for you?"

"Thanks to Bhante and you, sir, it was great. And this is my sister, Ha Goyun."

Although she was dressed modestly, she began to look quite beautiful.

Her sparkling eyes were like those of his grandfather, Ha Dukyung. The word "all-time heredity" came to mind.

"We have a place to stay in Nakyang, so we can go there."

At that remark, Ha Gojun and Goyun looked grateful.

"Thank you! Sir!"

"Thank you!"

Then Jimyung carefully sent out a tone.

- Hey, brother, I really likes it here. I'm really looking forward to it, so please don't let me....

- You're all old, so what are you trying to do with Brothel? Monk, you can't even use your middle leg..

- Gosh, brother! I'm still a man!

- Doesn't matter. I'm letting you know you're Monk, who shouldn't be near women.

- ... come to think of it, you are right.

- Are you having a dementia or something? And honestly, do girls like handsome young men or an old monk?

- Well, then, I'll shapeshift into young man with a...


At the moment Jimyung groaned and seized his stomach. Kang Hyuk's fist hit Jimyung in the stomach.

But it was so fast that no one saw what happened.

"Bhante? What's wrong?"

"Are you sick?"

Byuk Aerin was approaching there just in time.

"Teacher, I'm ready to stay at the inn."

"Good work."

Kang Hyuk said while looking at Ha Gojun and Ha Goyun.

"Take these kids and keep them go first. I'm going to have tend to Bhante here, because he seems ill."


Even though Jimyung was sick, Byuk Aerin didn't look worried at all. That's because Aerin noticed from Kang Hyuk's attitude.

'He would've gone crazy and would've tell me to bring in Hosung, and wouldn't speak in such a peaceful voice.'

Byuk Aerin took Ha Gojun and Ha Goyun to the inn.

As they moved away, Kang Hyuk grabbed Jimyung's arm, and said in a small voice.

"Then let's go to a quiet place and talk, shall we."

"Oh, Amida buddha...."

"It's too late to memorize your words now!"

After a while, in the woods north of Nakyang.

Jimyung was sprawled on the floor, and Kang Hyuk sat on a tree stump in front of him, patting his hands. Then he looked at Jimyung on the floor.

"Have you given up now?"

"Yes, big bro."

"Then what should you do?"

"I'll shut up and go to Inn. Amidda buddha...."

"Do you really think I should go to this trouble?"

Jimyung lamented at Kang Hyuk's words.

"I was born a man, and I couldn't even hold a woman for 80 years, and if I knew this ahead, I should've refused when the old man told me to become a monk. Why would you make me a monk, damn it--!"

At the words Kang Hyuk stepped on Jimyung's chest without hesitation.


In the shock Jimyung coughed painfully.

One must blame someone for treating the eighty-year-old roughly, but Kang Hyuk didn't care.

He was older than Jimyung, so he didn't violate the blasphemy, and he also knew the intensity of the his attack on Jimyung.

"Big Brother! Are you trying to kill me or sumthin'?"

At Jimyung's cry, Kang Hyuk said coldly.

"Shut up and listen!"


"Jimyung! You shouldn't say your teacher that way. Don't you know who's the reason you're able to stay alive until now?"

"That's thanks to you big brother."


Kang Hyuk sighed.

"You haven't noticed yet?"


"I haven't revealed it so far, and I was going to take it with me to the grave, but if you still say so, I'd rather tell you now."

Jimyung had a mysterious look on his face.

"Do you know why your Teacher, Hyeduk Monk, doesn't have a left-hand ring finger?"